Herzog urges French president: No more moves against Israel
Moran Azulay, Itamar Eichner
Published: 23.01.16, 16:13
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1. Opposition leader ?????
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.23.16)
To describe Herzog as "leader of the opposition" is a bit like comparing him to the effectiveness of the main opposition within the North Korean regime. Instead of organziing a ground roots opposition here in Israel, he spouts meaningless inananities in uselesss speeches that nobody listens to in any case.
2. But what did the French say?
Amit ,   Beer Sheba   (01.23.16)
Herzog is 100% right - we need to separate from the non-Israeli Arabs (AKA "Palestinians") as soon as possible, on our own terms, and any agreement won't bring peace, due to the depth of their hatred and the importance they give it. But what did the French say back and what will they do next? We know the answer – “the Jews are bad, don't deserve their own sovereignty and are the root of all evil (particularly the Palestinian problem)”, onward with the hypocrisy, double standards and the European BDS project...
3. separation does not lead to calm unless full
geroge   (01.23.16)
herzog's separation will not lead to calm. sharon who has more security credential than herzog and his brother could ever have, also thought that gaza withdrawal and some towns in judea would also reduce friction. so we got 12000 rockets courtesy of haniyeh and beginnings of hamas who direct the lone wolf attacks in judea. so much for herzog who is blind like peres to security impliciations. real separation is something else and would mean arabs except loyal druse, most bedouin and some christians, when most of the arabs decide of their o wn free will to leave israel which would be the best solutin. now if they are disloyal like zoabi, they will all be removed. if war comes and they aredisloyal, they will lose citizenship and be given 30 days to remove themselves. That is the real solution and feigllin will enact it and decisively. hamas in gaza will see its last days and that is 100% certain if feigllin takes power. The sooner -the better. nothing much can happen with bibi except stall and more concessions cause he is so weak.
4. Start with boycotting Turkey, Russia and China
Avi L.   (01.23.16)
Double faced self-righteous politicos don't even dare uttering a single word of criticism towards the like of Turkey, Russia and China. They even consider letting Turkey in Europe. They even "dare" killing terrorists when those dogs try and kill their own citizens, but have the cheek to call for us to stop to kill the terrorists who kill our own. They are simply oil sheicks lackeys.
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