The cost of living in Israel: It’s as bad as you thought
Robert Swift, The Media Line
Published: 19.01.16, 10:28
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1. Big shots alot don't care
Zola   (01.19.16)
I have spoken to big shots Israeli expatriates that have made money : Israel has alot of poverty :they answer :which country does not have poverty . The problem is in the Top Ten Comfortable Social welfare Lands if you work hard you get Futher than in Israel materially anyway . Just the wages of doctors in Israel compared to the top ten OECD countries -Norway Sweden Switzerland New Zealand Australia the USA the UK France Germany the Netherlands are not high though the Status is good . The super bright are into start ups the very clever in the military -security area. Barak made heaps but not compared to multi billionaires . But is Israel for the gelt or the Justice for the Holocausts .
2. There is no problem
Billy Billionaire ,   Caesarea   (01.19.16)
It's just that people are lazy, I notice it with my staff who can be so unreliable.
3. Gosh let's see, why...
Vered, Israel   (01.19.16)
Crippling taxes, low salaries, everything, (rent/mortgage/electricity/water/appliances/cell phones/televisions/everything) costs 3 times as much, but everything is of poor quality, so needs replacing 3 times as often, 100% tax on cars, wholesale money transfers to Hareidi sector by the working stiffs, incompetent government. It's ALL easy to fix if the government had political will
4. For now...
Vlad   (01.19.16)
The Knesset passed the Business Concentration Law in 2013, which should help in reducing the cost of living, but the deadline for the tycoons to fully dismantle their pyramids is 2019. You can't fight a system ingrained for years immediately, but I'd say a few years from now it will be much better.
5. When I was in Israel for a few months in 2006, a parking lot
Rvkh   (01.19.16)
attendant in Tel Aviv who was a US ex-pat told me he could just barely exist in Israel on his wages but he preferred to be in Israel rather than in NYC where he had more. It is a spiritual thing of finding one's roots and preferring that to having more somewhere else.
6. Cost of living
Jez ,   Netanya   (01.19.16)
No no no. Security cant be the driving force in Israelis voting decision making; if it was they wouldnt have voted for Bibi
7. Where are the numbers?
David Fink ,   Netanya   (01.19.16)
There is not a single fact to support this reported in this article. The fact is that I live better in Israel today, than I did 10 years ago when I lived in New York. Less debt, larger apartments, lower rent, lower health care costs, and since, much like every other Israel, I prefer produce to fast food -- my food bills are reasonable!
8. Imprison more corrupt politicians and
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (01.19.16)
businessmen! One would think that a non-corrupt government could help remedy the inflated housing and food costs...Unfortunately, the government is absolutely corrupt...! Honest people have no chance in Israel; hence, their is a vicious cycle of corruption, handouts to the unemployed, and a hard life for working people trying to survive!
9. to Michael Redbourn in Portugal
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (01.20.16)
if you really think that you have nothing in common with the Israelis in Arad - then maybe you would be more comfortable in Karachi.
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