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One of the world's most mysterious organizations gets a new boss
Ronen Bergman
Published: 05.01.16, 23:59
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1. sarcastic narcistic
aname ,   am   (01.06.16)
Why, or why, has this author attributed to a word 'sarcastic' a positive, lovely connotation as if is not a harmful narcissistic behavior that is quintessential reason for chicken shit perception?
2. Kohen
john ,   toronto   (01.06.16)
Most spy masters are cohens, now one has to find out the percentage of the Kohen gene in them. Masquerading is done best by them.
3. Give me a brake ,...
split ,...   (01.17.16)
They're so mysterious and so secret that their counterparts in other countries can't figure it out how or why do they bungle everything they touch ,...
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