US ambassador: Too much Israeli 'vigilantism' in West Bank
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 18.01.16, 20:16
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1. No Jew has ever murdered Arabs. Those stories are all hoax!
2. Dan Shapiro, is another self-hating Jewish gullible racist
How dare you refer to holy innocent Jews as terrorists when there were no evidence and no witnesses in any of the acts and when everyone clearly sees that the arson and the Arab teen murdered was done by one of YOUR Arab friends. Shame on self-hating Jews like you. With friends like you and your boss, who needs enemies?
3. why desn't obama mind his own business
jerzy   (01.18.16)
shapiro, the court jew and there are more than a few-indyk the worst, ross, kurtzer, beinart, friedman,- why don't you all mind your own damn business. you attack israel when a mother of 6 is being buried. shapiro-staythe hell away from israel.
4. This would not occur if Cruz or Trump was U.S. president
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.18.16)
If Ted Cruz or Donald Trump was the U.S. President, America would not have the sick policy of condemning her friends and worshipping her foes. Shapiro's remarks reflect the unrelenting stupidity and hostility of the current regime in Washington.
ANYONE CAN SHOOT AND KILL ANYONE ELSE AND GET AWAY WITH THAT BY PRETENDING THE ACTION WAS IN SELF DEFENSE. and this american obamishe kop thinks Israelis should let themselves be murdered defenselessly??? how absurd!
6. US has two standards of law enforced for Blacks and Whites
This is fair criticism but Israel doesn't criticise another country in domestic matters that have nothing to do with Israel
7. This boy (a typical ghetto Jew) doesn't....
carlos ,   San Diego U.S.A.   (01.18.16)
have a clue, no moral compass no understanding of issues. Very inept and misguided. He also lies.
8. Blame the victim
Benji ,   US   (01.18.16)
Another Obama lackey. Does Dan understand these Palestinian jihad attacks occur in Tel Aviv? Nothing to do with settlements. This is not an opportunity to push Obama's agenda. Just like when we have a terror attack in US, Obama's first response is to push gun control. Just say your condolences and spare the useless criticism.
9. A 2-way standard of law in the ""W-bank""?
tiki ,   belgium   (01.18.16)
The same nonsense as a 2 state solution as a solution for peace with people who don't want peace but dead Jews. Obama's court Jew takes a jab at the world's favourite whipping boy while Palestinians from the ""W-bank"" are on a daily knife hunting killing spree, on a day when a pregnant woman was wounded and a mother was murdered in her home in front of her children. Bravo Mr. Ambassador. Your timing was perfect a knife turning into an open wound, probably orders from your boss, Iran's new hubby.
10. I DESPISE Obamas lackeys....!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.18.16)
11. Obama has joined the nations in their Jew hatred
C   (01.18.16)
the savage islamists are murdering jews all over israel, but he blames the jews for these murders. islamic savages are slaughtering the yadizi, christians, jews, and each other, and obama lifts not a finger. islamic hords are invading europe and raping local women, but obama blames the jews. obama's early associations were with muslims and marxists. his ideology was forged by those two associations.
12. Shapiro, what laws are you talking about
C   (01.18.16)
first, there is the law of the nations who consider jews to be inferior since time immemorial. the nations believe that they can bully the jews and tell them where and how to live, how to conduct affairs of state. according to the nations, of whom you are part, there are one set of laws that apply to jews exclusively and another set of laws that apply to everyone else. hence, the shia terror regime is a worthy partner of the us, and muslims can preach hatred of jews and christians in all impunity. second, there is the law of the jungle. muslims can murder innocent jews world wide in all impunity. muslims can murder jews in their own country and would slaughter all jews were it not for the idf protecting them. the incitement by western nations and by obama himself against the jewish state has increased antisemitic attacks against against jews in the west, including the united states. then, there are the criminal and civil laws that the sovereign jewish state applies to its citizens and to those who reside in the territory of the west bank. these laws are ipso facto different in areas that israel has not yet annexed. yet, illegality in the territory where israel has authority is much lower than in many parts of the united states. jews do not go around forming gangs and shooting people point blank, including young children.
13. The for 2 standards is APARTHEID, APPARTHIED.
al   (01.18.16)
Dan Shapiro has difficulty knowing the difference between good and evil. His moral compass is way off....
16. another obama lackey
david ,   new york   (01.19.16)
jews are being killed with impunity and this antisemite expresses his deep felt sympathy for our killers. im voting for trump, thank you very much. i hope obama and this loser shapiro go to a much hotter subterrarian world
17. Shapiro is typical Galut mentality Jew
like most leftist Jews
18. Our laws
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.19.16)
Our laws are modelled on the fascist regime laws from the 1930's in Europe
19. Too many US police kill black, too many turksih ..
Avi L.   (01.19.16)
Too many US police kill black people, too many turksih military kill Kurds, too many chinese armed forces kill Tibetans and Yugur, too many Russia military kill Chechens and Ukraininas, too many kill in the world .... and the world blames Israelis defending themselves. Right! Right what oil sheicks, Putin and various dictators want.
20. #4 - Trumps is just a Putin in disguise
Avi L.   (01.19.16)
#4 - Trumps is just another Putin in disguise, he would bow to oil blackmail.
21. It will be interesting
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (01.19.16)
to see what those three settlers children who burnt that Palestinian child to death get sentenced to, in comparison to the 15 year old Palestinian who will be found guilty in stabbing the mother to death.
22. immediately all eu agreements must stop at 67 border. they
ralph   (01.19.16)
must have no input, funds, agreement, input beyond 67 borders. kick them out immediately.
23. Dan Shapiro- how much did they pay you
Leah Goldsmith ,   itamar Israel   (01.19.16)
So this is Obama's message before he steps down. History repeats itself as there will always be a Pharoh but the sin of the spies also repeats itself too. Those that condemned Israel were not able to be a part of it. They perished in the desert and the capos perished along with the nazis. Yes the mountains of Israel are being rebuilt as He promised- Dan Shapiros will come and go but Netzach yisrael Lo Yishaker! In all of this turmoil and trial we say "Ki HaAretz Tova Meod Meod!"
24. Dear Dan
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (01.19.16)
While you are concerned about graffiti vandalism and vigilanti actions and the occasional Jewish terrorist acts- you have completely ignored the thrice a day knifing, ramming, firebomb and rock throwing attacks against Jews
25. ungrateful
fred ,   USA   (01.19.16)
These Zionist are evil. America should turn its back on these ungrateful people. The American taxpayer every year pays a stipend to these ungrateful trolls who go on and bad mouth a man who supports their country for reasons that I can't understand to this day.
26. Two kinds of law and two kinds of Jew.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (01.19.16)
There's the servile, intellectual, Woody Allen-esque Jew beloved in the Diaspora who inevitably "Oy veys" his way into somebody's gas chamber... and there's the Sabra that taught the world the meaning of "Never Again." Ambassador Shapiro evidences tendencies of the former. Oy vey.
27. What a sorry state of affair
Jacob Edelman ,   New York,USA   (01.19.16)
After reading the comments posted in this column I am no longer surprised to see the sorry state of affair Israel finds herself in. It shows Israeli Jews in general have become blind with hatred to the extent they do not see what is happening to their soul and do not understand the benefit of advice they get from their closest friends. So be it Israel, stew in your own juice if that is the choice you have made!
28. Insults , insults and insults
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.19.16)
Do those who insult think that they sereve our country ? For me it's the opposite , they act against our interests . And , we have to acknowledge that sometimes Jews are treated on a different way than Arabs . Look only at the charedi stone throwers .
29. Danny should have known better.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (01.19.16)
Either he doesn't understand what is going on here or he is trying to make points with his bosses. I suspect the latter. Poor timing for his comments.
30. Again...
Deborah ,   Jerusalem   (01.19.16)
We have no one to trust except for our Abishter.
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