Nationwide strike averted
Billy Frenkel, Yael Friedson
Published: 23.12.15, 00:07
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1. Any doctor or nurse
Hershy   (12.22.15)
joining the strike are heartless and cruel and should be fired instantly. Doctors and nurses who work only for the money and don't give a hoot about their patients, should be thrown out immediately.
2. Stop the madness!
Avi Israeli ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.22.15)
11% raise across the board for all public sector workers is insane. That kind of raise should only apply to workers making minimum wages or slightly above. Any public sector worker making more than 12,000 NIS a month should actually be getting a pay cut. If this madness passes, a manager earning 30,000 NIS would receive another 3,300 NIS a month. That's more than most minimum salaried workers earn in total!
3. Timing is everything.
Rod Kent ,   New York, USA   (12.23.15)
Finally YNET mentions "the strike." Finally YNET mentions the strike after it no longer "looms" but is resolved. For all those people trying to find out if their travel arrangements would be disrupted on Wednesday morning at 6AM, YNET provided no information whatsoever. You assholes. You useless assholes. Go back to sleep.
4. Apparatchiks need these "fits of uncontrollable rage" from
time to time so they can present raison d'etre to the gullible masses. Of course there should be wage-hikes. What people earn vs. cost of basic living is a bloody disgrace. But they'll screw us pretty sure, not even using any Vaseline!
5. and what about Bituach Leumi recipients ?
barbara ,   Haifa   (12.23.15)
We, who have the minimum of all minimum amounts of monthly stipends, should be getting more money. And then there are the poor, indigent and the holocaust elderly victims that are financially struggling, even more so. All this, because of rising prices that end up in rich man's pockets.
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