Teen suspect detained for terror attack
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy and Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 19.01.16, 08:33
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1. Chaiya Eitan, NO! Death penalty in Israel is VERY dangerous
The Shabak who has no fear of Heaven might used it on innocent Jews for political reasons to hush Arab rioting and please the UN and Obama, as they've done many many times in the past. You can't imagine how many innocent Jews are languishing in Israeli prisons. Yosef Chaim Ben-David and the recent Settlers are good examples of innocent Jews tortured for confession without any evidence and witnesses.
Robert ,   Israel   (01.19.16)
A person is how he is from what he learns at home. HE DIDN'T ACT ALONE. His family, his environment pushed him to do what he did. All of them are murderers and Israel should act in accordance to that. There is no excuse for being 15 years old.
3. we will destroy terrorists home
matti   (01.19.16)
bibi says we will destroy terrorists home as if that is a real blow to terrorism. if he had said, family will be investigated and then be removed from israel and likewise applied to all terror incidents-families out-entire ones-it would have more meaning. in life there is can do people. bibi talks but cannot do period-end of story. the rest cannot do either especially as regards security. those who can do on terror-leiberman, feiglin and bennett, the media presents them in such a way as to frighten voters away from them. arabs are leading israel by the nose on terror instead of the other way around. we need new groupings. kahlon is like peretz-he knows nothing about security so there is no hope with him. so, israelis should be prepared for many more meirs until feiglin or bennett is elected pm. the real leaders are few and far between. the idf acts like the shimon peres school of pacifism instead of savage victories.
4. Let Swedish FM Wallstrom explain knife terrorism now!
5. The killer should die...
Goy Pro Israel ,   USA   (01.19.16)
6. I hope the stabber sent himself to hell with no hope of
Rvkh   (01.19.16)
redemption. Let Elohim reject the stabber for His Kingdom so that the only place for him eternally is Muslim kingdom come (hell).
7. "Teen Suspect" how cute a "Teen" murderer
YNET@ItsWorst ,   Boston Ma USA   (01.19.16)
8. How soon will this terrorist be released AGAIN?
9. Why is he still alive?
Alex ,   New York, NY   (01.19.16)
10. This Subhuman Commited An Adult Act
Hold parents resposible for Not Knowing where he was, as well as Not Turning In A Murder!!! Deport All Family members to gaza, germany, tehran; their choice
11. What evidence? Another "arrest the usual"
JRS USA   (01.19.16)
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