Foreign Ministry: Dayan will likely not be ambassador to Brazil
Itamar Eichner
Published: 05.01.16, 15:39
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1. what don't U understand? world doesn't go for settlements
Rafi ,   US   (01.05.16)
2. Brazil has no right to dictate who will be ambassador
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (01.05.16)
First of all, Brazil is being hypocritical because the white Europeans in power there (like Pres. Rouseff, who's family is from Bulgaria) have no right to deny Danon the opportunity to serve as Israel's ambassador because he lived outside the green line. Brazil doesn't have to like Israel's policy, but they doesn't mean they should only have an ambassador that agrees with their views. Danon is from South America & he's the best man for the job.
3. israel has piss-poor diplomatic skills.
James USA   (01.05.16)
Why try to force a country to accept a person they view as criminal. Every country should reevaluate their relationship with apartheid israel.
4. reply to Neira...
Adler   (01.05.16)
Philosophy is for philosophers. Politics is for politicians. Portugal history of genocide of indigenous peoples in Brazil is well known. But we are in 2016, and actually (correct me if im wrong) bazilian indigenous association in that country (Brazil) were protesting in United Nations and to human rights watch organizations because President Rouseff apparently was proposing some weird new laws and indigenous brazilians believe those laws could undermine their rights in Brazil. Ps: honestly, it could be a great idea to nominate Diva Dana International as next Israel Ambassador to Brazil :-)
5. #2 Dana International fits good as Ambassador there
Adler   (01.05.16)
6. About ambassador´s indication to Brazil
Sergio Niskier ,   Brazil   (01.06.16)
it is unbelievable what is going on in this case. The former ambassador Reda Mansour was great, and served to the same government that indicated Dany Dayan to replace him. The diplomatic instructions certainly would not be different. The orders certainly would not be different because Israel changed ambassador. Brazil usually has opposite positions to Israel, and this is not motive to call back ambassadors, to create a diplomatic problem. The ties with Brazil improve and the commercial balance is favorable to Brazil in almost 1 billion dollars. even with a lot of difficulties, Israel never brought problems to the ties between the 2 countries. No ambassador is ambassador of his own ideas. He represents the country. And follow the diplomatic instructions and rules from the international conventions. The true is that the Brazilian government, once more decided to make internal politic, with a case, that could be solved very easily. The first complain was that Israel announced priorly the approval, the name of Dayan. This could be corrected with a simple letter of excuses. But the real reasons are really bad. They decided that there is 2 kinds of israelis. One kind that they like, and other they don´t. It is a shame for me, as a brazilian citizen, to see this kind of things. Brazil now says that the reason is that Dayan represents the settlers, that Brazil don´t agree. But we see that Brazil has ties with many countries, that has political decisions, not from the ambassador, but from the country, as dictators, as prejudices against homosexuals, woman, black people, countries that use dead sentences, countries that use chemical weapons against their own people, and countries that threats others to destruction and a lot of other issues. The worries with the brazilian feelings about political situations came to the relationship with other countries only with Israel.
7. (5) agree!
tiki ,   belgium   (01.06.16)
Dani Dayan is to civilized & intelligent for the Samba dancers from Brazil! His abilities should be used in places where people think with their heads, not with their buts!
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