Opinion  Nahum Barnea
Why the Left should be ashamed of itself
Nahum Barnea
Published: 29.12.15, 12:33
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1. Marty in FB section it will take hours of therapy 2 fix u
the good news is that we know exactly what you need. We are on our way.
2. outlook
john ,   toronto   (12.29.15)
Desired outcome is my objective and Jews will cooperate in spite of themselves.I trust them so much but i have to verify.
3. Barnea:not too late for you to learn Swedish.I can help you!
Allah Blah-bar   (12.29.15)
FO ,   Belgium   (12.29.15)
Taking into consideration International Law, you know as well as I do (at least I hope) that there is NO occupation! Or would you tell me that you never heard about a San Remo Conference, the 1922 Mandate for Palestine (League of Nations) that gave the Jews the IRREVOCABLE RIGHT to settle between the Sea and the Jordan River, including the Golan Heights, in order to create their independent state, a right that became International Law, valid to this day? Would you sincerely tell me that you never heard about Article 80 of the United Nations Charter, reaffirming these rights? Would you also tell me that you are unaware about the fact that ALL UNGA an UNSC decisions since resolution 181 are in total breach with Article 80? Are you also unaware that the author of UNSC resolution 242 took into consideration Article 80? Must I suppose, Mr. Barnea, that you never read his articles about this subject? Well Mr. Barnea, I'm going to be honest with you: Israeli journalists, like yourself Mr. Barnea, diplomats, press attaché's etc. I spoke with, were totally ignorant about those facts... Indeed all these historical data were swept under the rug to keep the general public unaware about the fact that a Jewish state could have been born in the early 19thirties but was disowned by the LEFT majority of the Zionist Movement. A state that would have prevented the Shoah!
5. MrBarnea a wannabe Gideon Levy, self hating Jew
Yardena   (12.29.15)
Levy doesnt see that the foreign funds ignorant israelis to go against their govt for pay is not treason. both men should be banned from being published
6. then again the assumption might
mark ,   usa   (12.29.15)
not be shame but to identify the source of funding... All know money equates to access and influence. Should not elected officials know when they are being lobbied by foreign influences.
7. Easier to sacrify other homes than
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.29.15)
own money.It didn't disturb many people that the residents of Gush Kative had to give over their hard earned homes to the enemies.
8. Mental illness is nothing to be
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.29.15)
ashamed of. Needs treatment.
9. re #4: As you say, NO occupation: I too wondered
israeli ,   israel   (12.29.15)
10. As per #4 (FO) I too was taken aback to read
israeli ,   israel   (12.29.15)
Barnea's comment re "occupation". What the hell is he ranting about ? I couldn't offer an explanation to match yours FO in Belgium. -thanks.
11. "where are their feet? where are the voters?"
shadoil79 ,   Jerusalem   (12.29.15)
I dont know. But one thing I can tell you is "where are their heads?" Their heads can be found where the sun don't shine!
12. Barnea's self-righteousness rants
Jake   (12.29.15)
Trouble is that, just like his fellow Leftists that he is now "criticizing", he is part of the problem not the solution, and should also take a look in the mirror.
13. Every intelligent Israeli has deserted the lunatic left
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.29.15)
The answer to Barnea's idiotic question is obvious. Every intelligent Israeli has deserted the lunatic left. Every intelligent Israeli knows Israel "occupies" her own land! That is why the despicable Israeli left must rely on donations from foreign Jew haters to perpetrate its evil. Thankfully, sane Israeli politicians, such as MK Shaked, are putting and end to this abomination.
14. but I want to know and its my right to know
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (12.30.15)
Where does Meretz get its money? Where does Peace Now get its money? Where does the rest of the anti-Israeli self hating Jewish groups getting their money? It is my right to know and if you make it hard for me to know, then I just suspect that you funded by Arabs.... And you are not ashamed?
15. Treachery, cowardice & hypocrisy
B ,   Beer Sheba   (12.30.15)
Humans are tribal - it’s “us” against “them”. Normally, you have greater empathy, trust and loyalty for your own group (family, friends, community), rather than “the other group”. When your group is in conflict with “the other group”, empathy and loyalty to your own group is normally even stronger, but since Leftists are so much better than everyone else (more “educated”, “progressive” and “intelligent”), the Leftist rejects lowly conventional instincts / thinking and works for “them” against “us”. The Leftist has an over-nurtured and distorted empathetic side, coupled with an overly simplistic set of moral values. The Leftist’s empathy and morals warp their natural instincts and their sense of loyalty, so they embrace “the other” and reject their own group. It often doesn’t matter which “other” side, as long as it’s racially / religiously / culturally different to their own community. The Left is like a rebellious teenage girl that goes after anything her parents oppose. Normally when your group is attacked, you rally together and defend it, but treachery, cowardice, weakness and hypocrisy are the core qualities of a Leftist, so they root for the enemy. Having rejected the community they were born into and allied themselves to “the other”, the Leftist can be true to all of their core qualities and embrace them. In any case the extremes of both Left and Right are equally appalling. Both are chauvinistic and bigoted – the Left in favour of Arab interests and against Jewish Israeli interests and vice versa for the Right (with several opposing variations). Life isn’t black and white or simple – you need balance, but your starting point shouldn’t be the betrayal of your own group.
16. Baarnea's fixation with the Left and Right
Ted ,   Tel Aviv   (12.31.15)
Perhaps Mr. Barnea had sometime seen and perceived reality, but he seems to have a fixation on the two extremes of Israeli politics: the Left and the Right. But life is not so simple that we must think only in terms of the two extremes. It is much better to be in the middle and hear both sides. It is even better to see the good in both sides, which unfortunately Mr. Barnea seems to be oblivious to.
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