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Likud MK's bill urges cannabis decriminalization
Moran Azulay
Published: 25.01.16, 15:41
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1. Ken/Yes
Come on it grows out of the ground.
2. Decriminalized marijuana means sending people to hell
Rvkh   (01.25.16)
by legislation. Sorcerers go to hell Scriptures warns. Sorcerers are those who use or provide to others hallucinogenic drugs. Marijuana is hallucinogenic except in the rectal dosage form. Therefore, only the dosage form should be legal for medical use in treating seizures and pain since the person does not get the hallucinogenic effect. To pass laws that are in opposition to Scriptures is to ask for Elohim as an enemy. Israel cannot afford to do that.
3. To number 2.=decrimimnilization -sending people to hell?
Mark ,   jerusalem   (01.25.16)
Which poisonous scriptures at you reading. Your understand of Elokim is in kindergarden.
4. decriminalization of cannabis in GAZA and WB
Jewish Doctor ,   America is beautiful   (01.27.16)
IF ISRAEL WANTS PEACE: the decriminalization of cannabis in the Mid east would CALM EVERYTHING DOWN...Everything! Release the 100,000 cannabis NON CRIMINALS. Use the fortune $$$ saved to RE-ENTERPRISE the arabs, give them an economy thatis positive, growing and self rewarding! Don't hate a Jew, light up with them. LOL decriminalization of cannabis NOW would free up hundreds of police/gov't workers...pour those millions (billions) into raising the poverty line for 1/5 of Israeli citizens......wake up and do it right! decriminalization of cannabis is the intelligent answer to 99% of The ME issues. NOW!
5. help immediately.
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (01.29.16)
If you studied Mishna and Talmud, you would know that Cannabis was cultivated by Jews for thousands of years. Primarily it was used for rope and fabric, but it was also used for medicinal purposes and candy! Till this day, the seeds are used in a confection, similar to sesame brittle (Iran and Syria). Additionally, there are Cannabinoids that are not psychoactive that have been shown promise in treating Cancer. So, if you believe that it's ok in the rectal form, than I say,"Up yours my dear."
6. Pot is natures way of saying "High."
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (01.29.16)
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