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Study finds sharp rise in number of Israeli children with ADHD
Rotem Elizera
Published: 16.01.16, 16:29
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1. HighSensitive-ADHD
Edna ,   London   (01.16.16)
Perhaps the doctors should learn about HighSensitive Children or Indigo Children, and not to diagnose almost every child not fitting in to the "standard" child ?
Kenneth Margo ,   Acre Israel   (01.16.16)
And who benefits from the doubling of ADHD in Israeli kids over 9 years? The drug companies of course (and smartphone manufacturers),while a country of agitated ,emotionally and cognitively dysfunctional people unable to concentrate and reflect is emerging fast.
3. GMO's, Round Up, toxins in vaccines, fluoride in water and
Rvkh   (01.16.16)
toothpaste and hundreds of other toxins are part of the problem. Take lemon rinds and dry them in a low heat oven or dessicator, grind the dried lemon rinds to granules with a rolling pin, put the granules in spice shaker bottles and sprinkle that on all the foods it is possible to. That pulls out radiation and toxins and toxic heavy metals without pulling out the good minerals in your body.
4. FB Andy Speaks: According to Ph.D. Canadian researcher Dr.
Rvkh   (01.16.16)
Hulda Clark in her Cure For All Diseases books, ADHD is real and is caused by toxic additives in vaccines such as thiomerosol mercury that damages the intestinal lining which allows parasites into the blood and into the brain and the parasites damage the brain pathways causing autism in children and schizophrenia in adults. She said the autism can be reversed in seven years by controlling the parasites to enable the brain to heal which she said to use a dropperful twice daily of Extra Strength Tincture of Green Hulls of Black Walnuts. She said it is more difficult to reverse the schizophrenia in adults from the damaged pathways but certainly it wouldn't hurt to control the parasites with the same OTC anti-parasitic even if a cure in adults may not happen.
5. Criteria
AR ,   Ashkelon, Israel   (01.16.16)
It very much depends on the entry levels to the domain regarded as ADHD. Therefore it is very important to define the criteria for ADHD, the reliability (scope) of the test/s employed in assessing ADHD. It is very much recommended that parents will not approve medication intake before second opinion and inquiring about possible connections between drug producers/suppliers and the doctor who recommends them for the child.
6. Drugs bring worse problems
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.16.16)
Zachary Kleinbaum MD ,   Kfar Saba Israel   (01.18.16)
I find tthat the article that ISrael has about twice the international prevalence od ADHD not too convincing. As a Physician and a father of a child with ADHD I find that the diagnosis given here in Israel is given to readily . For example a child who has behavioral problems at times is diagnosed as having ADHD .
8. Children"s future:drug addicts.
Observer ,   Israel   (01.24.16)
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