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Implementation Day: Iran sanctions lifted
Itamar Eichner and news agencies
Published: 17.01.16, 00:29
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1. The alliance of Nazis amongst them....
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.16.16)
2. Iran's alleged compliance with JCPOA cannot be verified
C   (01.16.16)
the iaea is not in a position to verify that iran is not engaging in further weaponisation. iran refuses to give access to documents, to scientific experts, to nuclear sites in parchin. it is proven that iran had experimented in various nuclear triggers, implosion devices, the shaping of uranium metal into miniaturised hemispheres and many other activities that would lead to the conclusion that iran has not given up its quest for the acquisition of nuclear weapons. nevertheless, one can anticipate an iaea report that will satisfy obama and his european partners. indeed, obama would accept less than the bare minimum from the iranians to seal what he regards to be his legacy. however, the issue of iran's nuclear weapons program will not be resolved. iran will continue to work secretly to achieve its goal to become a nuclear power.
3. Verfication
One of the Incompetent rules of deal says The shi'a Cult polices Themselves??? The Worlds LARGEST SPONSOR OF TERRORISM, has expanded their Secret Nuclear ARSENAL, with b.H.o. BLESSING.
4. Bueno De Masquita Plan
Has b.H.o. Embrassed a nostrdomus effect with tehran???
5. Shia terror regime is the absolute winner
C   (01.16.16)
obama and the west got nothing in return for giving the shia terror regime a pot of gold and letting it keep its nuclear weapons program. furthermore, this "deal" is not legally binding since it is not a treaty ratified by congress. it is a "political commitment" as was clarified by the state department. a political commitment is simply an unenforcible promise.
6. Not The Will Of The People
This Faux deal is to jump start, or usher in The Cults mahdi, with west and russia, china!!! Clash of Civilazations
7. Donald Trump cannot win too soon.
8. Chamberlain and Hitler
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (01.17.16)
Chamberlain returned with success after Hitler agreed to .... Kerry, Obama, EU, etc also have the same feeling of elation....
9. Windows of opportunity
Rosiemeetsvaliefaghi   (01.17.16)
This deal is a one shot deal. It may or may not work. From the onset it was a bold political gamble. It creates a windows of opportunity -no matter what the headlines say - to change Iran for the better or unfortunately the worst. In either case, I see two paths towards democratization of Iran, one gradual route and one brutal and perhaps a bit more violent. This deal is a small windows of opportunity towards a gradual change and no one knows how it can play out, we are in uncharted territories given the regional turmoil and the state of the economy. Frankly if even the IRGC has to demonstrate their "great power" in the latest incident, do you really think that they are calm internally? The regime thought that it would crumble in 2009 and they know that the system is delegitimized. It was amazing to see even the pious women in veils (those called disdainfully khalezanac e thadori in north Tehran good neighbourhoods) to criticize the regime and desire an end of religion in politics.These people, the former larger base of the Islamic republic no longer believes in it, they are disillusioned and that's I dare say a revolutionary state of affairs... they care about their well being, their future, their children, in a word, their interests and no longer about ideology and a gerontocratic oligarchy. Add this to the fact that the leadership in Iran understands the youth are westernized, they don't care about islam, they don't want to kill Israelis, they don't want to kill Americans, they don't want to be North Korea bis, but open to the world, they want freedom of speech, freedom to hold hands, economic prosperity, freedom to go out of the closed doors and live in the open, freedom to fuck and even to compete and have good chances to challenge the start up nation of Israel.They think they can save everything with the new influx of money but now they are going to have to face more scrutiny and accountability, they just can't spend two billions on Hezbollah and say the economy is sinking because of the US led sanctions. The regional upheavals will be difficult to sustain if the life of the average Iranian is not changed. I would like to believe that even Khamenei is not blind and would like to leave a fruitful legacy and go down in history books and the one who tried to bring about national reconciliation; I am not doing drugs so If he likely disagrees, hopefully he will be constrained to make it or leave. Authoritarian regimes have an expiration date. My bold prediction after a few glass of wines : in 10 years you won't have a supreme god in Iran.
10. This is a good day for the whole world
Harri ,   EU   (01.17.16)
If we compare the conflict with Iran to the conflict with Iraq, the benefits from these negotiations are obvious. Now Iran is part of the solution for deadly mistakes in Iraq. Or think about your solutions with Gaza. You have achieved nothing with your military campaigns. You are just waiting for another war with more deadly weapons. If you had negotiated an unbiased solution with Palestinians in the first place, you had never seen the rise of Hamas, and you would have much better economy and security. Please, start negotiations with Palestinians, before the fight hardened Hezbollah will come back from Syria with soviet weapons. Your next military solution for your problems may not be a walk in the park you have got used to. EU and US are totally tired of military solutions and prolonged conflicts, and as you have already noticed, you will see some changes in our policy.
11. Great! Wonderful.
James USA   (01.19.16)
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