'Hate wedding' family alleges Shin Bet involvement
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 28.12.15, 10:00
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1. Jews are suddenly not their brother's keeper
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.28.15)
"It's unclear why the Shin Bet didn't stop the frenzy as it happened," said a source close to the family. Well duh!?!?!? Why didn't the "source close to the family" do anything? Why didn't any of the other Jews there do anything? Why? Because it was a big fat festival of sinat hinam and hilul Hashem. Look at the video - do you see any Jews trying to stop the sinat hinam? Nope. What a crock of baloney - all the cowardly unnamed "friends" and "sources" are nothing more than mashtapim with these radical whackos who invent their own Judaism. A wedding where you dance and sing with guns and knives and molotov cocktails? Crikey - I live in a "religious" settlement in the "west bank" and we never have any of this ugliness at our weddings. These idiots are a farce and a blight. They reject law and order and are willing to kill for what they believe - how soon before they start killing Jews (unless they already have!)??? Lock them up, bulldoze their illegal houses (I pay taxes on mine, they don't!) and send them to a proper yeshiva where they can learn true midot and do some maasim tovim instead of hilul Hashem. Feh.
2. I'm not buying that garbage!!!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (12.28.15)
The people involved in this despicable wedding are animals - nice way to remember the day - NOT!
3. Not only did the Shin Bet not stop the incitement but they
Bob D.   (12.28.15)
started the incitement. Why else would the Shin Bet have hidden in the hall before the parents and family as the guards testified. The Shin Bet is losing it. The people don't buy their baloney anymore.
4. "Duma and the return of the king" by Daniel Greenfield
a must read. Excellent article which couldn't describe the situation better.
5. Are there any moral people who still believe the Shabakim?
6. Sandy Cohen, common sense
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.28.15)
The more they try to demonize religious Zionists, the more the public distrusts them.
7. For those who care to know the truth:
Rabbi Eliyahu said there are reasons to hold suspicions regarding the incident, implying that the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) may have been involved so as to distract public condemnation over its alleged torture of the Jewish suspects in the Duma case. "It's just completely absurd. We were at dozens of weddings and didn't see anything like this, I can't rule out that Avishai Raviv cooked this up," said the rabbi, mentioning the infamous ISA agent provocateur. Raviv held a fictitious double-life for years during the period of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's murder, and was planted among nationalist religious circles to try and expose "extremist" activities. However, the agent's methods were highly controversial and essentially amounted to entrapment. Among other things, Raviv set up a fictitious "Jewish terrorist group called "Eyal" and encouraged individuals to videotape themselves swearing allegiance in order to entrap them as "terrorists." Raviv also reportedly told Rabin assassin Yigal Amir to "be a man, kill Rabin." He was investigated and later cleared on suspicions of not having prevented Rabin's murder. "I've never seen anything like this. How is it that suddenly there's just one (wedding participant) and he's with a hoodie over his face and no one identifies him?," stated Rabbi Eliyahu, noting the one person present at the wedding who held a picture of the Arab baby. Lending weight to the rabbi's questions are statements by the groom's parents, who said the wedding was hijacked and those videotaped dancing with the picture were not invited guests, and likewise stated their son did not recognize them.
8. there r other videos of other right wing Anarchist weddings
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (12.28.15)
and those videos show the same kind of behavior. That is there have been at least three other weddings prior to this one in which the right wing Anarchist guests have behaved in the same treacherous manner inciting for the destruction of the State of Israel. These people are just as dangerous as the left wing Anarchist "Shovrim Shticka" ("Breaking the Silence")
9. Shin bet should have stopped it
ky   (12.28.15)
with likelihood that the poor guy who did so would have been chopped to pieces by a frenzied mob. Think of another excuse for lunatics running amok with knives at a so called wedding. I would never live down the shame if I was married under such circumstances.
10. #8 Had you said the truth, you'd have shown proof.
Nancy   (12.28.15)
11. #4 Amazing article. He better be careful, Mr. Greenfield
Nancy   (12.28.15)
The hands of the Shabak are far reaching even as far as NYC.
12. #8
dan   (12.28.15)
agree completely. these sickos should be excommunicated from the jewish people. they are scum. the bonus is that there wouldn't be anybody protesting that "jews don't torture jews" - because these people are not jews.
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