Interior minister resigns in wake of harassment claims
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 20.12.15, 20:10
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1. He done me too!
Miss AlefBet ,   SomewhereinIsrael   (12.20.15)
But for a fair price I'm willing to drop all charges.
2. So he's a jerk like so many other men, but is that really
harassment? Whatever. Not a fan of his am I, but it begins to look suspicious with this virtual avalanche of accusations that we're witnessing lately!
3. which witch is hunting this warlock?
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (12.20.15)
there is something VERY wrong here. If he was sexually harassing women for so long why did all of them come a calling out loud now? The way this has been handled further erodes the rule of law of Israel. Rule of law? Now there's an interesting many ministries does the Prime Minister now directly control?
4. No great loss there. Israel hasn‘t improved much
Indi ,   London, UK   (12.21.15)
under Shalom‘s leadership.
5. what is 'Harassment"?
Ari G. ,   Afula   (12.21.15)
YNet states: "Silvan started telling me that he had thought about me for years and had intimate thoughts about me and would like to meet me outside of work hours." Is Harassment telling her that he would like to meet outside of work hours harassment? Or is harassment touching or more? Although I don't think telling a woman your feelings is always proper conduct for a man, it is not necessarily 'harassment',
6. Forget the terrorism... now this is important!
JVC ,   LA, USA   (12.21.15)
7. Another politician makes it to the Hall of Shame
Avi Israeli ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.21.15)
Another politician who will be remembered in the 'Hall of Shame' for putting his pecker before the people. He'll join the likes of Moshe Katsav, Moshe Dayan, Haim Ramon, Yitchak Mordechai, Oren Hazan et al. Of course, there's a separate, much larger 'Hall of Shame' for the politicians who thought money was more important than the people they were elected to serve. We keep voting for the same type of people and expect different results. They used to call that insanity. Now we call it 'The Only Democracy in the Middle East'.
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