Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Saudi Arabia's war of independence
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 17.12.15, 11:34
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1. Saudi good news and bad news
Good they formed a coalition bad cause they fight like one handed girlies.
2. Israel have no room......all others are lairs
calabi ,   sydney Aust   (12.17.15)
Is the most complex scenario in the world and all players are lairs and sadly Israel have to play along. Above all Israel must prepare for big wars and built massive underground shelter for conventional and nuclear threat. If Russia, USA and Israel did not stop Iran surely Iran will have nuclear weapons in matter of time. Nobody is a friend of Israel until they are threaten by their own evil ideology. Israel is push to the war front as a buffer zone to defend others and themselves. And tomorrow Israel will automatically became their enemy again. Israel act as new vaccine when the virus changes. May od bless and Protect Israel.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (12.17.15)
trying to gain some intelligence. These idiots are ruining the world with their oil money & crazy ideologies.
4. Saudi Arabia is an unreformed terror state
C   (12.17.15)
all of the saudi moves are meant to preserve the kingdom's place as the unchallenged leader of the muslim world. to the extant that saudi arabia and israel agree on the danger of a nuclear armed iran and iran's unbridled ambition to be the regional hegemone, the two countries might cooperate in secret. however, it remains a fact that saudi arabia is a salafist country and a purveyor of salafi terror world wide. saudi arabi uses its huge wealth to fund radical mosques, radical madrassas and regimes it wants to prop up. an actual alliance between israel and the saudis is an impossibility. the wahabi sect will never accept a jewish sovereign in the region. to the contrary, israel must be careful not to fall into a saudi trap whereby israel could be blackmailed. the saudis have been blackmailinng the west for decades.
5. Saudi Arabia and Turkey FUND ISIS
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (12.18.15)
So everything Saudi Arabia says should be treated as a lie. Once ISIS controls Syria and most of Iraq, it will turn its weapons in Israel, so Israel is foolish to hyper ventilate about Iran when Saudi Arabia is the worse threat.
6. "leader of Islam's moderate Sunni stream"? seriously?
Rafi ,   US   (12.19.15)
7. Sucking Arabia is no moderate, no different than ISIS
Both are two extremist Jihadist clans vying for power and the riches of the Islamic world.
8. Obama and STUPIDGUY of Seattle fund ISIS
9. Good. You missed few thing
Fahd Alharbi ,   madina , KSA   (01.09.16)
Good reading . Nothing weakens the regional security system than the withdrawal of US commitment especially after the US and UK emasculated Iraq, then allowed Iran to dominate it . One of the underreported stories is that Iran benefited immensely from Iraq economically .
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