Ya'alon: In choice between Iran and ISIS, I prefer ISIS
Yoav Zitun, Tova Tzimuki and Moran Azulay
Published: 19.01.16, 21:03
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1. yaalon the defense minister
jerry   (01.19.16)
recall bibi sat yaalon down when he attacked kerry as messianic and basically uselss. bibi gave him a course in politics which has damaged yaalon somewhat. \however, he is still a good general and is unafraid of large concentrations of russians and syrians. but he has adopted bibi's calm for calm strategy which is useless. bibi is the opposite and indecisive and weak man. so yaalon has to be himself and throw off the bibi mantle. \otherwise he will continue to be attacked by bennett and liberman. his gaza campaign did not accomplish much/ bogie-move away from bibi who is bringing you down.
2. yaalon the soldier
jerzy   (01.20.16)
yaalon has good instincts-brave, combative, not afraid of blood, tough. However, he has been overinfluenced bynetanyah to adopt the calm for calm concessions route which bibi uses to appease obama and the eu. this leads isral nowhere. whereas generals in the past has to take sinai and golan-eitan, orr, sharon and had to think in terms of massive land battles and did so, the more recent crop is of small scale commando generals like ehud barak, yaalon and the others. so they excel in small operations but if you tell them take sinai or take lebanon, they look at you and say what??? yaalon must call his own game and tell bibi what must be done. for example, regardless of 1000 casualties, yaalon should have hamas top liquidated and replaced ratther than a heavy blow with hamas in place which did not impress hamas one bit. bennett should have helped yaalon dissociate himself from bibi rather than attack him. in the meantime yaalon hits hezbollah targets 3 times more frequent than barak did. now as defense minister, he can assign taking out hamas or taking beirut to one of his good land generals-he can assign it and work from the top down. the problem in all of his has been bibi's reluctance as he is not cut out to make major decisions as lieberman accurately pointed out.and herzog and lapid are no answers whatsoever.
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