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NSA spying on Israel: This is how you treat your enemies
Ronen Bergman
Published: 03.01.16, 23:51
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1. leaders' efforts should be made to cooperate...
Rafi ,   US   (01.04.16)
... not to conflict. As Gen. Michael Hayden states, the two countries have a lot more in common than not - so a great deal can be gained by cooperation. Meanwhile, in today's world, Israel needs the US a lot more than the other way around. The sooner Netanyahu figures out this reality, the better for Israel.
2. Netanyahu - Self-Declared Enemy of US Policy
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (01.04.16)
Netanyahu declared himself an enemy of US policy and has worked to entangle and endanger US troops surrounding Iran since 2009. He also proved during the 2003 hearings how little he knows about Iranian internal politics. Anybody can seem his guarantees to Congress than the US killing Saddam would make Iran a kinder and gentler place with "positive reverberations."
3. Jews spying on Jews. No one is trusted.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.04.16)
4. worse than China & Russia..........
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (01.04.16)
Obama thought Bibi can be play around like how he play with his own marbles within his own pocket. What the mass American and Jews know about the American freedom is delusional. Why is Snowden running for his life..........can you remember China & Russia in the 60s - 70s? North Korea have better hope than America if Obama system became a precedent for the next regime. So Israel must be very very careful because it's your existence not survival. GOD bless Bibi
MICHEL ,   ASHKELON   (01.04.16)
We are treated by Obama by the logic of an enemy and that`s all he is for Israel: an enemy.
6. indifferent
Cameron ,   USA   (01.04.16)
We will always keep a very sharp eye on Israel. Necessity dictates.
7. 2 things
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (01.04.16)
A. I would expect friendly nations to keep their 'friends' watched, to make certain that they are giving over ALL information, especially those who are in battle areas. B. Although Obama and Bibi don't see eye to eye, they are mature enough to know that they must put their personal differences aside for the good of their states.
8. Bottom line: Israel needs to be ahead of the game
Israel needs to be ahead of the game. Israel needs to be smarter and more advanced than any nation - including the USA and the UK. And what's even more important: under no circumstances should Israel share this particular technological knowhow with any foreign state or country - including the USA and the UK. Israel needs to dedicate a lot of time developing advanced technology that keeps foreign eavesdropping out, and enables Israel to penetrate any encrypted and secret communications - including American and British ones. Israel needs to infiltrate NSA and be able to track every move they make. On top of that, Israel cannot share any intelligence info with the CIA or the Americans and Israel needs to build highly advanced buildings and infrastructures that are impenetrable to NSA and the CIA and any other form of Electronic eavesdropping. All Israeli ministries, official buildings and the Prime Minister's office should be impenetrable to eavesdropping. Israel has to make that a security priority. Israel needs to spy on the CIA, NSA and the White House 24/7 and penetrate all their communications without the Americans even noticing it. Israel has to develop such a technology. And Israel should develop a formal and official policy: whenever Israel discovers that the US is spying on Israel, Israel will suspend all intelligence cooperation and the Americans will be informed on absolutely nothing.
9. Maybe you should look at the actions of Netanyahu...
Harri ,   EU   (01.04.16)
...before you blame Obama. The whole world is worried about Netanyahu, not just US administration. As far as I can see, Netanyahu has done everything to make conflicts deeper on your region. Now those flames are burning also in your home yard, but you just don't get it. World need leaders who are ready to make peace. Not leaders who are eager to flame wars.
10. Not new. Loftus described CIA "Jew Room" years ago
sifter ,   (01.04.16)
11. the little emperor's manipulations only cause harm
C   (01.04.16)
it is well known that obama hates israel. it is also well known that this stupid man thought that he could create a new balance of power in the middle east and at the same time bind israel. all of obama's foolish dreams have caused huge damage to the middle east and beyond. iran will become a nuclear power with a huge conventional army, thus endangering american military interests. the sunni states will continue to be enraged and counter shia iran with proxies, including the islamic state and al quada. the islamic terrorists will continue to target america and the west. the russians have hugely increased their military presence in syria, thus endangering american interests in the region. syria, lybia, iraq, afghanistan are failed states, filled with jihadists. egypt is turning toward russia and iran is an ally of russia, thus making obama's iran deal useless. israel is turning toward china and india and other countries in asia and latin america. obama should never assume that the information he gets from his spy agencies is not filled with disinformation.
12. 2
C   (01.04.16)
mark, you are a creative writer just like little ben rhodes.
13. Obama is no friend of America. Let alone Israel
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.04.16)
This disgusting report does not surprise anyone who knows the first thing about Obama. He is no friend of America. Let alone Israel.
14. In this business the devil is in the details
Paul ,   LA, USA   (01.04.16)
It is hard to evaluate this type of hearsay article. However, the USS Liberty was heavily damaged NOT sunk so if small known details is wrong I tend to doubt the whole as well.
15. US was willing to cause major damage to Israel security
belive it or not   (01.04.16)
In my opinion Polard had the information the US was willing to cause major damage to Israel security in order to please the Arabs, this why he rutted in jail and now his mouth is kept closed by stringent control, In addition Peres was more then happy to reveal secret information the Americans, history will prove me right
16. 11 & 12 NUTS
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (01.05.16)
Iran does not have nukes. And when did Netanyahu ever get anything right about Iran or Iraq? Watch Netanyahu's guarantees as an expert to Congress in 2003? Still waiting for his "positive reverberations?" Russia has been in Syria since Obama was 10 years-old. Gadhafi killed over 300 Americans - Is that why you liked him so much? Where is your support combating ISIS in Iraq and Syria? You want to walk, don't let the door hit you on the way out. When was the last time Israel did something FOR the US?
17. Did the Israelis not discover Telegram?
JVC ,   LA, USA   (01.05.16)
Well... 1. NYC Jewish libs helped put Obama in the WH. This is what we get. 2. Hey Israel, get some messenger pigeons. 3. Seriously. Go dark. Sigint hates little notes scribbled on paper. Hates the stuff. 4. Hey liberal NYC Jewish voters... this is The Left. Started off as job security in the 1930's. Turned into possibly the most anti-Israel regime in US history. You think 'O' is bad? There's a whole generation of little, confused, Millennial kids on the way up who think it government's duty to enact "social justice." You can bet "liberating" the "Palestinians" is way up on that list. 5. Hey Israel... you made military history in the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's and defined Special Operations for the world in that time. What happened? Get over yourself, put down that phone & get back to basics. 6. Hey Hebrew-speaking NSA FTE's... check your six! 7. Hey Obama, ISIS is the enemy... not Israel. Focus. Focus! 8. Hey conscientious NSA employees... when your boss tells you to do something harmful to long-term US security interests... just tell him, "No!" Of course, how would a president who has mastered insecurity know a thing about security? He should talk to Mr. Putin... 9. All is foreseen yet free will is granted. 10. !עם ישראל חי
18. #2 - Self Declared Obama Uninformed Zombie
19. 16 Mark
C   (01.05.16)
i never said that iran actually has nuclear weapons. what iran has is a nuclear weapons program which allows it to produce nuclear weapons. the shelf life of the iran deal, which is not binding legally, is ten years. however, iran has already violated this deal by producing icbm's. the iraq war was authorised by the us congress with large votes of both parties. the fact that the post war period was mishandled is the fault of the us government, its military and intelligence agencies. saddam was a psychopath who had gassed the kurds and iran. he had fired scud missiles into israel. saddam was an out of control menace to the entire region. he had a significant chemical and biological warfare program. qadaffi had given up his wmd's and terrorism. qadaffi also kept a lid on jihadists. iran and its proxy hezbollah had murdered more americans than any other group with the possible exception of al qaeda. russia only had the turtus naval base in syria. russia did not have other bases nor did it have advanced air power or ground forces. by the way, you should really calm down.
20. 19 Cipora - You Still Don't Get It.
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (01.06.16)
The International plan assures they have no weapons for 10 years and that the NPT will know after that. Surely Israel has some competent diplomat that could negotiate some deal for Israel in the next decade if you want one. Iraq II was based on lies and non-expert opinion peddled as expert opinion. 4500 Americans were killed and 50,000 maimed based on all those lies and Netanyahu's ignorance or lies. Gadhafi killed Americans - reason enough to kill him. The US and Shah killed lots(thousands) of Lebanese and Iranians - before and after Hezbollah got started. The US has national interests and sending American troops to die in foreign lands as mercenaries for others is not a US interest. You want a Foreign Legion, buy your own, like France did. The US military is not yours to command. And if you read the WSJ article carefully, they reported Netanyahu making offers to individuals for votes, (bribery by any other name). Netanyahu and the current Israeli government are NOT allies in any way shape or form to the USA.
21. Just Plain Wrong Cipora
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (01.06.16)
That you oppose the foreign policy of the United States and Russia and China and France and Britain and Germany is noted. The US elected Obama, TWICE, despite Netanyahu active opposition. Assuming competence by Israeli diplomats, surely you can make your own separate deal with Iran. We elect our leaders and you elect your own. Or should you be the ones who choose who runs the US, as Walt and Meersheimer posited? Even Bush's brother finally has admitted Iraq was a mistake. Bush signed the withdrawal agreement. The US military is not a mercenary plaything. Does Israel let terrorists off after they killed hundreds of Israelis? Why should the US? To please you? The US never ran Syria. The US never ran Russia. Why suddenly do you favor a US attempt, with thousands or millions or hundreds of millions dead to try and run Russia and Syria and Iran? Your theories are not rational. Did you grow up with thousands of nukes pointed at you, nukes with proven delivery capability? Netanyahu is interested solely in Israel and cares not a single bit about US national interests. He wanted the US to break with the entire world on Iran, with NATO on Libya and risk potential war with Russia on Syria. none of that is a US national interest. It is the exact opposite of US national interest. Get over your Obama Derangement Syndrome. There are treatments available.
22. Americans are great people
Dan   (01.06.16)
but modern America is evil. I pray for the regime change in America. Hopefully Americans are capable of doing it and making America great again.
23. more confirmation on how evil obama and leftists are
ralph   (01.07.16)
24. For The RECORD b.H.o. Will Go Down
In History As THE FIRST president Who Changed the world for the Worst. And Treated Foreign Heads of state With Great Prejudice; against Bibi and The State Of Israel!!! When he closed flights to Ben Gurion AP, that was his true colors? Emmes
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