Left-wing activist suspected of contacting foreign agent
Roi Yanovsky
Published: 13.01.16, 18:16
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1. Arrested for telling the truth
USA   (01.13.16)
2. See? Leftys and Muslims in bed together.
Brad ,   USA   (01.13.16)
They are both useful idiots for each other, with Israel and the U.S. being their prime targets.
3. Leftists are destroying Israel and the world.
4. this lunatic far left must be demolished. quashed. shamed.
ralph   (01.13.16)
5. Gag ordrer?
i ,   jerusalem   (01.13.16)
This is comically too late. And Betzelelm in their brilliant moment went on record that accessory to murder was "the only legitimate means at our disposal"
6. to #1: the "truth"
tom ,   toronto, canada   (01.13.16)
first of all, troll, how do you know that it was the truth? the chief witness is no longer available, now that he's been murdered by the palestinian savages. and second, what does "truth" have to do with it? collecting and transmitting information to the enemy is called "spying" and/or "treason", and is not protected as free speech. just ask jonathan pollard. think before typing. if you can.
7. the self-righteous left
tom ,   toronto, canada   (01.13.16)
i'm guessing that betselem supports the racist laws of the palestinian anarchy, which prohibit selling property to a jew. nowhere in the civilized world would such a law be tolerated, but yet that is the very law in place in judea. you know, the place where "jews" got their name. and no other leader in the world would make such a racist statement as declaring that "not a single jew will be allowed to live in this land", except that's exactly what mahmoud abbas, the unelected president of the palestinian anarchy, said. and until he gets his own country to practice ethnic cleansing in, he'll just have to make do with fatah death squads. and that's the racism of leftist groups like betselem and rabbis for human rights. (sic)
8. how low can you go?
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (01.14.16)
Some people are so twisted in their small minds that they don't seem to realize that they are doing a great harm...
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