Opinion  Alex Fishman
Living in a dream world: Obama's Hollywood vision of the Mideast
Alex Fishman
Published: 17.01.16, 23:43
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1. no argument here. good article.
Rafi ,   US   (01.18.16)
2. Obama's self love is truly monstrous
C   (01.18.16)
he has empowered the premier terror state in the world to keep its nuclear weapons program. he has empowered this holocaust denying rogue terror state to buy in short order a first class modern military. he has lifted all sanctions on the shia terror regime thus depriving the united states of any vestige of pressure on the shia terror regime. this leaves future presidents only the option of military force. obama's claim that iran will never have nuclear weapons is an absurd lie since by the very terms of the unenforceable iran deal, it lasts ten years. it is more than probable that obama does not understand the various clauses of the deal. however, even he can understand that in ten years iran will be free to acquire nuclear weapons. in the meantime, iran can continue to enrich uranium legally, carry out weaponisation experiments and build icbm's iran can also continue its proxy wars and have more advanced weapons to do so, including a brand new air force.
3. Obama's Hollywood vision bought & paid for by Hollywood Jews
JVC ,   LA, USA   (01.18.16)
Why are there still so many in the Jewish community on both coasts who think Obama is the Messiah? From the people who invented the Messiah, no less. Bizarre.
4. Did someone miss something
Daniel   (01.18.16)
It seems both the author and most commentators missed the fact that Obama is the President of the United States, not of Israel. If this agreement is bad for Israel but good for the United States, then it does not seem unreasonable that the president would sign it. It seems, far too often, that the Israeli debate seems to assume that a "good" US President is one who puts Israel's interests first. I very much doubt Israeli voters would like an Israeli PM who put the interest of some small faraway country ahead of Israel's interests. Being disappointed from an Israeli point of view is perfectly understandable, but blaming the US President for looking to the business interests of the US is rather naive.
5. Author and few other commentators ,...
split ,...   (01.18.16)
You folks can't live like others without turning a man against man, a neighbor against neighbor, a nation against nation, somebody against something ... Instigation is your trademark - Thanks God that peace loving folks are starting to see your real face and mind set ,... Get lost !!! ,...
6. #4 Obama's interest goes against US interest
Why should US be interested in undermining the survival of its best and strongest friend in the Middle East? Why should US be interested in strenghtening a terrorist country that is undemocratic, oppreses its citizens, doesn't respect human/religious rights, causes mayhem in the Middle East and threatens oil shipping lines that will quadruple oil prices again in one year which will cost US economy far more than it gains from doing business directly with them. This is Obama's private obsession to harm Israel as much as possible without being constitutionally held to task for what his real intention is. You are the one missing the point here
7. 4 Daniel missed something
C   (01.18.16)
the so callled iran deal is opposed by a vast majority in the us congress. obama could not present this deal as a treaty because he did not have the necessary votes to ratify it in congress. as a result, the deal is legally unenforceable.
8. #7 ,...
split ,... ,   US   (01.18.16)
"the so callled iran deal is opposed by a vast majority in the us congress" ,... Corrupted scumbags bought by AIPAC and schmocks like Adelson but not the people ,... By the way this 'vast majority' wasn't enough to change it ,...
9. #6 ,...
split ,... ,   US   (01.18.16)
Because America is tired of this sucking sound coming Israel and because we gain nothing but hate for supporting this little bully you call Israel ,... Get lost ,...
10. Obama in DisneyWorld, Bush in PipeDreams
Avi L.   (01.19.16)
Obama in DisneyWorld, Bush in oil PipeDreams
11. Blame Obama all you want BUT . . .
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (01.19.16)
As the author obliquely notes, buts does not expand on, the WORLD made the agreement with Iran, NOT just the USA. That is, governments representing almost all of the 7 BILLION people on this earth, reached an agreement with Iran. The USA could have tried to ignore those almost 7 billion people, BUT all that the USA would have achieved would be irrelevance. because the rest of the world would have gone ahead with the agreement. As it is now, the USA has been able to somewhat influence the agreement rather than being on the outside looking it, with no voice at all. The USA does NOT rule the earth. The USA is only one of over 200 countries and has to go along with the will of the rest of the earth. Bibi tried to talk to the other country leaders and they all essentially told him to shut up and go away. At least the USA politely listened. As for Iran being an enemy, you are being delusional - Saudi Arabia and its many terrible children (ISIS and Al Qaida) are far more deadly enemies, but you ignore them. Why is there no Israeli press on Saudi Arabia's Ballistic Missiles (or Pakistan's for that matter)? Do you understand that Pakistan NOW has missiles that can easily reach Israel?
12. #4 Because this is a bad deal for the US too.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (01.18.16)
A nuclear-armed Iran is bad for everyone. We look to America to make choices that are not only in keeping with its own self-interst, but generally, in the interest of global security. They are one in the same. Make no mistake. Obama's (The Messiah) election to postpone the inevitable Western/Persian confrontation likely insures that when that time comes... and it will, that our Persian opponent will have nuclear weapons in its arsenal, along with terrorists galore, the IRGC, etc. I'm not worried about Iran's conventional capabilities. Iranian casualty rates from scraps with ISIS, as reported by a number of open sources, indicates that like Saddam Hussein's forces in 1991... Iran's land forces are a paper tiger. Fission weapons are another matter. So...not just bad for Israel but bad for the US too.
13. spyguy, your hero got completely hustled to the Nth degree
Cameron ,   USA   (01.19.16)
14. #13 - what would you have done differently?
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (01.20.16)
The REALITY is the USA got the best deal it could. Even if the USA had walked away, by this time ONLY USA sanctions would be in place and the rest of the world would be trading with Iran, similar to the situation with Cuba.
15. #12 - Totally untrue . . .
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (01.20.16)
Even if Iran were to get nuclear weapons, Iran would be no problem for the USA.
16. end of iran sanctions
leib ,   Madison WIsconsin US   (01.20.16)
ayatollah Khomeni said decades ago, "The Revolution is not about the price of watermelons" confirming Fishman's understanding that McDonald's won't beat out sharia or geopolitical ambition.
17. 15
C   (01.20.16)
"even if iran were to get nuclear weapons, iran would be no problem for the USA." if so, then why try to stop iran's nuclear program through sabotage and this fake deal. why lift sanctions on iran, giving them over a hundred billion dollars to buy a new military with which to fight proxy wars all over the middle east. why expose american military assets to an advanced military of a rogue shia terror state. why risk a war between various state actors in the middle east.
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