Abbas calls terror attacks 'justified popular uprising'
Published: 14.12.15, 22:50
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1.  Reward of terrorism is the root of
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.14.15)
all evil.
2. Then I would say 100% supports...
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.14.15)
... deporting of the terrorists families out of Israel, after demolishing their houses.. Sure, those terrorist-arab-youngsters will prefer to live and die in an Islamic country,- send them to Jordan. Jordan was created for the Islamic-cult-population, a country were killing each other will be more natural inside the Islamic faith...
3. And you still thinking of creating a state with them?
Johana   (12.14.15)
4. No state guns yes!!!
5. Israel needs The Donald to negotiate common sense...
David ,   Haifa   (12.14.15)
6. An end to terror wave
Sam ,   Canada   (12.14.15)
An end to the terror wave will come when Israel makes it so painful for Palestinians that they tell each other to stop. Netantahu and Yaalon should stop behaving like wimps and quickly put an end to the terror. They could do it by hitting Palestinians in the pocket books and making it harder and harder for them to move around. This is a collective attack by Palestinians and Israel should punish the Palestinian collective.
7. Frau Merkel & the dear Germans will be
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.14.15)
glad, to absorb Israels SWEET Arabs ! YES, IT WILL WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Abbas is a war criminal
Dan   (12.14.15)
A leader who advocates the murder of civilians is committing a war crime. Israel must take him to the International Court so the world can see what it faces.
9. Crazy Policy
Zechariah   (12.15.15)
Israel will not submit especially the Religious Zionsts Security Secular and Shoah Centred for Justice and Survival. The Arabs have to be agree to calm for generations on current lines with some modifications carefully developed . Judea and Samaria will remain as is but with massive ballistic missile Defence and Deterrance .
10. Abbas as the main contributor for Munich massacre...
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.14.15)
,,, so his statement about terror-attacks inside Israel should not surprise anyone.. He is still a terrorist and should be put on trial if he enters any civilized country in the western world..
11. No, Abbas. nothing justifies ramming 15 month old baby
shneer   (12.15.15)
...whose leg was just about cut off. A toddler! What heroic Arab fighters! Such bravery!
12. War Criminal
ik ,   USA   (12.15.15)
Yes. It is a fact that abbas should be brought to the IC for advocating these uncivilized actions. But who in the whole world would do so? Certainly not the useless UN. His actions might easily be considered genocidal. Why has there been no outcry from the world's enlightened leaders?
13. Prosecute Abbas: Accomplice to murder !
Roland ,   london England   (12.15.15)
14. Abbas is a terrorist so of course he supports terror
C   (12.15.15)
abbas is also a liar who denies jewish historical ties to the land of israel.
15. If that is the case, then the greatest
More disaster   (12.15.15)
majority of Israelis will surely support punishing harshly the perpetrating Palestinians . There will be no more barriers to stop Palestinian knives and arms but a strong and definite defense against it. What next? More and more killing and disaster.
16. Abbas - Picture of a totally washed up failure
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.15.15)
Abbas - Picture of a totally washed up failure with nothing to offer to Palestinians but Murder, Terrorism and Hatred And fast morphing the PA into the PTA The Palestinian Terrorist Authority Abbas says We are happy that Palestinian boys continue to DIE because we haven’t a clue how to make any progress? Hows THIS for a start Mr Bonehead Why don’t you answer the ONE question Palestinians ask Is it to be 1. Three State Solution: Israel and Independent Gaza and Independent West Bank 2. Two State Solution:Israel and Unified Gaza and West Bank 3. Two State Solution: Israel and Palestine created from Greater Gaza formed from land exchanges of West Bank for parts of Negev and possible land purchases from Egyptian Sinai ONLY when that decision is made by Palestinians can we move forward TOGETHER. ONLY then can we negotiate MEANINGFULLY. ONLY then will we have a goal that we can aim to realise And as each day passes more and more Palestinians the world over are beginning to say OPTION 3… IS FOR ME
17. nationalistically motivated
Raphael ,   Netanya   (12.15.15)
Is the politically correct translation of racial motivated hate crime
18. Chief terrorist Abbas should experience some
A ,   Belgium   (12.15.15)
"justifiable terror" at the hands of the Shin Bet or Doevdevahn.
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