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French olim despair over work barriers in Israel
Yifat Erlich
Published: 11.01.16, 00:17
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1. Rediculous! A French dentist can't do a filling?
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.11.16)
Sounds like the current Israeli doctors and dentists don't want the extra competition, nothing more.
2. Dangers to have Jews in one place
Zola   (01.11.16)
Although the Jews if attacked heavily can retaliate massively a suicide cult could create problems . Canada needs more Jews by 2025 as it has a huge land mass and has superpower capacity . With climate change it could well be a great land to live in . If Netanyahu and the inner leadership cannot get it right as soon as -this will happen because of petit clan Jealousy .
3. But palster mixers are dentists in Israel
Jerome ,   AKL   (01.11.16)
In the 70's and 80's Israel took all the plaster mixers, aka dental technicians and put them through an instant course of one year, after which they became Rofei Shinayim or teeth doctors. I forgot to mention; they were all from the former communist block. I guess, if the olim from France were allowed to practise it will overturn the claim that Ashkenaz are more educated.
4. Oh yes, Bibi's promise ... about used car maybe?
Avi L.   (01.11.16)
5. Same in other countries
Eugekava ,   Melbourne Australia   (01.11.16)
In Australia it is the same. Migrants have to pass extremely strict exams. Some actually give up medicine. On the other hand they bring in "doctors" from Bangladesh and other third world countries to fill in gaps who only need to show a licence. I suppose that Health Ministry has to show that they were prudent in granting licences to medical staff not trained in Israel but in certain cases there has to be an avenue for special consideration, like in the case of individuals who have already practiced medicine in Israel for a while.
Aaron ,   Boca Raton USA   (01.11.16)
I agree with 1 above. Also The current government is 100% to blame for complete failure to act. This reminds me of the fall of Jerusalem when one burned the food supplies of the other until Jerusalem starved to its fall. Then every looked for their short sighted benefit not realizing that this will doom all. Here to not having Jewish immigration will doom this government, Israel and this doctors in Israel who are short sighted and will in the long run be part of their own destruction. Shame on them!
7. Quebec & Foreign Diplomas
Morty Mooze ,   Snowville, Canada   (01.11.16)
The national language of the Province of Quebec is French and all government business is conducted in that language. All diplomas, especially medical, go under a lengthy scrutiny. It is very difficult to get a one or two year internship which is required in order to practice. last year there were 55 places and about 135 doctors in line for the placements! I don't know if there is any accord between Quebec and France for dentists, nurses and other medical professionals. Anyways, in the past few years, there has been a trickle of French-Jewish immigrants to Quebec. However, English is essential as most of the literature used in the medical field comes from the U.S. ========================== Bienvenue a Cote Saint-Luc, Quebec!!! ==========================
8. French Doctors Olim
shlomo risemberg ,   Kfar Tavor, Israel   (01.11.16)
If what is written in the article is actually true , this is another proof of the disconnection between government and the actual needs of the country. France is not 3rld world. Professionals there are highly qualified and they shoudl be more than welcome by facilitating their insertion into the health system. The example of the woman doctor specializing in E.R is pathetic, when this is one of the specialties most in need of qualified physicians. Rav Litzman where are you?
9. professionals
Jon Bon Jovial ,   Haifa Israel   (01.11.16)
..."not meeting standards of Israel"...Israel's view of "standards" is very much different than mine as a lawyer of 28 year's experience. It became clear to very early that there was no point in being put through the meat grinder to pass exams, be exploited as an apprentice and then to find myself a crappy job and continue to be exploited. Israel does not need more lawyer. I could have set up an immigration business sending unhappy Israelis to my country of origin and made a good living but that did not sit well with me ideologically. I can only speak of Israeli lawyers I have met and what I know of standards here and I am quite shocked at what I observe. The Israeli Bar Society is a toothless organization that cannot control the ethics and behavior of its lawyers and does anything but demand mediocrity from the profession. I can only take so much of 2 year call lawyers proudly telling me they are experts in subject area "X" all the while having my 28 years of experience disrespected. Almost makes me want to return from whence I came. I understand the need for standards in any profession but it is clear that Israelis do not want the competition as they fear for their own secured positions. My wife has been put through the meat grinder in her profession as a psychologist. Extended apprenticeship, no recognition of foreign masters and government work experience and she is a returning Israeli as well. It may be time so say au revoir to Israel. Too much energy required to fight these battles.
10. French medical specialists in Israel
Meyer ,   PARIS   (01.11.16)
The only question to answer from israeli official authorities : why gradued medical professional specialists from other countries like USA, United Kindom, Australia are not asked to aplly for theoretical and pratical exams when they want to work in Israel ?
11. The same....graduates from Israeli universities." What!!!
Andi ,   Israel   (01.11.16)
But they're not new graduates? They've got years of experience. Dumb bureaucrat!
12. The criteria are applied inconsistently
Andi ,   Israel   (01.11.16)
British and American doctors with years of experience get their basic licence immediately, and specialist licences after a short period of supervised assessment. No exams at all.
13. aliyah schmaliyah
HavalAlHaZman   (01.11.16)
Dont waste your time on Israelis they are hopeless morons, with bad attitudes to boot.
14. Ironic 3rd world doesnt recognize 1st world qualifcatiotions
Pascal Goldberg ,   Monaco, Monte Carlo   (01.11.16)
This is merely to protect local Israelis. Don't ask for us to come but then spin us dry until we leave in 4/5 years.
15. This ain't a simple yet alone emotional issue.
Sasha ,   Bilbao, basque   (01.11.16)
1. This happens in every country. 2. Apart from the Health ministry standards there are trade unions and coorporative interests. Try to buy a trivial drug in US farmacy, better, try to buy eye lenses at optitian and they will send you for prescription with ophtalmologist.No joke. The real question is ( if this of course is true) How come Us or UK doctors have a free pass in Israel? Any way, I believe even in Europe the license ain't automatic, though the title is homologated at once. As to law: alglosaxon law, spanish-french law, Hebrew law are very different. Colorally, therefore, study science or engineering which are the same everywhere!
16. @ Sasha, # 15
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.12.16)
"How come US or UK doctors have a free pass in Israel?" They don't. Everyone, bar none, has to be evaluated and pass a written exam, no matter where they took their medical degree.
17. #12, Andi
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.12.16)
"British and American doctors with years of experience get their basic licence immediately, and specialist licences after a short period of supervised assessment. No exams at all." I wonder where you get your information, since it's contrary to my knowledge working with medical professionals for over 20 years as a Clinical Trials Monitor.
18. This is due to fake diplomas from ...
Avi L.   (01.12.16)
It's the same as with driving license, time ago (a long time ago) you could just convert your driving license with an israeli one. Then from "somewhere" came fake driving licenses carried by people who saw cars only in some picture. This caused the invalidity of all foreign license for olims. Many of the first "doctors" ended up in the Kupat Holim ... with the results we all know. The problem must be that French Olim don't have their own party and ministries to lobby for them...
19. Dental Licensure
Russ Paul ,   Zichron Ya'acov   (01.12.16)
Of course it would be convenient if every dentist could be licensed "by credentials". The problem is there are different standards for dentistry and dental schools world-wide. So, we have to have a qualifying exam. The primary mission of the Ministry of Health has to be the protection of the citizens of Israel, not to find jobs for health professionals that may come to Israel with various levels of training and skills. At the age of 62, I took the general dentistry examination and passed without any great difficulty, even though as a specialist in dentistry I had not done some of the procedures for the practical exam for many years. It is all a matter of whether someone wants to put forth the effort to prepare properly for the exam, whether it is the theoretical or the practical part of the examination. process.
RELAX , these new immigrants to Israel , olim ,can always find lots of cleaning jobs .
All Olim are given a hard time here .
When you can make life difficult for people?
We will welcome you with open arms ,these arms will be holdins endless forms which will take for ever to fill in and endless bureacracy. Welcome to Israhell.
25. Thats why I never made Aliyah in my younger days.Prefer my
Alan ,   SA   (01.14.16)
SA Villa and at the time my Volvo.(now a Kia) I didn't want to struggle with the "protektsia gangs"
26. Go to a Filipino dentist.
Ex oleh chadash ,   bankrupt SouthAmeric   (01.15.16)
If you are in TLV , they are the best, most inexpensive choice. I suppose they don't take any practical exam in Israel. Go to Tel Aviv's bus station precinct to treat you toothache. Well, a dentist is not so important like a mohel - a mohel is more important than a dentist. Why do you want to be a dentist? How to solve our problems? We must build new kibbutzim all around the country, and forget our good-for-nothing degrees. I asked JAFI many times if still there were development areas, if I could find an inexpensive place, a lot to build a home. Those bureaucrats never answer my questions.They keep silence. There is no information, they just adress you to a mercaz klitah or a kibbutz, if you are young. Lack of information - you risk to be misled by some crook, it happened to me.
27. Some docs are more equal
SPIN DOCTOR ,   REALVILLE   (01.15.16)
Israel is saturated with doctors from the former Soviet Union.They did not have the obstacles the French medical professionals face. I'd rather go to a French doctor and dentist, than a Russian trained one.
28. we just want them to feel at home
zionist forever   (01.16.16)
Give the French the full Israel experience where nothing is ever easy for native Israelis or olim, usually either because of money of excessive red tape. These olim are just being given the full Israel experience, heaven forbid the next generation of olim would have an easier life than others.
29. He will not recognise
former oleh   (01.16.16)
your diploma on Shabbos.
30. As one who worked an entire life in Canada I can
Al   (01.17.16)
see that whenever one moves to another country one has to put up with the rules and regulations of same. I've done my work...I made my I am looking to spend it. 40 years ago I though of moving to Israel, What stopped me was the poor schnorrer attitude of those Israelis I had met. I decided then and there that I would only return when I retired. When you live among schnorrers whose daily bread is to be envious and useless, it makes for a very difficult life. Israel is great to visit..Today after having lived my entire life in Canada I couldn't live there. Id rather live in a cold place where at least for 6 months of the year I dont have to put up with the tinif. In Israel you have to put up with it 24/7. To Israelis::Change your attitude or you will be abandoned by the very ones who truly care for you. In short learn to be thankful and respective.
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