Indictments filed against two Duma arson suspects, gag order lifted
Elisha Ben Kimon, Gilad Morag, Elior Levy
Published: 03.01.16, 10:58
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1. Neither the Shabak nor anyone believing them
Bob D.   (01.03.16)
have answered these logical questions:________ This past year, from February through August, at least 4 homes in Duma from the family of Dawabsha have been ignited. Jewish boys were accused in igniting the third home from the same family.________ 1) Why did the Shabak decide to blame Jews only the 3rd time one of these homes was set on fire?________ 2) How is it possible for young boys to enter a tightly knit community of wild Arabs and not be instantly lynched?________ If you don't have a rational answer to any of these questions, you are a gullible fool misled by the Shabak and media, or just a racist and anti-Semite.
2. One smart Arab can make the Israeli gov into world fools
Howard ,   London   (01.03.16)
One smart Arab hero can make the Israeli govt into a laughingstock of the world and lose all sympathy of the world. This Arab guy should disclose the truth about the internal Arab strife in the Duma village that brought on the fire and show the world how evil the Israeli government, their court system and security authority are; not only towards their own Jewish brothers but that's how they are towards Arabs.
3. Hopefully the family of the suspects will sue the Shabak
Juliana   (01.03.16)
in the Hague for the barbaric tortures they endured in vain for 6 months just to appease the Arabs.
4. Then they wonder and are upset that the Talmud states
that chilonim are not trustworthy. This saga of chiloni fabrication is evidence to the words of our wise Sages.
5. They deserve the Death Penalty
David   (01.03.16)
Nothing less would be justice
6. Time to sing the Israeli Rightwing Anthem:...
miki ,   tampa   (01.03.16)
"Those Arabs always burn their own crops; Those Arabs always uproot their own orchards; Those Arabs always desrcrate their own Holy Places; Those Arabs always kill their own children". They don't need the help of Hilltop Youth or other self-proclaimed Chosen People, we Jews are so self-righteous that only Arabs can do such things.
7. A southern sheriff and his brother the judge.....
HIstory nut ,   Israel   (01.03.16)
would find a conviction difficult on this. But the memories of people casting votes are so short and morally challenged that the end of this bs is difficult to see.
8. Confession under torture without evidence nor witnesses
JJ   (01.03.16)
Confession extorted under torture, sexually harassment, sleep deprivation for many days and assault and without any evidence nor witnesses is no confession and unjustified. The boys are all 100% innocent and should immediately be released.
9. Please post a photo of the skeletal he looks today
JJ   (01.03.16)
after all the torture and ill-treatment he endured so that everyone will witness the true Jewish terrorists the Shin Bet.
10. #5 G-d forbid if a death penalty is imposed by the ZIonists
This innocent guy broke down under torture and "confessed". So would you and anyone else if they were tortured by the Shin Bet savages.
11. The Tora doesn't accept confess
as proof.Are there other proofs?
12. Seems like kind of a Dreyfuss affair to me.
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv / israel   (01.03.16)
13. Ben U
Suq Madiq ,   LA   (01.03.16)
Hmm. The Taleban couple of the Ben Urinals is an interesting insight into what is really going on under the brutal occupation. Does not quite match up to what Israel likes to sell in its tourism brochures
14. a question
C   (01.03.16)
does the police have physical evidence besides the confessions in this case. there is no doubt that the hill top youth are out of control and anti-social. their behaviour must be curbed and their thuggish behaviour must stop. teenage hooligans cannot deside what is good for a sovereign nation. if they cannot abide by the laws of israel, they must leave.
15. 21 century BLOOD LIBEL IN ISRAEL!
Yonatan Avraham   (01.03.16)
For centuries the enemies of the Jewish people have used false blood libels against us. Sadly the government of Israel is now using a false blood libel against Jewish Children to cover their own incompetence in stopping the tsunami of Arab terror. They are trying to change the focus but we know the governments sickening scheme of lies and deceit since we as Jews have suffered the same from the Goyim for thousands of years. Who needs the Goyim when we have the Supreme Court's tyrannical rule?
16. #15
BA Allsack ,   India   (01.03.16)
As the guilt of these thugs is blatantly obvious the question is how many of those libels were actually true.
17. Glad to be an American
Heshy ,   New york   (01.03.16)
I'm glad to be an american Orthodox Jew who has no family living in israel when I read such outrageous reports. I recently read how israeli intelligence spent over two years trying to track down a little ten year old boy named yossele Schumacher. They neglected capturing the infamous nazi doctor Men gels whom they spotted but opted to try to find a little boy who's grandparents wanted him to stay an observant religious Jew. The government of israel both left and right are highly corrupt. Poor survivors of gush Katif were evicted worse than dogs. They hate Judaism and would love to corrupt every last Jew. All they push is tattoo culture,pork shops,gay parades and sabbath violation. These are not jews. These are the Eruv Rav.only an idiot would allow their kids to join an army that forces you to defend yourself with your hands tied behind your back. Then they prosecute soldiers or police who defend the public when they shoot a terrorist. Torturing little jewish kids and capturing them to try to keep them secular is ok. Their hatred of Orthodox Jews is incredible. I for one urge any sane israeli to leave to America where being an Orthodox Jew is far easier and safer. Of course we still have many liberal secular jews that try to destroy american morality but in a few years they will be history. They are destroying themselves quickly through intermarriage or becoming homosexuals. Soon here in America there will be left a solid jewish observant community that votes republican and are proud to look and be real jews. Israel wake up. Arabs who have killed jews were freed without even any deals two years ago by the same government that existed then. Don't live in denial.
18. 12 Not exactly.Jews fighting Jews
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.03.16)
weakens and endangers the State of Israel.
19. 5 Not so quick.First the lawsuit...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.03.16)
with more evident proofs than their confession.The foreign media is focused on this affair.We don't want to appear a State ruled by the jungle law,i mean the law of the stronger.
20. Can it really
TC ,   AZ,USA   (01.04.16)
be true that the majority of Israelis are infected by nonsense expressed in the vast majority of the talkback's here? You are horrified by the treatment received by these terrorists because they are Jewish, but fail to recognize that Arabs suspected of burning Israelis to death would be subject to much worse and without a lawyer or access to a civilian court. Is it impossible to conceive that Jews could have done something like this? Who blew up the King David Hotel? The British so they could blame it on Jews? You really think that Israeli security services are framing Jews in order to placate the Palestinians? If that is the majority opinion then Israel is truly lost!
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