EU defends labelling goods made in Israeli settlements
Published: 18.01.16, 23:55
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1. Tit for tat
Shalom ,   Ashdod   (01.19.16)
EU like the old Europe does not like Jews. They have the right to do what they like BUT Hashem is now telling them "You did not like My children and you killed and gassed them in WW2; do not worry, I will send you their cousins (the Arabs). You will simply love them. Enjoy them!!!
2. we must do the same. restrict eu to pre 67 borders.
ralph   (01.19.16)
stop all funding, remove all illegal buildings, roads they illegally funded, no entering judea and samaria. these are were jewish lands before these countries were beyond tribes.stop all involvement and support of genocidal invading muslim arabs. either support indigenous jews or keep out. stay on other side of 67 line.
LET THE EU PASS LAWS DEMANDING THE LABELLING OF ALL GOODS FROM CRIMEA AS BEING MADE IN CRIMEA! after all the EU does not recognize as legal Russia'shold on Crimea. and that's why the EU's labelling law is so racist and discriminatory.
4. I can drink to that ;) ,...
split ,...   (01.19.16)
5. EU still with their antisemitic.....
carlos ,   San Diego U.S.A.   (01.19.16)
colonial mentality. They cannot criticize anybody much less Israel. Their colonies are no longer there. They never had amoral compass. They cannot protect their Jewish populations from hooligans and criminals (which are many). F....K off EU
FO ,   Belgium   (01.19.16)
This is the consequence when an Israeli Prime Minister and his government remain totally mute about Israel's rights in INTERNATIONAL LAW regarding the territory between the Sea and the Jordan River, including the Golan Heights. Rights voted unanimously by ALL the 51 members of the League of Nations and REAFFIRMED by ARTICLE 80 of the CHARTER of the UNITED NATIONS! Every one should be aware that ALL resolutions voted by UNGA or UNSC against Israel concerning the so-called Palestinians or territories are in total breach with ARTICLE 80 of the UN CHARTER. I need to remind that one of the initiators of ARTICLE 80 was PM Netanyahu's own father, Benzion. Did the actual Israeli PM ever utter a word about said article? Are we expecting the Europeans to be more Catholic than the Pope, by defending Israeli rights, when an Israeli PM obstinately refuses to do so?
7. The usual defense "everybody is antisemitic"
Observer   (01.19.16)
8. Europeans also fed-up with EU
Benji ,   US   (01.19.16)
When Europe has a food shortage due to the hordes of immigrants pouring, they'll beat a path to your door and not give a damn where the products came from.
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