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Polish city used Jewish tombstones in construction
Itamar Eichner
Published: 12.01.16, 23:38
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1. Oh dear...
Shawn ,   RKDH   (01.13.16)
Those poor red faced Poles . . . they don't consider what they did was a crime . . only the fact that they got caught red handed !!! RKDH
2. Historic injustice
Yaakov ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (01.13.16)
"Okay, you caught us. We'll put back the grave stones, but you Jews have to pay for it."
3. Read : They want Jews to pay ("cooperation"). Once more.
ab   (01.12.16)
4. Polish desecration of Jewish graves
John Buchsnek ,   Melbourne Ausrtalia   (01.13.16)
Discussing Jews should have to pay for the Polish desecration of Jewish graves Instead of asking for Jewish finance why don't the Poles pass the hat out at their churches Or is that they don't really care or never cared about Jews
5. Well done Meir Bolka
ky   (01.13.16)
not only for discovering this but also for his diplomacy and tact in dealing with the issue.It would have been the natural thing to be enraged but anger often gets you nowhere. He achieved much more by his pragmatism
6. Jewish gravestones
Hypatia ,   Santa Monica USA   (01.13.16)
The Arabs did the same thing in Jerusalem before the IDF liberated East Jerusalem. Only they did it with Jew-hating malice aforethought. They would never dream of acting to rrectify this disgusting wrong as the Polish authorities are said to have done.
7. Ostrowiec
ISRAEL BLAJBERG ,   Rio de Janeiro   (01.14.16)
Most of the Jewish stones have been shaved in order to hid the inscriptions, howewer a few Hebrew letters can be seen. There is also at least another site with Jewish stones, which I saw in August 2015 with Polish friends in Ostrowiec, interested in the city Jewish past. They have blogs and conduct extensive research in the subject.
8. Looking for information about the Ostrowiec community
Dave P   (01.24.16)
If you have any information about the Jewish community in Ostrowiec during the last months of the war, please contact me @ Looking for more information about some dominant figures that lead the Ostrowiec Jewish community during those awful times.
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