El Al celebrates first-ever all-female cockpit
Itay Blumental
Published: 22.01.16, 20:17
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1. Ela Al All-Female Cockpit
Larry ,   Cape Town, South Afr   (01.24.16)
You actually can't call it "cockpit" anymore !
2. Mazaltov
Ruth ,   Ramat Efal, Israel   (01.24.16)
This really shouldn't be news but unfortunately this is still a special event in Israel. Mazaltov to the two lovely lady pilots! Israel is way behind in the equality of the genders and women earn far less than men when working in the same jobs (based on government statistics). I'm not bashing - just stating a fact. As an Israeli grandma with granddaughters, I hope that they will enjoy more equality than our generation.
3. And whos gonna park it when it's landed??
Sam   (01.26.16)
4. Hair Traffic Control ??
5. Change the name?
Bud ,   Lake Forest   (10.30.19)
Perhaps the term cockpit should also change with the times?
6. Progressive Feminist Time
David   (11.10.19)
We are truly living in a progressive Feminist time period that El-Al and the media see the need to exploit this. Why doesn’t the media or El-Al congratulate Male pilots who successfully fly/land a plane? Isn’t it just as stressful for them as it is for a woman? Or is it because a Male is supposed to be rough and tough and take the stress.
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