Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
A wakeup call for the left
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 15.01.16, 23:26
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1. AntiHumanitarian Behaviours
Zola   (01.16.16)
Sobbing in Palestinian Land openers who sell land to Jews knowing they will be murdered and tortured is a crime against humanity Land is less Sacred than people in the Humanitarian Perspective . the Rational Humanitarian perspective recognises the need for Security Armies and Police Structures but 'nations' are really Local Autonomies except for the USA and Russia the Thermonuclear SuperPower States and rightly so for they defeated Nazism and the Fascist Butchering Empire of Japan .Stalinism was a big problem but the USA though far from optimal gained supreme act First .
Israel does not need enemies .
3. Was this not evident 20 years ago? It's a mental disorder.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (01.16.16)
4. any ideas ?
simple observer   (01.16.16)
israel with the west bank means no longer jewish . fine israel within the 1967 is indefensible . also reasonable any ideas for solution ?
5. Israeli form of Leftism is a pathogen that causes
irreversible damage to the Jewish soul. Maybe it's lack of such "soul" to begin with, that causes one to become a disciple of Galon & Co?! BTW/FYI: there's no "occupation", but there's usurpation of Land &identity by Arab hordes on our soil.
6. Meretz supports jailing men for being men
marcus ,   tel aviv   (01.16.16)
7. Future Palestinian State Has to contain Jews
EZEKIAL HAIM ,   London UK   (01.16.16)
The left that believes a future Palestinian state cannot contain any Jews is condoning Arab ,Palestinian and European racism against Jews.The left is racist against Jews.That has to be clearly stated.If the left is against anti Israeli Arab discrimination then it has to be against Palestinian racism towards the Jews.
8. No demonization required
Dan   (01.16.16)
You don't need to demonize demons like Bibi and his fellow fascists. It is they who are destroying Israel.
9. #8 Distortion slogans have little effect
Moshe ,   Israel   (01.16.16)
if at all, on sober readers. Next time try to improve their impact by elaborating.
10. No.8, Israel got in outsiders & got exiled
Yossi Kedori ,   Australia   (01.18.16)
Don't let 'Sinat Achim' (hatred of brothers) tragedy of 2,000 years ago repeat itself. All those Hellenistic Jews who bought in Rome died too horribly! Billions are spent by horrible people, not for a 2 state situation, but a 1 Pal state. Like Syria, but all Jews killed. If Left truly intelligent, don't use as excuse Natanyahoo. Stand for Israel!!
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