Palestinian girl tries to stab security guard in Anathoth
Danny Adino Ababa
Published: 23.01.16, 09:55
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1. teenager tries to murder because she fought with parents
C   (01.23.16)
a thirteen yearl tries to commit murder because she fought with her parents. this sounds like european teenagers who go and join the islamic state. they are out of control psychopaths whose parents are the islamists terrorists who incite them on the internet.
2. This is a great BBC,Guardian,Story but Mother of 6 killed by
Alan ,   SA   (01.23.16)
Teenager is not news
3. a 13 year killer girl
tiki ,   belgium   (01.23.16)
See here the results of the Palestinian "education" system poisoning the brains of little children! This girl and those like her are the victims of the disgusting Palestinian leaders & educators who drill the poison into them through their mothers milk and 'educating' schoolteachers! "Humanistic" European NGO's who supposedly care so much for the Palestinian children should start opening their mouth against this evil phenomena instead of wasting their time with their nonsense against everything Israeli. The problem is that the "humanistic" European NGO's are as brainwashed as the Palestinian children.
4. She paid the prize..
Beary White ,   Norway   (01.23.16)
.. On behalf of her family who thought her to HATE non Islamic people. The most dangerous compilation in the world, is to be born a female in an islamic society. Beeing raped, stabbed, burned and killed in many "HONORABLE" ways. Guess she protested wearing a suicide belt.....and did it her way.. At least she got it her way...which is very sad.
5. Teenage girl tries to stab security guard
Dino ,   Switzerland   (01.23.16)
Shoot to kill policy for children? Sorry, dear Israelis, I know those are not easy situations, but you should really start training your guards and soldiers so they are capable in the future of using non lethal ways in order to stop children attackers.This kind of stuff happening again and again just gives a terrible impression of your society and moral values to people abroad., an impression that you surely don't deserve. Make no mistake,If you keep on acting like this, your enemies have already won!
6. #5
Rhonda ,   Chicago, Illinois   (01.23.16)
You're judging from your armchair in Switzerland?? Have you ever been to Israel? Someone lunges at you with with a deadly weapon, their goal is to kill you, leaving your family with a hole deep in their hearts for the rest of their lives, and you think this is a split second to risk giving up your life for a terrorist? I don't care how old she was. You try to kill a soldier in the IDF...or a cop on the streets of Chicago and you get deadly force. If her best coping skills after a fight with her family is to go kill someone then the indictment is on what's been going on in that home to develop her psychological health and not on some poor soldier trying to prevent terrorist attacks against the citizens of Israel.
7. Child Sacrifice
shmulke ,   w coast usa   (01.23.16) the saddest thng in the world to see. It's not the Israelis killing Arab kids, it's their parents, teachers and imams teaching them to throw away their lives.
8. No more evidence than soldier's testimony?
ivan ,   haifa   (01.23.16)
and you expect us to believe it?
9. #5 Dino
Isac   (01.23.16)
The Jews worldwide including in Israel had to learn the hard way: no matter what we will do, we will always be criticized. Therefore it really does not matter how a security guard or an IDF soldier might react to a deadly attack. I dare anybody to determine within seconds of an attack how to react while screening the attacker regarding his/her age, height, weight, skin color, religion or any other subject matters. And looking on what became right now public about Switzerland's secret agreements with the terrorist organization PLO it might be out of place for you as a Swiss person to comment about just actions of a person who simly tries to defend himself considering that your Government had now for decades supported secretly a terrorist organization within the international arena. Will also know that your media was for decades attacking the Israelis like wild beasts. If you think really hard may be you want to clean your own house first before commenting on a life or death matter! By the way were you bothered that attackers in France, Far East, Arab countries or the USA are being neutralized, i.e. being shot in order to stop an attack? Would it bother you if any attacker who tries to harm individuals in Zurich, Geneva or Lugano who be shot dead? If you are dealing with a deadly attack you do anything in order to stop that attacker! You are not playing nice. The other way around just might be in La-La land. Or in a small idyllic Swiss village for that matter. Wake up Dino or didn't you get it yet?!
10. I see you are guessing again, Beary.
Chaim ,   Arad   (01.23.16)
11. # 6 Rhonda
Dino ,   Switzerland   (01.23.16)
" I don't care how old she was...." Sorry, but that statement alone says a lot about you as a person, if you can't even make a distinction between an attack commited by an adult or a child. A 13 year old girl will never have the strength to seriously wound or even kill an Israeli soldier or police guard, no way! And the fact, that this guard would rather kill a little girl, than risking a scratch or two on his arm, just shows a tremendous disregard for (obviously non Jewish) life by him. Or would he have acted in the same way, if it would have been a crazy Jewish girl? I doubt it very much! If that would have happened just once, one could give you the benefit of a doubt and say that it was just an "isolated incident", but it happened far too often (also to stonethrowing Palestinian kids) in the past, in order to not see a certain pattern here....a political means to "teach the enemy a lesson"! . Look, one can at least discuss the justification of a shoot to kill policy, when it comes to adult attackers, but when it comes to children, it's an absolute NO GO and that pretty much around the world!! (No, not even U.S. Cops would regularly kill children, even if they would be attacked by them and you know that as well as I do, the outcry among the U.S. public would be far too big.....i just wonder, where is the outcry among the Israeli public?)
12. #5
Dennis ,   Usa   (01.23.16)
Someone comes at a Swiss cop with a knife, how do you think they'd react?? Don't be stupid. We know the Swiss record on Anti-Semitism. Apparently, it's still intact.
13. # 9 Isac
Dino ,   Switzerland   (01.23.16)
Well, Isac you can view the action taken by the Swiss governement 45 years ago however you want....but in the end, even you will have to admit that it obviously paid off, yes, even for the state of Israel! 45 years ago, the PLO launched attacks against Israelis at home and abroad, today they are working together with the Israeli governement, in order to prevent attacks against its own citizens....I would say, that's quite a bit of a Swiss (diplomatic) success story, don't you think so? :)
14. # 12 Dennis
Dino ,   Switzerland   (01.23.16)
If that "someone" happened to be a mentally troubled child and the Cop in Switzerland would just shoot her death like an animal, he would definitiely lose his job (no matter the circumstances) and most probably go to prison for a long time (depending on the circumstances). As it would and should be the case in any society that has not been "morally roughed up" by 68 years of conflict and 39 years of occupation (aka ruling over it's neighbours)....
15. What madrasa or filthy mosque did
She attend??? Or was the Terrorist ciriculum in gaza schools that filled her head with Hate??? Maybe her parents fed her lies about Israel and what it is to be ISRAELI??? Good ridence to another Terrorist.
16. An open duck season ,...
split ,... ,   US   (01.23.16)
A professional guard had to kill 13 years old girl because she posed a danger to him? Did he have a knife handy to plant it next to the girl like the other uniformed dude not so long ago ? ,...
17. u wont believe anything but arab lies
mike   (01.23.16)
she tried to kill him and he killed her if u believe it or not its your choice. u can lie to yourself as much as u like the reality is that arab are brought up to hate jews an everyone. there are thousands recent videod attacks that u can watch...u can also watch the vids from syria to see the murders in action..300,000 huans dead cos of the...still dont believe?? than take your pills
18. One more thing ,...
split ,... ,   US   (01.23.16)
I suggest to pay an attention to the settlers next wedding party to watch them celebrating another kill ,...
19. SPIT is green with envy. If she walks like a duck, stabs....
20. Dino
JS ,   USA   (01.23.16)
So do you suggest hugs instead? You live in a world I wish was the norm. I live in a world where people kill. Regardless of their age. Heres a news flash for you.....there is an enitre community of people who want to kill you simply because of the way you think. They want to celebrate your murder and post it online. WTF is Switzerland going to do this time around?
21. # 20
Dino ,   Switzerland   (01.23.16)
What I would do then? The answer is very easy: Vote for a governement, that will negotiate a fair deal with the enemy (but I mean REALLY FAIR, not just a unilateral withdrawal from one area as Sharon did) and if the enemy still wants to kill me afterwards, I will retaliate with full force. I can guarantee you, that at least Dino from Switzerland would then no longer feel tempted to go on an Israeli website in order to criticize Israeli policies/conduct..... But maybe, just maybe, the former enemy (or rather a majority of his population) doesn't want to kill me anymore after such an agreement has been reached... you only can tell, if you at least try once and Israel has never ever done that.
22. cleaning
Gady ,   Mexico   (01.23.16)
the father that raped the girl after he mutilated her genitals, should clean after the mess. Now, that should be really unpleasant...
23. #5 & 14
Rami ,   Sydney Australia   (01.23.16)
How would the guard know she was just 13 at the time of the attack? How could he guess that she is mentally unstable? Do you really think that all this would go through his mind while she is rushing to kill him?
From the comfort of your armchair in Switzerland . I suggest you grow up Dino and understand that this is WAR ,not some gentle sport.
25. The only policy that will deter these killers
Ak   (01.23.16)
is STK... The sec they raise a knife against a soldier policeman, the stand operating order should be STK. Do not neutralize...but shoot to kill.
26. jewish propaganda and lies
27. Of course the girl intended to kill an Israeli and
Rvkh   (01.23.16)
I am glad the security guard eliminated the threat which sent the girl to Muslim kingdom-come and since her parents expect to go there, too, along with 72 relatives, the home of the parents should be demolished. Let them get their reward when they die and go to Muslim kingdom come.
28. 11.
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.23.16)
Point a gun at a cop in the US, try to knife a cop in the US, you are dead meat. The cop will shoot you first. No questions asked. The age of the assailant does not come into question when the cop is defending himself.
29. Dino, Switzerland
c   (01.23.16)
i see, you are back for some odd reason. this girl lived in a society where children at a very young age are exposed to hateful incitement against jews and israel by pa and hamas television, imams in mosques, teachers and often their own families. it is obvious that the pa authorities are trying to whitewash the knife intifada by claiming that these teenage killlers have some kind of trouble in their lives, such as boy trouble or fight with parents, etc.... musllims often use their children as cannon fodder, as human shields, as soldiers. they do this in every conflict. a fifteen year old just murdered a mother of six right in her home in front of her children. he, as this girl, committed an adult crime. shame on those who incite teenagers to sacrifice themselves for the twisted goals of islamist jihadist terror.
30. Aye, true enough, Birdi
Cameron ,   USA   (01.24.16)
You do not cross that heavy line with the PD here regardless of age or gender. Pull a real weapon, and you are off to The Great Beyond.
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