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The only leader who dared
Sever Plocker
Published: 28.12.15, 13:54
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1. theonly military leader who knew how to take the enemy
jerzy   (12.28.15)
no defense minister or chief of staff had or has sharon\s daring and go. nasorallh would be a dead man if sharon were here. who have we had-halutz, a collosal failure who goes against winograd with a victory on points gantz- a diplomatic chief of staff who was more political than military. begin- he could go for the throat olmert and livni-2 jokes living in erekat and haaretz land herzog- en embarassement to the name herzog[/; that his brother is a brigadier general doesn't help. peres- did not know a theatre that he did not want to withdraw from bibi-raced to a ceasefire faster than haniyeh and zohar. ap;ogizes to erdogan and abbas; was considering concessions on even golan??? No golan- no israel. he doesn't need \us letter on golan.He has to be firm in his mind on the golan. Israelis have been electing the wrong leaders. hanegbi,katz and the rest of likud- half of them are like labour. why not go to men with some conviction andstrenght-bennett, barakand feiglin.
2. too bad Sharon also instigated toe 2nd intifada with...
Rafi ,   US   (12.28.15)
... his political stunt walk on the Temple Mount in 2001. how necessary was that? how many soldiers & civilians died or were wounded to placate his ego?
3. Sharon dared........
tiki ,   belgium   (12.28.15)
To throw Jews out of their houses and of their lands and bring a murderous terror group right on to Israel's doorstep! He dared indeed!
4. No one slandered Sharon more than the Leftist media
Jake   (12.28.15)
It is the Leftists that are the tail that wags the dog,and who operate according to undemocratic means to force their agenda contrary to the wishes of the majority.
5. Sharon Defeat of Second infitada
Zechariah   (12.28.15)
Sharon elected in 200failed to defend Thousands by slack security and Jews were blown up killed and maimed while he stood inactive . He stood up to a few thousand settlers withdrew from 160 square miles small numbers and the blockaded Gaza the refugee camps for the Arabs who supported and drove the British into the pGenocide Paper 1939 became a Rocket launching site into Israel .
6. It was haShem who wanted the Jews out of Gaza to protect
Rivka   (12.28.15)
them from the destruction of Gaza that is prophesied in Zephaniah in Scriptures, that all would die in Gaza and the buildings would be destroyed so that Gaza becomes a sheepfold during the Millenium reign of the Jewish Messiah Yahshua. That means earthquakes and tsunamis and possibly other destructions but the Jews were spared although all they got was their lives and their clothes and no compensation worth what their businesses and properties were worth.
7. FB Avraham Goodman: Ariel Sharon is in the ELS Scripture
codes with the phrase, "haShem LOVES A(riel) Sharon." I can assure you Ariel Sharon as a Prince of EL is in the heavenly Jerusalem and for you to say otherwise is blasphemy of the Ruach haKodesh in him, a sin that cannot be forgiven by haShem. The Jews in Gaza were spared death when haShem destroys Gaza according to prophesies in Zephaniah in Scriptures. ALL in Gaza will DIE, so getting the Jews out spared their lives. Sometimes, that is all people get is their lives and clothes, but the international community should have compensated them somewhat for their losses. But the unthankfulness for their very lives is appalling.
8. Sharon, the only PM who got harsh Heavenly punishment
Nancy   (12.28.15)
for his cruelty towards 10,000 of his own brothers and the only PM where only a handful of people attended his funeral. Religious Zionists have not murdered anybody. Yigal Amir is Yishai Raviv's guinea pig. He was not the one who murdered Rabin, as you as well as most Israeli are aware of. And yet, he was never indicted.
9. Sharon won an election landslide based on keeping Gaza!!
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.28.15)
Plocker's article is plain despicable. Sharon won an election landslide based on his promise to keep Gaza. This gained him the support of most Israelis. Sharon than stabbed Israel in the back by ceding Gaza. Israel received never ending war and terror in return. Plocker celebrates this hideously immoral debacle as a good thing!
10. You and the media , those are the instigators
Avram Goldsmith ,   Concord   (12.28.15)
Shame, same populist movement of 50 --60, are still "acting" as journalists under the veil of same ideology, ignoring the shift in people opinions. Blame game should stop, nostalgie calls for past leader which everyone had his shot come and unfortunately in lack of vision base on Jewish values but only on military abilities, and this is an impediment to see full picture of the situation and its dynamics.. Ms. Haber demonstrated again the insanity of the system claiming otherwise doing the same again and again and expecting different result.
11. Sharon had balls. No way around it. Love or hate him. BALLS!
JVC ,   LA, USA   (12.29.15)
12. I will remind the readers...
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.29.15)
.. When Ariel Sharon died, Israel was physically struck by an earth-quake.!! Normally, these words are "literally", but it really happened. So, when Ariel Sharon left the building, the soil of Israel was actually shaking..
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