Foreign Ministry employees announce Bennett boycott
Itamar Eichner
Published: 16.01.16, 20:16
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1. If Bennett is correct then....
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (01.16.16)
Heads should roll at the foreign ministry for not following government instructions.
2. Forty years of Post Zionist Ministry !!!
TheQuestionSolved ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.16.16)
For at least 40 years people from all walks in Israel and the Diaspora have asked frustratedly where is the Israeli Hasbara ???!!! why no promotion of the Jewish refugees from Arab lands ?the Palestinian involvement in the Holocaust? The Mufti ?the ethnic cleansing of the Jews of Jerusalem? and much more now we know it never was a priority to promote the Jewish Homeland by the Ministry it was completely controlled by Post Zionists !!! The only Hasbara for forty past years was the beleaguered Israeli Tour guide
3. Simple solution. Fire them. Warning first. Then fire.
Ralph   (01.16.16)
4. foriegn ministry officials-shut up or resign
james   (01.16.16)
those working for the state have to carry out policies of the exisitng gov't. if they don't agree with them, then they must resign. all know about liel and his delusional pie in the sky peacenik views, now we find out he is harming the state with his ngo advice which straddles illegality. so for the workers who don't agree with lieberan in the past and bibi and hotovely now, convince them now to change or resign and get the hell out. no one voted you into an office. my view is rabin tried oslo against his instincts and it failed miserably and lots of israelis died because of it. \nonetheless, you are civil servants.\ \it is not for you to arguewith bennett. so shut up or resign.
5. Ministries' in-fights add up to Israeli self destruction.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.17.16)
"Adam l'adam zeev" in Israel is what I carry with me and about what I cry.
6. Education of hate has to go
Zechariah   (01.17.16)
Bennetts views have merit .No leftist can support hate of Jews Holocaust Denial Holocaust approval or ISIS convert to Sharia Islam or Die , Neither can Price Tag Murders of Arabs Destroying Arab Agriculture and Arson of Mosques and Churches Be allowed . Informing on Palestinians who sell land toJews toMurderTorture Police is a warcrime . The IDF has to have predominant control of security but cruel treatments on innocent or nonviolent demonstrations banned . The incitement from Hamas and Baath Fatah and the Hill Top Jewish maniacs has to be Countered Vigilantly .
7. FMO have proven their loyalty to the eyes of the world
Nadav Tamir ,   Boston, Mass   (01.17.16)
When they condemn the existence of Yehudim in Yehuda or anywhere else in the land of their own name, erets Yisroel and support those that come to kill them, the genocidal mass murdering cannibalistic extortionists who should have their right of return enforced back to the homicidal Hamite Peninsular homeland of their own name. That would be humane so you won't have to kill them the next time they can't control their homicidal impulses while in your midst. And quit feeding, arming and trading them as the nations do too.
8. wrong. years ago president reagan fired the flight controlle
ralph   (01.17.16)
controllers and nothing fell apart. either they are either professional workers or out they go. they are not independent useful idiots.
9. Salem USA
EM ,   Ra'anana   (01.17.16)
Bennet has reduced us to a witchhunt against anyone who doesn't share his narrow minded world view. Not exactly the Jewish values he always talks about...more like the values of Salem MA in the 17th century.
10. Israel's DNA has been contaminated by subversive pathogen
called Leftism for a long time now. Benett is stating the obvious.
11. Sadly enough bennet is right
Daniel ,   TA -IL   (01.17.16)
see it with my own eyes in Europe. Israeli tax-paid diplomats - or better - sons and daughter of avoda faithfull and partymembers, slandering Israel and giving the eu ammunition to demonize jews. a disgusting bunch who spat at the well that they drink from.
12. DNA of FM is anti right wing
Yisrael of Jerusalem ,   Jerusalem , ISRAEL   (01.17.16)
The vast majority of the Foreign Ministry comprise secular, leftist Jews who are not enamoured of the whole idea of a Jewish State, desire territorial capitulation to the Arabs, formerly including Syria, and give half-hearted lip service to any right wing policies. I can only imagine the damage they have done to Israel in their private remarks abroad. Liel is only the tip of the iceberg. There has been no effective hasbara because too many in the FM support foreign pressure on Israel to bring out about their leftist agenda.
13. Naftali Bennet Persona Non Grata
Miri Frankel ,   TA   (01.17.16)
Naftali Bennet represents the fanatical right wing religious and never misses an opportunity to force his religious views on others who do not live by such medieval beliefs. He clearly proves that its time to separate state from religion.
14. Foreign ministry boycott
Bg ,   Jerusalem israel   (01.17.16)
It's not so difficult. Any employee (yes they are employees) who does not cooperate with a minister of State should be instantly sacked. Oh dear they'll strike. NO. They will be sacked.
15. #13 Naftali Bennet Persona Non Grata correct but not because
he's a fanatical right wing religious - if anything, it's just the opposite. He doesn't even live with a religious woman! He's a wishy washy cowardly politician jumping from right to left, to whoever will vote for him. He, like Lapid, are anxious to overthrow Bibi and become king.
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