Civics textbook slammed: Focuses on Jewish, not democratic state
Amir Cotler, Shahar Hai
Published: 06.01.16, 22:17
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1. Theocracy were the talmud roles!
A Chrstian   (01.06.16)
2. That is the right direction !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.06.16)
3. Until now Israel was neither Jewish nor democratic and
it seems the Left don't know what democracy means. They've tried it for almost 70 years and besides voting, nothing else worked. They might as well make it Jewish as it was meant to be and then legally compel Arabs to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
4. What part of the the phrase "Jewish homeland" .....
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (01.07.16)
do they not understand. Israel was established to be Jewish. It's not intended to be pluralistic. It just doesn't reject non-Jews. The choice of being a democracy is secondary. If it is purely a secular democracy then it's not Israel. If it chooses to use Torah law then it is really Jewish, and is still Israel of course
5. If by "democracy" they refer to the privilege of a minority
Allah Blah-bar   (01.07.16)
to undermine or altogether destroy the wishes of a majority, then they can dream on. It won't happen here, not anymore. Way to go Israelis! (and that means you& me) Most of us have learned perfectly well to read between the lines of subversive, leftist propaganda.
6. Israel as.the Jewish homeland
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (01.07.16)
The argument turns on the interpretation of this phrase. A country for the Jewish people? Or a country ruled by the Torah and the tyranny of the Jewish majority? There's no reason why the former could not be both democratic and pluralistic. The advantage of the latter is that it brings Israel into line with the other theocratic regimes of the Middle East.
7. Secularism or Judaism
US citizen ,   US   (01.07.16)
I will worship no mere human, especially me, nor group of mere humans, only the One who is greater than all creatures holds my allegiance. It will be no mere human's judgment of us that will be of ultimate importance. Only the One who is more than mere human can, does, and will provide life.
Marian ,   Romania   (01.07.16)
One must evaluate Democracy in conjuction whith the "Democracies" of the geographical region for instance the Daesh, Nursa, Egypt, Oil Monarchies.
9. How democratic is Israel if judges are self-appointed for
life and only one who fits their corrupt radical leftists agenda, can take over?
10. #6:Not so complicated Bertram: "Jewish" meaning that Jews
shall deem what is right or wrong for Jews to do on this tiny piece of property. Not Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hari Kishna or nudists ... Torah-terror or not, that is for me & my neighbor to decide/slug it out .
11. a teacher's job is to teach - not promote their own agenda
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (01.07.16)
It's no secret most teachers are leftists - many even are from the extreme left such a the teacher who told his students the IDF are murderers & called on them not to serve. Many want Israel to be like the EU democracies with Israel's Jewish character negated. The teachers are employees of the state. The do not have a role in determining pedagogy nor do their deserve to have one.. The Israeli public rejected the left in the last election & do not want their children to be brainwashed with leftist ideology.
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