NGO labeling: A biased and political bill
Tali Nir
Published: 27.12.15, 23:12
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1. Silence Fatah Islamic Jihadi incitement
Zechariah   (12.28.15)
The Jews in Israel and globally have to be against heinous crimes committed everywhere in Israel and in a severe and Stringent way but the incitement and war crime alliance with holocaust perpertrators and holocaust denial Plus crude hateful antijudaism from Fatah Baath and Califate Islami has to be ceased utterly .the Jews in Israel have a solid defence capacity and a solid Deterrance capacity and if the Jews are threatened and provoked Massive retaliation will follow .
2. Silence Fatah Islamic Jihadi incitement
Zechariah   (12.28.15)
The Jews in Israel and globally have to be against heinous crimes committed everywhere in Israel and in a severe and Stringent way but the incitement and war crime alliance with holocaust perpertrators and holocaust denial Plus crude hateful antijudaism from Fatah Baath and Califate Islami has to be ceased utterly .the Jews in Israel have a solid defence capacity and a solid Deterrance capacity and if the Jews are threatened and provoked Massive retaliation will follow .
3. What a lie - nobody is being silenced, just made accountable
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.28.15)
Tali Nir can't see the forest for all the diseased trees. A) Nobody is being silenced. They are simply being made accountable to the Israeli people to see which foreign nations are meddling in Israeli internal affairs. B) None of the organizations involved are "human rights" organizations. None of them work daily to promote universal human rights as protected by the UN declaration. All of them are narrow interest lobbying groups that have no connection to universal human rights. ACRI does not protect the rights of over 1000 Israeli citizens who were murdered by Palestinians, nor the thousands more who were wounded and/or crippled. B"Tselem does not protect the rights of Israelis in the West Bank, even though their mandate is "human rights" in the "occupied territories." The list goes on and on. All these organizations make cheap excuses why they are concerned only with the "rights" of Palestinians, yet at the same time do nothing to protect those same Palestinians from the horrific abuses of the Palestinian AUthority and Hamas. None of the groups pay any attention to Hamas, where over a million Gazans are held hostage with no civil or human rights. There are no conferences on human rights in Gaza under Hamas military rule. THere are no conferences on human rights in the west bank where the PA arrests journalists, suffocates free speech, and Christian Palestinians flee for their lives under the threat of Islamic extremism and not Israeli "occupation." Nobody, especially ACRI, is holding the Palestinian Police or Hamas Army to account for their human rights abuses. The EU is pumping millions of Euros into NGOs whose sole purpose is to deligitimize Israel, while they are proactively blind to human rights abuses committed by the PA and Hamas. Bias? Politicized? Yes, these NGOs - including ACRI - are all biased and politicized. Shame on you, Tali Nir. Shame on ACRI. Shame on the politically incorrect Europeans for pumping millions into NGOs whose goal is to ignore human rights abuses by the Palestinians against Palestinians.
4. It is time to break the silence on Breaking the Silence.
Moshe the Genuine   (12.28.15)
There is no democracy on the face of earth that would tolerate an blatant interference and mingling in its affairs. Israel is not under a protectorate of the EU or the White House. This long overdue bill will restore some sanity in international relations.
5. Well done
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (12.28.15)
No more lies and rubbish published about Jews by Jews No more free lunches for Leftist activists who want a fat Euro cheque by simply making up stories that Europeans want to hear
6. T.Nir wants Anat Kamm&Uri Blau to be elevated to hero status
ab   (12.28.15)
and perhaps even to chiefs of Shin Bet and IDF perhaps ?
7. Great Idea
Christy ,   Boston, US   (12.28.15)
Can't see that identifying who is paying for them will silence anyone. No legit. group would object to revealing their source of funds. --- I don't understand why more transparency is a bad thing. It will only harm those who are lurking in the shadows and have hidden agendas.
8. I agree with the intent of the law
Shep ,   Memphis   (12.28.15)
There are too many instances of foreign entities trying to influence domestic politics in Israel. The most agregious was Onama's puppets funding a campaign against Bibi during the last election.
9. The US has a similar law
Gary Pellegrino ,   Chicago   (12.28.15)
There's nothing biased or political about this bill. Anyone who can't tell the difference between funding for NGOs that come from secretive governments at taxpayer's expense & donations made by a private individual is an idiot.
10. tell eu it knows nothing. take a hike. shame, demolish lefti
ralph   (12.28.15)
leftists former israeli ambassadors who campaigned against appointments. who do they think they are. they lost the election. to go outside the country is fascist thinking. they must be excluded, shamed, demolished. kept from all government activities.
11. eu commits many illegal actions in israel, israeli west bank
ralph   (12.28.15)
stop, tear down, all illegal buildings, actions. deny them entrance, do not attend any meetings where they are present. freeze all cash/funding transfers
12. Yes, but the justice minister is a babe.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (12.28.15)
13. and what percentage of your funding comes form
Ayatollah Ghilmeini ,   usa QOM   (12.28.15)
foreign sources oh, Ms. Transparency? ACRI is a far left group that its represents its European funders in their never ending quest to defame the Jewish state. Israel is not perfect but not deserving of a defamation industry directed at destroying her democracy. The new law should tax donations from foreign governments 50% and permit losing funding if they make false allegations with the intent to defame the state. Then there is the great question why do you care so much about Palestinians "rights" and so little of Jews being stabbed and murdered each day? Why does Europe interfere with only one democracy, Israel?
14. out with the leftists
dave ,   tzfat   (12.28.15)
15. right to know who gets from whom
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (12.28.15)
I think it is our right to know who gets money from outside sources. Does Meretz get money from Arab countries? Who supports Peace Now? I think it is our right to know.
16. Oh how sweet it is to witness end of leftist Nomenclature!
17. Yes, we feel for you Leftist leftovers, that slowly have
Allah Blah-bar   (12.28.15)
the power pried out of your fingers....It hurts, but it's best for the country & even yourselves; not that you'd ever know it , appreciate or admit to....
18. Three 'wise' monkeys who..........
tiki ,   belgium   (12.28.15)
don't want to see, hear & speak. In contradiction to the 'wise' monkeys, the wise people of Israel hear & see the undermining actions of specific organizations, funded by "friendly" foreign governments and now they finally speak out! The goal of labelling these specific organizations & their obscure funders, the so called "friendly" nations, is to make them visible and silence them when they act against the State of Israel & it's people! Foreign countries have no business in muddling in Israel's politics through obscure Jewish agents....they can use the official channels when they have something to say.
FO ,   Belgium   (12.28.15)
You write, Mrs. Nir, about a "bill aimed at silencing public discussions on the occupation..." Still relentlessly betraying your own country, accusing it of occupation? Still obstinately refusing to accept the fact that settling between the Sea and the Jordan River, including the Golan Heights is in accordance with International Law? Don't tell me Mrs. Nir that you are unaware about the Mandate for Palestine that gave the Jews the IRREVOCABLE right to settle, at least, on the territory mentioned above! Don't tell me, Mrs. Nir, that you are unaware about the existence of ARTICLE 80 of the Charter of the United Nations that reaffirms those rights! Don't tell, Mrs. Nir, that you aren't conscious about the fact that all UNGA and UNSC resolutions since 181, are in total breach with Article 80! So what's happening, Mr. Nir, just obstinately betraying your country, in order to keep classified the fact that in accordance what is written above, a Jewish Independent state could have been created in the early thirties, but was disowned by the Left majority of the Zionist Movement? A state that would have prevented the Shoah! So, Mrs. Nir, you lack the decency to write about the decency of others !!!
20. when all politicians are required by law
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (12.28.15)
to declare all of their foreign support whether from foreign governments or foreign individuals then I will begin thinking differently about this law. Until such time when pigs fly and Israeli politicians declare the sources of their non-Israeli foreign support I will continuing thinking about this law as one intended to damage and limit the Democratic fabric of the State of Israel.
21. Foreign governments and their pet Israeli NGO's
C   (12.28.15)
the proposed law does not forbid foreign ngo's or foreign funded ngo'. indeed, the ngo's will be allowed to continue their anti-israeli activities but they will have to name themselves and disclose the source of their fundings. yet europe which funds these ngo's squeels like a new born big claimimg that israel is being totalitarian. what the eu wants is continued unfettered meddling in the sovereign jewish state and her internal affairs. in the not distant pasr, europe also meddled in the affairs of jews. it must be made clear to the hapless europeans that thy have no right whatever to meedle in israeo.s jnternal affairs.
22. private vs. gov funding
Jacob ,   Beer Sheva   (12.28.15)
And unlike private funding for NGOs, which is generally transparent to comply with regulations in the donors’ home countries, foreign government funds to NGOs are secret and violate national sovereignty. Israel cannot legislate rules for Europe, but it can regulate Israeli NGOs, and reassert the core principle that only Israeli citizens can decide our future.
23. Publish all foreign funding- organisational and private
Any non transparent funding by private individuals or governmental and other organisations smacks of attempts to influence democracy without visibility. So publish and announce all so that there is no doubt of undue influence or corruption.
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