EU: Agreements with Israel only apply within 1967 borders
Itamar Eichner
Published: 16.01.16, 21:59
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1. The EU is practicing antisemitism and
carlos ,   San Diego CA U.S.A.   (01.16.16)
not respecting free trade. They are completely misguided and full of hate.
2. The EU MUST be LOCKED OUT from
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.16.16)
Judea and Samaria !!!!!! FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Undermine International legitimacy?
John ,   Toronto   (01.16.16)
"a proposal that is liable to levy new sanctions against Israeli settlements and undermine their international legitimacy." LOL. Someone in Israel actually believes the settlements have any international legitimacy.
4. EU has declared war on Israel
C   (01.17.16)
israel must deny entry to eu diplomats into the territory of the west bank. if the eu claims that israel is an occupying power in the territory of the west bank, then israel has absollute authority over that territory.
5. Europe is finished and soon to
Stephen in New York   (01.16.16)
become a province of Greater Syria.
6. The EU is being kind to Israel
Dan   (01.17.16)
Most people and countries around the world are by now completely opposed to Israel and its Jewish citizens, thanks to the suicidal, idiotic and treacherous sttlement policies of Sharon and Bibi, because of which all Israelis, even those opposed to the settlers, suffer and the existence of the entire state is threatened. So by limiting its opposition to the occupied territories and the settlers, the EU is being surprisingly rational and generous. If my country wants anything more it needs to wake up and reject its leaders' stupidity.
7. Anti-semitism.......
Robert ,   Australia   (01.17.16)
.......there is no such thing. What the EU is doing is anti-land theft.
8. thx for opportunity. take down all eu illegal funded buildin
ralph   (01.17.16)
buildings, roads in areas they are not supposed to be in. cancel all their activities in the west bank. send them historical data, information on jewish, israeli history in that area. declare muslim arabs the genocidal non indigenous invaders who must be removed. show them them how we were here before eu members had their major cities.
9. last paragraph typical ghetto jew remark. gee its our faul.
ralph   (01.17.16)
my gosh we stood up for ourselves and they slapped us. well slap back and hard. fire that ghetto jew senior ambassador. replace him with a modern strong israeli jew.
10. EU goverment is a dissgrace.
DOV ,   USA   (01.17.16)
I should hope they think twice about provoking a democratic nation. I Hope the Israeli government stands up to this nonsense. Should we recognize all borders of the EU nations as being invalid prior to World war 2. How insulting and painful this must feel to the families of the fallen in the defense of Israel. Please do not give any ground.
11. The EU knows that they've lost to the Ishmael, so they're
hedging their bets by becoming even more antisemitic, that they've inherited through their mother's milk.
12. Hold your Horses, Donkeys and Camels
Claude ,   UK and Cape Town   (01.17.16)
There are some interesting issues to consider This proposed EU policy Statement explicitly recognises Israel within pre 6lines. This is actually a bigger blow to BDS than to Israel. It re enforces the legitimacy of Israel , while the prime aim of BDS is not about Settlements, it's about the deligitimastion of the entire State of Israel, the EU is in no way following this route. Despite all the rhetorical comments about Judea Samaria Etc, these areas are not a significant player in the IL economy. Most EU citizens could not give a damn about this issue. Islamophobia and a stagnating economy are far more important. The refugee crisis, and very real tangible hatred towards Islam is a big problem for Palestinian supporters, in EU, because although they may see this move as a victory, in reality it is is the opposite. The UK referendum on EU membership will be the start of a new era where the old Brussels Elite get a nasty shock. We will probably stay, but a new much more anti arab EU is on the horizon.
13. The European war against Israel!
tiki ,   belgium   (01.17.16)
Europe will not forgive the Jews for Auschwitz and so it will use all her ammunition against the State of the Jews........, Israel! When will the Israeli government finally understand that EUROPE HATES JEWS and sees red when it sees Israel prospering and will do everything in it's power to finish Hitlers work and have grasped that the road to "success" runs through ""Palestine"" So: Stop the appeasement policies! Declare EU 'dignitaries' persona's non grata, including those from meddling countries like Ireland/Sweden & other "friends" Throw out the EU 'ambassador! Stop providing crucial info to EU 'secret services! Stop EU money flowing to anti Israel NGO's and close their offices! Tear down EU sponcered housing & roads in the ""W-Bank" and area C! The Europeans don't give a damn about the well being of the Palestinian Arabs they do about that of the Jews
Hashem be praised.
15. Good by Jews
Andre ,   Uk   (01.17.16)
Good by Israel going fat down road South Afcan government s went EU block of goods food import s be followed by us Your leaders and right wing Jews taking you to total isolated country
16. Calm Down Tikki
Claude ,   UK and Cape Town   (01.17.16)
Your post is a little OTT, !The EU as an official body can hardly claim to represent the views of most of its citizens, and certainly not on the issue of Israel Palestine. This latest policy will have minimal effect on IL econo. The main concerns of the vast majority of EU citizens now are issues about Refugees, ISLAM, Terrorism from Islamists. This hatred and contempt for ISLAM is widespread across the EU, It's nothing to celebrate, but it does mean the pro palestinian movements, like BDS have a branding issue in promoting their case
EZEKIAL HAIM ,   LONDON UK   (01.17.16)
EU coming up with fatuous meaningless rumors to try and scare the Israeli government.This agitation is instigated by the Kerry-Obama dancing duet and coordinated with the insane Magot Wallstrom.It is a stupid conspiracy against Israel.Let the barking dogs bark and do not give them any food.
FO ,   Belgium   (01.17.16)
This is the consequence when an Israeli Prime Minister and his government remain totally mute about Israel's rights in INTERNATIONAL LAW regarding the territory between the Sea and the Jordan River, including the Golan Heights. Rights voted unanimously by ALL the 51 members of the LEAGUE OF NATIONS and REAFFIRMED by ARTICLE 80 of the CHARTER of the UNITED NATIONS! Every one should be aware that ALL resolutions voted by UNGA or UNSC against Israel concerning the so-called Palestinians and territories are in total breach with ARTICLE 80 of the UN CHARTER. Do I need to remind that one of the initiators of ARTICLE 80 was PM Netanyahu's own father, Benzion? Did the actual Israeli PM ever utter a word about said article? Are we expecting the Europeans to be more Catholic than the Pope, by defending Israeli rights, when an Israeli PM obstinately refuses to do so?
19. Turkey invaded Cyprus and they want it in Europe
Avi L.   (01.17.16)
Turkey invaded Cyprus and they want to bring in Europe an islamist regime Erdogan, racist Kurds, occupying country Cyprus, Northern Iraq, practicing apartheid Christians, violating human rights journalist, opposers. The EU Commission is simply doing what their oil sheik handlers order them to do, under economic, terrorist, invasion blackmail. EU commission simply became islamic puppets.
20. #4 I have long argued
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (01.17.16)
that Israel should downgrade their embassies within the EU to Consulate status
21. #16 Claude
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (01.17.16)
It has no effect on the Israeli economy. It is targeted at the settlements, where the vast majority of Israelis do not live
22. (18) agree 100%
tiki ,   belgium   (01.17.16)
Israeli's still don't want to understand how deep European Jew hate runs and that therefore a land full of Jews is an automatic target. Europe has come to the conclusion that the road to the elimination of Israel/the Jew runs through "Palestine". It's therefore Israel's & the Diaspora's task to stop them in this illusion!
23. EU sanctions
Harold Taback ,   Toronto Canada   (01.17.16)
Bibi should ask every Israeli diplomat to temporary relocate to Judea or Samaria, and lets see how many of them will be kicked out of the EU countries.
24. EU is right on point
Drake ,   NY, NY   (01.19.16)
All Illegal squatter dwellings beyond the 67 borders are illegitimate and foment/pursue terrorism against the Palestinian people...primarily targeting children. There is nothing Jewish in any illegal settlement, just religious zealots using Judaism as a ploy to instigate terror, and murder.
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