Friday attacker's father: Arrest him before he murdered more people
Hassan Shaalan and Yoav Zitun
Published: 02.01.16, 14:20
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1. Why don't they grab some religious Zionists off the street
Juliana   (01.02.16)
beat the hell out of them until they admit as the Shin Bet is so efficient at; the left media will help them spread their vitriol against Jews and once again they'll announce their victorious proclamation "Jewish terrorists" caught.
2. Touching. Next obama will condemn it.
History nut ,   Israel   (01.02.16)
Let them condemn islam. Then we will take notice.
3. the cynical FB folks who think this is about a house....
israel ,   Israel   (01.02.16)
It isn't. It is about an Israeli family expressing firm loyalty to the State of Israel and deep concern for the citizens of Israel. It is no different from what any other normative Israeli family would do - excepting of course the family's of the Jewish terrorists who murdered Mohammed Abu Khader of Jerusalem and the Dawabsha Family of Duma.
4. probably worried about the family home
zionist forever   (01.02.16)
The father probably turned in his son because he was worried if he didn't and he was convicted of an act of terrorism then the family home would be demolished. The villagers are also worried that the army or police might cause problems for them seeing if he might have sympathisers so they want to distance themselves from him avoid trouble.
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