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From religious school to world kickboxing champion
Ben Ofer
Published: 02.01.16, 22:54
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1. An award for barbaric behavior?
Indi ,   London, UK   (01.03.16)
No Jew should be proud of this.
2. Pride of Beit Shemesh!
Ariel ,   Ramat Beit Shemesh   (01.03.16)
Nili, you make us here in Beit Shemesh proud! When are you crossing over into MMA? I'd pick you to beat Holly Holm any day!
3. Congratulation Nili Block.
Beary White ,   Norway   (01.02.16)
I admire your will and strength, working for a goal in your life. And, I agree, follow the truth in your heart and nobody can take your happiness away.. Well done.
4. Nili Block, Mazal Tov
C   (01.03.16)
nili has much will power and self knowledge.
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