Kerry: Building settlements and demolishing Palestinians' homes not a solution
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 15.12.15, 09:02
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1. no israel
james   (12.15.15)
if israel did what this dilettante advocated, ben gurion would be shut fdown,hamastan would be in judea and isil would be on the kinneret. kerry is a rich kid who married a heintz heiress, enabled iran to get a nuclear weapon and hei is telling israel what is good for it/?????????? Kerry can go to bloody hell with his prescriptions.
2. Israel Voted FOR
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (12.15.15)
Netanyahu did not run for election in 2009 or reelection on making peace. He ran on "Managing Conflict." In electing Netanyahu, Israel voted for continued "managed" conflict, not ending the conflict. Americans can see this. Palestinians can see this. Israel talks about degrees of control of Palestinians, not peace or freedom for Palestinians. Israeli politicians cannot even utter a formula for ending control of Palestinians for fear of losing elections. Reality exists. Olmert started to consider and discuss maybe someday making a formal offer, but then had to invade Gaza and cut off the discussion. Netanyahu was elected specifically rejecting any Olmert utterance or preliminary exploratory discussion. Olmert LOST. How else should the US see the facts?
3. Ynet, seriously, Kerry is so irrelevant.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (12.15.15)
4. There is a solution.
Reuven   (12.15.15)
Send all Arabs to the US. California is big enough to make a 2-state solution for them.
5. "Assad was ready to make peace with Israel"?
tiki ,   belgium   (12.15.15)
To make "peace" with the leader from Syria who gasses his own people, kills/wounds hundreds of thousands of them and makes millions of them refugees but is ready & willing to make peace with Israel? Wow, what historical opportunity did Israel and that 'terrible Netanyahu miss. "Building 'settlements in the W-Bank' and destroying the homes of 'the other folks' that you're trying to make peace with is not the solution". Yes it is! When scientists will need to clone idiots, they'll take the DNA of this US secretary of State!
6. Don't change Status Quo Radically Always
Zechariah   (12.15.15)
The French Revolution the Russian Revolution can be compared Definetly the Russian Revolution projected the USSR into a superpower by Industrilazion and the ability to Aquire deadly Weapons . Alot of blood was spilt . Only an Internationalistic Consciousness can bring Coexistance and less war but there will still be counterTribalism . This can only be managed through balance of conflict - Islam had its chance but has regressed to Primitism putting Islam behind the Most Powerful nations nations . The EU has accepted this but Islam not yet .
7. For NL Schriber
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (12.15.15)
1967, No offer to Palestinians. 1978, No peace for Palestinians offered. 1995, No peace for Palestinians offered, just lesser control. 2000, No peace offered for Palestinians, just lesser control. 2005, No gesture to Palestinians made. 2008, Olmert had to go to war in Gaza and lost to Netanyahu with no formal offer made. Bush offered nothing. 2009 to present, Netanyahu offers neither peace nor freedom, just varying degrees of military control and loss of property. Arafat made the recognition and achieved no peace nor any freedom for Palestinians, just a minor degree of lesser military occupation in a few towns and lots of Palestinian farmland seized with no compensation.
8. you got to be kidding you quote advice from a serial failure
ralph   (12.15.15)
9. # 4 Doesn't California have enough illegals?
they don't stay in just California.....
DANNY TAWIL ,   ENGLAND   (12.15.15)
11. Kol Ha- Kavod Reuven!!!
Samuel ,   Israel   (12.15.15)
You are absolutely 100% right if not 200%.
12. Kerry IS already history...FORGET HIM !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.15.15)
He was the worst secretary of state EVER !!!!!!!!!
13. Oh, I don't know about that.....
It works fine for the Jews in Israel tired of brainless attacks by brainless Arab pals.
14. Tilting at windmills
US citizen ,   US   (12.15.15)
I'd bet my net worth that the Hienz-Kerry fortress is no hovel. Israel may be unitary but the One who is greater than all mere humans and all mere creatures is well able to manage quite nicely without any assistance from any mere human. Thanks be to you oh One who is greater than all.
15. Israel should have made peace with the noble Assad
Joe Fraser   (12.15.15)
How can anybody take Kerry seriously? The man is either delusional or he is a true enemy of Israel.
16. for Mark ben Josef
JAS ,   UK   (12.15.15)
Even if you are correct - which you are not- it still leaves too many missed opportunities on Palestinians' side to explain other than by accepting that they will not compromise on their goal of the destruction of Israel. Given the mess Hamas has made in Gaza you can forgive Israel not rushing to further unilateral withdrawal from disputed territory
Nicki Adar ,   USA NYC   (12.15.15)
18. Kerry'standpoint is wrong
Ralf ,   Paris   (12.15.15)
In the past ISRAEL gave back lands to Lebanon and GAZA to Pal. for peace, but all what it 's got in turn is wars. Can't Kerry remember and understand that ?
EZEKIAL HAIM ,   LONDON UK   (12.15.15)
Kerry is deluded.He thinks America can solve world problems.American policies failed in Iraq,are failing in Afghanistan,failed against isis ,failed in Libya and failed in the Palestinian /Israeli dispute.The solutions can only come from the middle east when people are ready to solve their own problems.So Kerry best to accept that you are powerless and keep quiet.Because every time you talk ,you make things worse.
20. #9 Israel has less room for Palestinians than California
California should share the Arabs at least equally.
21. JAS - No Effort
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (12.15.15)
No Israeli government or PM has made even a symbolic gesture like Sadat made. Not one. Not once. Your narrative and Shriber's narrative is entirely illusion. Gaza was a move for budgetary reasons for the IDF, then Israel refused the PA sufficient forces and arms to control Gaza, giving it, by default, to Hamas. That was a documented Israeli plan with White House support, documented by Seymour Hersh. Everything is plots and schemes, not real effort to negotiate.
22. The SoS is wasting his time here.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (12.16.15)
Despite his protests, he does not really understand the realities of Israel and the Arabs. He does not want to accept the simple fact that as long as the Arabs do not accept the Jews are legitimate owners of the Land of Israel, there will not be peace. He is wasting his time here. He should be out solving bigger world problems and drop the idea that if this problem is solved, all the others will fall into place.
23. Not a solution
Mat ,   U.K.   (12.15.15)
Kerry just look back at all the solutions which the west done in the Middle East it's all F..ked up and you think you can give advice to Israel start pushing the Palestinians for peace what they want is all of Israel you should tell them there is a saying IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO and if they don't know what it means perhaps you should give them private lessons
24. Obama's mouthpiece on Netanyahu
c   (12.15.15)
this is what the obama regime says about israel's prime minister: "netanyahu is short-sighted, untrustworthy, totally lacking in courtesy towards the president and focused exclusively on the tactics of short-term diplomacy...." answer to the obama regime: netanyahu has been prime minister of israel for nearly as long as david ben-gurion. netanyahu is a war hero, member of israel's special forces. he has developed diplomatic cooperations with many countries, including china and india. contrary to obama, netanyahu has not made a deletrious deal with an enemy state which will make it possible for that state to acquire nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. nor has netanyahu put to fire the entire middle east, from lybia to iraq. netanyahu's sole goal is to protect the people of israel, not to bend the arc of history. netanyahu is surrounded by highly qualified advisors, not by neophytes who dabble in creative writing.
25. Mark ben Josef
C   (12.16.15)
there will not be peace between israel and the arab palestinians as long as the arab palestininas deny jewish historical ties to the land of israel. the conflict is not about land. it is about muslim religious ideology according to which all land conquered by muslims remains muslim holy land. as long as salafism endures, the conflict can only be managed. furthermore, the two state solution is a pipe dream of western colonialsm. the issue of the arab palestinians will have to be solved more creatively but only after the jihadists and the salafists are eliminated. your little emperor obama has totally messed up the entire middle east. he has sided with the shia terror regime and its proxies against traditional us allies thus giving rise to the islamic state. their barbarism, however repugnant, is an answer to assad's butchery of sunni civilians, including young children. obama's gifting to the shia terror regime a nuclear weapons program and over a hundred billion dollars in sanctions relief has destroyed the balance of power in the middle east. this has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. his betrayal of the average syrian has allowed russia to gain dominance in syria thus creating a shia axis. this shia axis is a mortal threat to the jewish state. as a result, all israel can do is manage the conflict.
26. @25 C - Land and Freedom
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (12.17.15)
For Palestinians is is about land and freedom you deny them. You deny them them, occasionally the right to worship and to access their water. You make war on them 25-7 for 50 years and want them to love you for it. The Israeli approach is not rationale. And you deny their historical existence more than they deny yours. Yes, when Obama was 10, he invited the USSR to base ships in Syria. And somehow, when Obama was still in the US Senate, he created ISIS and started the Syrian civil war. And even worse, when he was just 30, he convinced Ron Reagan to first try to assassinate Gadhafi and Shell the Bekaa valley, starting unrest in Lebanon.
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