US ambassador: Too much Israeli 'vigilantism' in West Bank
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 18.01.16, 20:16
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31. Two sets of laws in the west bank
Robert ,   Arsuf, Israel   (01.19.16)
Ambassador Shapiro spoke the truth. Two sets of laws have existed in the West Bank for decades. The courts, police, and the army have always treated settler violence against Palestinians more leniently than they have Palestinian violence against Israelis. Objections to his comments by the Prime Minister's office do nothing to change the reality. Actions always speak louder than words.
32. A funny American Jew
tiki ,   belgium   (01.19.16)
Coming from one of the most racist countries in the world, where black citizens are still called "Afro Americans, South America citizens are forever "Latino's and only ''white folks are called American citizens! A country where "Afro Americans are being checked/punished & killed by white police on a daily base and have stayed 2nd class citizens up to this day even under a black president. Afro American 'citizens' are overpopulating the prisoners & death row in the US and are saying themselves that there a special laws for white & black Americans. The Oscars look like a party for the white Americans! Obama & his court Jew better clean out their own racist laws at home before accusing Israel of anything!!!!!!
33. right-wing bleating notwithstanding, Shapiro tells the TRUTH
Rafi ,   US   (01.19.16)
... and it hurts!
34. #25 Precisely how much do you pay?
Benji ,   US   (01.19.16)
What is this stipend called? They call that the ugly American. I don't see Dan Shapiro or other Obama henchmen going to any other country the US gives aid to and chastising them on how they fight terror or run their country.
35. Leah Goldshmith said it perfectly...
Deborah ,   Jerusalem   (01.19.16)
... I'm with you Leah and all Am Israel. We were warned in the Torah about Erev Rav. May H" protect us!
36. @27 - the Truth
nachman ,   Israel   (01.19.16)
When you live here then you can make a judgement - when you are on edge when your children wait at a bus stop fearing the worst then maybe you can judge until then please keep your unwarranted criticisms to yourself - we do not need your advice how to conduct ourselves.
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