Gov't approves NIS 15-billion plan to invest in Arab municipalities
Moran Azulay and Hassan Shaalan
Published: 30.12.15, 21:08
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1. If you love Israel: DEMAND this lunacy end!
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.30.15)
Loyal Israeli Arabs should be welcome in Israel. However, most are not loyal. Funding Arab towns is not going to make disloyal Arabs loyal. It is simply going to make Israel's enemies richer. If you love Israel; DEMAND this lunacy end! The sane course of action is to rid Israel of her enemies. Not make them more comfortable!
2. Most Israeli Arabs are Internationalists
Zechariah   (12.31.15)
Most Israeli Arabs want the international Islam Califate but know it is not a realism . Grudgingly they know they are safer with the current Jews than most places .Its right and smart to improve their socioeconomic lives because Jacob appeased Esau .
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (12.31.15)
spread hate amongst each other and other nations. No matter what happens you will never hear one single Muslim criticize their own doing if they can blame others for it. The closest punching bag are Jews and next to them is America.
4. To No. 1.
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (12.31.15)
Assume all Arabs are disloyal - right. But there are probably a few loyal Arabs - yes? The same way antisemites concede there might be a few good Jews. A loyalty test, perhaps? Apply it to the Satmar as well?
5. #4:Only in your warped Lunatic-Leftist-Reality is life so
Allah Blah-bar   (12.31.15)
easy & simple as you pretend it to be. You know Chaim is right. You also know, that your Londonistan's Arabs/Muslims are equally disloyal and hostile to your "degenerate" way of Western living (unless you've already enrolled in your local mosque's "corrective-program for Infidels"). So please, stop with this high-school level polemic. Thank you and Happy New Year. Not many of these left, you know....
6. To Arabs: Hold on and soon you'll get the entire Israel
Reuven   (12.31.15)
The Left destroyers of Israel and Judaism, will soon present to you the entire Israel besides Tel Aviv, of course.
7. #3 You're an uninformed ignoramus
Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (12.31.15)
Egyptian president al-Sisi ardently criticizes Muslim radicals. Obama's American "news" puppets don't report it and you, ignorantly, rely on them.
8. #4. Polls consistently show most Israeli Arabs not loyal
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.31.15)
#4 Bertram. It is not only my opinion that most Israeli Arabs are not loyal to Israel as a Jewish state. It is a well proven fact demonstrated by countless polls throughout the decades. It is also proven by the blatant Israel baiting nature of Arab political parties and many other factors.
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