Israel's poverty rates highest among OECD nations
Liran Saar and Yair Hasson
Published: 14.01.16, 18:08
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1. living under the poverty line
Nathan ,   Herzliya   (01.14.16)
this is a consequence of an irresponsible policy managed by the Governement. Poor Israeli people voted right wing and national religious parties; poverty is exactly what they got back!
2. To Raoul
Stan ,   Israel   (01.14.16)
If we would end the occupation, there would be more money for pensions, education and health
3. What %age below poverty are non-working Haredim IDF avoidrs?
Serugi ,   Israel   (01.14.16)
Maybe it's just working properly!
4. Cost of Living?
Tel Avib Tom ,   USA   (01.14.16)
The cost of living in Israel is insane and the wages are scandalous.
5. Congratulation !!! ,...
split ,...   (01.14.16)
6. as long as Bibi gets his new balcony, it's all good
this is just another one of those reports that are best burned to cook marshmallows... unless you believe in the oecd to be a credible reporter of unbiased facts.
8. ;) ,...
split   (01.14.16)
Despite all those billions in handouts from US and Germany ,...
9. "Lies, vicious lies and statistics..."
Uncle Izzy   (01.14.16)
First, it would help to know what is this poverty line, how and by whome it is defined. Is it the same across all countries in OECD, or it is defined by every country according to its own criteria (I'm pretty sure being poor in Mexico and Israel does not mean exactly the same.) Second, this statistics does not reflect the idiosicractic social/cultural makeup of every country or the economic trends and processes which have taken place. In Israel there are two relatively large minority communities(about 20%) - Ultra-Orthodox Jews and Muslim Arabs (as opposed to Christian Arabs, who have socio-economic status comperable to secular Jews), who for obvious reasons are much more prone to find themselves in a relatively low socio-ecomic status, than rest of the secular Israelis. In last decade or so there was also tremendous economic development, especially due to the hi-tech industry, which again made a gap between highly paid professionals and traditional blue-color workers even higher... and so on and so forth.
10. Poverty
oleg ,   FL, USA   (01.15.16)
To stop poverty in Israel we need to purchase more F-35 at $ 125 mil. each. Security, security, security and more security. The last time I visited Israel I paid $ 3.50 dollars for a can of sprite and I paid $ 100.00 for a run down hotel room in Tel Aviv. The Zionist utopia at its best. If you are part of the working class or middle class you people are suckers. The rich get richer in Israel with PH in Miami and NY and ski trip to the Swiss Alps. Be side this Israel's BIBI, Livni and Lapid doing fine. Shalom from Florida. Here you can buy a condo for $ 35K- $50 that cost in Israel $ 250K and a drivable car and a little job and you made it to a good life.
11. Can I teach a thing or two about poverty?
Jerome ,   AKL   (01.15.16)
We arrived in 65 in the midst of the recession. A new migrant block of 60 families. My dad found work at the National health Kuppat Holim on a meagre salary. As we were immaculately dressed there was no question of whatsoever assistance, even not with the school fees. We got by, smart home economics and a happy home. The other families however, some earning 3X times more received assistance, heaters, blankets, money, discounts on household bills, but still had the hutzpah to knock on my parents' door to ask for a loan for Shabbat. Questioned, it turned out that the salary and assistance were blown on poker games or cigarettes and alcohol, lottery tickets, manicure and bottle blonde hair. My dad sent his kids to Uni. Our neighbours.... to prison. The moral of the story: retrain, work, prioritize and budget. Stop blaming the government as we went through a period of no sugar, no chocolate, no milk or butter. Yoghurt? only in foreign magazines' ads. Good Shabbos.
12. Security State can do better
Zola   (01.15.16)
Though the days of crazy inflation have gone and most Jews and Arabs in Israel lived modest the gaps are disappointing although there will always be poor . The poor though need basic security as in the corner of the field proclamations .
13. One of the causes are foreign workers.
Avi L.   (01.15.16)
The governments of at least the last 25 years have implemented a "social dumping" politic bringing third world people who lowered wages (and work quality, but who cares) allowing the upper crust to accuse Israeli worker of "not wanting to work", for a third world pittance (but this they refrain from saying).
14. part 2
Avi L.   (01.15.16)
Result? Rich get served in their Savyon villas by scores of foreign servants, restaurant owners pay (when they pay) a few crumbs to foreign workers, construction companies use the ones who ask less (who cares if in a few years everything is leaking, windows don't close and floors start to get lose). Of course a Citizen of this country cannot work 24/7, 24/7 like prison inmates, in order to earn the minimum to feed a family. While for foreign workers it is a lot of money with which they can buy houses, shops and send the rest of the family to private universities. It is immoral to see old people rummaging in the garbage bins while our dear leader spends thousands of shekels in make-up and our economical "elites" consider the country as their own private playground.
15. #11
oleg ,   FL,USA   (01.15.16)
Well said. I agree with you 100%. My family had similar experience when we came to Israel in 1959-1960. No hot water, no food. We eat only potatos and bread with MARGARINA. My parents could not get work. My mother worked as a housekeeper for a rich jews from America in SAVION. She walked home to save a few agurot. Me and my sister never had toys or extra clothes. I was beat up daily by other kids from North Africa because I was a vuzvoss. In school they waved the flag in my face and I had to sing the Tikva. This was our paradise in the warm land. Everything was a big lie. All the promises by the Jewish agency in Europe was all hot air. In 1971 my parents applied to emigrat from Israel. We had no future there. My mother almost died from medical negligence at Sharon Hospital by doctors with fake diplomas. We came to America with nothing, no English and no friends. The 12 years we lived in Israel were wasted. My parents worked hard. My father had 2 jobs. We made something of our lives. By 1980 we had 2 cars a nice home in Florida and plenty of food to eat. My sister became a doctor and I went to the US Navy after graduating high school. I spent 22 years years in the military. Later I became a small landlord in Broward County FL. I am 60 years old today. Israel is not the Zionist utopia. It is run by rich Jews and a corrupt Govt. It is a wonderful country for BIBI. Livni or Lapid. Bar Refaeli. The rest are suckers living on minimum wages and burned by debt. The govt brain wash its citizen with fear. Iran the Arabs and danger around every corner. Its no way to live. Thanks
16. Either:1) OECD is lying/ 2) Time for a REVOLUTION!
17. #15 - dangers exist, they are NOT gov invention
Avi L.   (01.15.16)
#15 - dangers exist, they are NOT government invention. Problem is that from the '80s onwards the country has been run by people with less vision and less morality, more and more close to the big money. Guess what? It has been a world trend from Tatcher to Reagan to the likes of Sharon (and his own war), Olmert, Katsav and others .... Arabs and Iran are a REAL danger, but also the parasites who don't contribute to the country.
18. OECD = good for Israel:
Scar ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.15.16)
Netanyahu has been Prime Minister for about 9 years. His legacy - no peace + the facts and rankings from OECD. We need other leaders that will bring about a revolution, a great change, that will improve our society, according to the true norms, ideals and visions of zionism. Netanyahu has forgotten what it means to be a zionist.
19. 21% Israelis are under the poverty line...shame on you.
Jewish Doctor ,   America is beautiful   (01.15.16)
stop giving away gestures, financial support to the PAL enemies of Jewish people to pacify doesn't work. The PLO grabs the funds (stolen by them as usual) and then stab you in the face. get those 21% Issraeli poverty people out of the gutter! the hell with the jew hating enemy. NO MORE one way GESTURES!
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