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Aliyah from Western Europe hits all-time high
Associated Press
Published: 14.01.16, 19:17
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1. French pay 75% tax. Make aliyah you pay none for 10 years
Ex Olim ,   back in France   (01.14.16)
Just saying.. Buy a place in Israel and the French government cannot get to your life savings anymore.. Think again about why so many many aliyah for 2/3 years?
2. 1There are other tax free states
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.15.16)
and they do not attract so many Jews.
3. A balancing view
Baruch ,   Paris, France   (01.15.16)
Far from me to be the Devil's advocate, but up to 30% of French Jewish olim return to France within five years, in part because Israeli professional associations, especially in medical fields, fear competition and throw up legal barriers which prevent their French counterparts from being licensed to work in Israel (where salaries are 30 pct lower than in France and prices are 30 pct higher. Thousands of French Jews now also go to Quebec and to Britain.
4. #1 Are You Saying Jews Make Aliyah To Avoid Taxes?
World Citizen ,   the world   (01.15.16)
But Ynet says it is because of anti-semitism. Please tell it's not for love of money.
5. #4 well if Ynet says its true then it must be?! Yeah right!!
Sarah b   (01.15.16)
6. #3 exactly.My local London Shul provides French services now
Benjamin ,   london   (01.15.16)
Israel isn't for everyone, life is short.
7. I'm afraid they are unemployed
Ex oleh chadash ,   failed South America   (01.15.16)
as I am. Nothing to do with anti-semitism. French people are so polite, so lovely... a great country. Fanatic Muslims are a problem to everybody, to good Muslims too. They have their crazy haredim as well.
8. to #6 Benjamin
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (01.15.16)
so how's life in Londonistan? You must be proud to be the westernmost suburb of Karachi.
9. Stupid fools
oliver ,   Eilat   (01.15.16)
You fools you should have gone to the US a better standard of living there than here good pay cheap prices not like in the rip of kingdom.
10. #8 oh that's original.No mention how uk Jewish pop has grown
Tel Avivi   (01.15.16)
11. Apartments prices will skyrocket more and more...
Gewalt! Gewalt! ,   oy va-voy!   (01.16.16)
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