ISIS leader to Israel: Palestine will be your graveyard
Roi Kais
Published: 26.12.15, 18:04
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1. isis could beat israel with its calm for calm strategy
jeff   (12.26.15)
isis could defeat israel with its current strategy of 1 for 1 proportionality. bibi in particular with his overall strategy would lose to isis. He is not prepared to send 25000 israelis to cut off isis and slaughter them. He is not prepared to do it as lieberman said.iinstead he apologizes to erdogan and abbas, This is enough to make israelis sick to their stomachs. as for the idf, you have to toughen up your recruits and not dev elop soldiers asleep at the switch or who stand around in bunches to be easy targets for car rammers. spread out and shoot to finish off attackers. Israelis cannot win with bleeding hearts and run to the US. Since the counterattack in 1973 and entebbe, idf has not scored any major victories primarily because of weak leadership but also loush chief of staff halutz and diplomats like gantz.
2. If our leadership doesn't wake up, he may actually be on to
3. Your Caliphat will be replaced with a -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.26.15)
-Shia-Islamic One. And The God of Israel has already spelled the END of bouth of them. And Israe and the Jewish people will still be Standing.there, when bouth of Yours are gone. Israel forever and ever !. Arn.Sweden. Arn.Sweden.
4. And then I ask what kind of weak leaders there are
barbara ,   Haifa   (12.26.15)
in this world that cannot give the order to assassinate this creature - or where are the fighters of anon to take him out of the picture.
5. Secular Jews will do tshuva & Hashem will protect them fully
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.26.15)
6. 5 Chaim Orthodox Jews could do
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.26.15)
Teshuva too. If we were an example more Secular Jews would imitate us..
7. Isis knowsthar when Jews are
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.26.15)
fighting or blaming other Jews,the chance is on their side. Wake up ! Jews must be united to stand
8. It's time for Israel to test their nuclear weapons.
Alex ,   New stork, US   (12.26.15)
9. Same words since Khaybar and 1948
Avi L.   (12.26.15)
What's new? These are the same words since Khaybar and 1948. Kill the Jews since the assault of Khaybar in 629 to nowaday, same story, same blood thirst.
10. Expect "Haaretz" editorial : Negotiation is the only way
ab   (12.26.15)
11. Yawn. From Haman to Hitler... Good luck, dude.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (12.26.15)
12. what׳s your problem Jeff?
Adler J   (12.26.15)
Islamic State of Iraq & Syria can be defeat by Putin. In fact Russia air strikes have been very successful
13. the facts
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (12.26.15)
1. the Ramparts were built by the Ottoman Turks in the 16th Century therefore they aren't the ramparts of the Jews. 2. Try anything and we (Israelis) will blast you to kingdom come.
14. Islamic braddagio
C   (12.26.15)
hitler himself would be proud of these islamic terrorists and their empty bluster. their delusions do not replace their lack of means or their lack of numbers. their expertise is in torture, rape, beheadings sexual slavery and theft. they think that they can threaten a sovereign state with a standing army and advanced weapons. any attempt to attack the jewish state will result in the elimination of these blustering terrorist and their little helpers.
15. ISIS protonazi :Time for Justice
Zola   (12.27.15)
The USSR the Russian and Jewish soldiers fighting for them got some revenge for Nazi Atrocities but not Targetted -too many SS got away -too many infants and children killed . The USA and UK created the ignoble second front bombing German cities but at least drawing 8000 Luftwaffe away . In every generation they arise to destroy justice and mercy . For ISIS if it moves a devastation for ISIS and its adherents .This time the SS and their helpers will not escape .
16. Abu Bakr al-Bagofdoodi is about to eat the dirt he stands on
Jewbie ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (12.27.15)
Abu Bakr al-Bagofdoodi is about to eat the dirt he stands on. "Obviously" "Israel is ignoring him" and" will not await his coming one day, far far away." HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAH, his azz is grazz; they know where he is every second, and every movement is caught by sattelite, drones, etc....the mideast is big but there are eyes and spies everywhere. no jew or arab left unturned.
17. How much did Israel pay him for these comments?
unanim ,   orange ca   (12.27.15)
Simple: Israel becomes buddies with Erdogan again. Erdogan asks his puppet to make Israel look like the victim. So the question remain: Did you pay for that favor?
18. That fur-face still a real player in the game?
Cameron ,   USA   (12.26.15)
I remember hearing reports earlier in the year that airstrikes had left him a bedridden cripple.
19. Israel can destroy Islamic State in 2 hours if it wanted
Until ISIS becomes a menace Israel is happy to sit back and watch how Sunnis and Shiates go at each other throat.
20. Paranoid & Desperate
Benji ,   US   (12.27.15)
This terrorist just executed 13 of his top commanders for planning a coup against him. They bark about Israel and the Palestinians when desperate for support. Totally unoriginal.
21. Am Sweden
Adler J   (12.26.15)
is a fake audio relax cheers! Am Israel hai
22. Kind of Rich..
Mirale ,   Israel   (12.27.15)
After what he did to the Palestinians of Yarmouk. Anyone else sees the Irony there?
23. # Suleiman Huq's Chicken and Eggs
Claude ,   UK and Cape Town   (12.27.15)
You have got your Idioms well and truly scrambled. Are you perhaps just a little poached.?
24. Jeff don't worry Israel will be fine
you know why because G-d is on our side. G-d Bless the IDF, the ISA, the Mossad, and all of our forces. as for you Jeff you are not with us so you must be against us...go crawl under your rock.
25. isis
zelig ,   memphis,u.s.a.   (12.27.15)
There is more "humanity" in common bacteria than there is in an isis ideologue.There's a REASON why the Ottoman empire broke up.There's a REASON why Libya is on life support.There's a REASON why Syria and Iraq are in tatters. And there's a reason why Saudi Arabia,the U.A.E.,Quatar,etc won't accept refugees from these countries.The REASON is the FAILURE OF ISLAM. Islam is a mental disorder.It is all id and no ego or is a means by which the most magnificent of Hashem's creations,man,can sink to a level BELOW that of the lowest of life forms.A person can achieve a higher level of living by studying used toilet paper than he or she can in studying the un-holy Koran.
26. Bigdaddy,you have enough on your plate without the Pals
Alan ,   SA   (12.27.15)
Im sure you will be fine powder from a Suchoi soon.
27. Talk is cheap
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.27.15)
this idiot knows words are free. Life isn't and soon this mad man will be as dead as a door nail. Then, no more words just flies over this pile of sh*t.
28. Russia to the rescue
Why   (12.27.15)
Why is Russia the only one that truly always comes to the rescue? Russians liberated us during World War Two and it is the Russians who are basically fighting a battle for us now, while the rest of the world condemns. If Israel could do anything against ISIS and Abbas and Hamas it probably would have by now.
29. ISIS leader and your car will be your coffin
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.27.15)
LOVE BUILDING !!! and snuffing out rats like this.
30. # 25 Zelig
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.27.15)
one good aspect of the Muslims is their current war on fellow Muslims... Let's pray for many losses and many lost lives. Or, 'victory' by their standards. It's the least we can do for them and their 'prophet's ' writings.
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