Woman stabbed in terrorist attack in Beit Horon succumbs to her wounds
Elisha Ben Kimon, Rotem Elizera, Yael Friedson
Published: 26.01.16, 08:39
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1. Will the report of these terrorists also immediately be remo
removed from ynet's front page so as not to offend Arabs?
2. All minister who still talk about a 2-state final solution
Juliana   (01.25.16)
are racists and should be expelled from the government.
3. Two terrorists sttab two women
Mark ,   Uk   (01.25.16)
Maybe if the two terrorists bodies will be sent to UN and explain how they got killed and say to them this is becoming normal in Israel UN might look into this but they might blame Israel for the stabbing
4. Blame it on your politicians.....
Dino ,   Switzerland   (01.25.16)
Even if one has to feel sorry for the 2 women, there simply is no country in this world, where you can rule over another people for (almost) 50 years and still enjoy security. Never has happened in the history, never will happen in the future. If the Israeli people wanna get back their security, there are only 2 solutions: Either make the WB part of Israel and grant it's Arab citizens full citizenship or make a deal with Abbas in Ramallah and withdraw from the parts that will make a future Palestinian state. The longer you, or rather your (honestly rather incapable) politicians continue with the status quo, the worse things will get for you on the economical and security front. It really doesn't take a genîus to foresee that.....
5. To Dino #4
Alan ,   Canada   (01.25.16)
Your proposed solutions would make sense if the two hostile parties were democracies on which you can rely that both sides will respect treaties of peace. But the Palestinians & none of the 54 or 57 Muslim countries which supports them, are democratic or secular. Some like Iran, or ISIS, promise Palestinians to wait for the time Israel is wiped off the map. Other like Hamas or Hezbollah threaten Palestinians with murder if they negotiate peace with Israel. Under these circumstances there is no Palestinian faction which can be trusted to make real peace. Even Arafat in spite of his popularity was fearing more death at the hands of Hamas than through the Israelis. So is the current Palestinian leader who can be a true partner in peace?
6. This terror can stop... Here is how
Heshy ,   New York city   (01.25.16)
First you must deport all terrorist family members to Syria. Their homes should be turned over to the victims and bring in a million Chinese to replace the Arab workers in construction,hospitals and hotels. It won't happen because the israeli government are secular jews who only lick the booths of their masters the west. They will continue living like goyim and support gay parades and chillul Shabbat and thus stabbings,car attacks and rock throwing will continue. This government has released 67 Arab terrorists not so long ago for no reason. To them a homosexual is worth more than an israeli soldier. The two israeli soldiers lynched by an Arab mob where their hearts were pulled out by the PLO,well guess what the Arabs who killed them got. Ten years jail. And the Jew who mildly stabbed 3 gays at that same time got 12 years. So why should any normal israeli send their kids to an army that uses it's troops to evict other Jews like in gush Katif. Charedim are smart. They don't answer no draft. An army run by the likes of today's fat cat government is suicidal. The fat defense minister talks big in locking up jewish kids. No wonder no normal tourists choose to go to israel. It's been listed as more dangerous than Bahamas. Here in America most jewish tourists are going for Passover everywhere but israel.
7. There is a Palestinian state - Jordan
Expert   (01.25.16)
Israel is the historical and current home of the Jewish people. The tiny sliver of land is too small for two states. The Arabs have plenty of states and land. Let them go there and do whatever they want. Arabs like to flee from other Arabs, as in Syria. Why don't the Palestinians who are so unhappy seek a better life, elsewhere, with their brethren. But they know deep down that they are treated better in Israel than they would be in any Arab country. That is why they make such a fuss, Sorry, let the Arab world clean up its huge, violent, backwards mess, first, before they tell modern, vibrant, advanced Israel what to do.
8. #2 Not true, there are ministers who still refer to the
A ,   Belgium   (01.25.16)
two state solution as it was and is meant to be: The Jewish state of Israel from the river to the sea and the arab Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan ("palestine") from the river eastwards. Of course, the further eastwards you go the less chance you will find anything resembling modern civilization in the islamic countries.
9. Two muslims were eliminated
Beary White ,   Norway   (01.25.16)
.. And THAT is the second best to happen. The best would be if BOTH women survive and can go on with their precious life. Let the muslims continue their way of living their life, cause the world has started to take in that muslims are deadly non-humans. Look to Syria, Irak, and north Africa, the perpetrators are muslims, doing their murders by their book, on request from their evil pagan god. And now they are spreading to the western world...very, very bad ...
10. I support #2, Juliana !!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.25.16)
11. Israeli Jews should be armed
C   (01.25.16)
in particular, all those who had served in the idf should have licences to carry arms. it is totally unacceptable that israeli civilians be under constant threat of murder without any means of self defence.
12. 4 blame it on Islamic incitement
C   (01.25.16)
the islamic faith is a supremacist religion which preaches jihad and martyrdom. islam does not accept infidels in their midst except as dhimmis. islam does not accept a jewish sovereign in the land of israel which islam considers to be a waqf. islam covets the holy city of david, seat of zion, which they at one time had conquered and built a mosque on the ruins of the two jewish temples. yet muslims prey facing mecca and they have picnics on the temple mount.
13. Swedens Wallstrom is angry cause no Israelis were killed
Shep ,   Memphis   (01.25.16)
Those 2 dead terrorists will not be able to terrorize anyone else thanks to the security guard who eliminated them quickly. Sweden and France can appease their own Muslims, but it is inevitable that they will soon be victims too.
14. # 5 Alan
Dino ,   Switzerland   (01.25.16)
Israel is a military super power today, apart from that she has the back of the biggest military super power in the world. You know that, every single Israeli politician knows that. So unlike in 67 and 73, Israels existence would not be in danger at all, even if all the Arabs together would launch a coordinated attack against her (won't happen anyway because of the eternal Sunni/Shia hatred).. That's why no one in Europe or even in the current U.S. administration takes Nethanyau's blathering about security serious anymore. Everybody knows that the refusal by Israels political establishment to give up some of the conquered land in the WB has very different, namely first and upmost ideological reasons. They (the right, the orthodox and also a significant part of todays mainstream) just can't let go from the land.anymore. It's not a security issue, it's an issue of the Thorah....
15. Good work Mottie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alan ,   SA   (01.25.16)
16. Abbas & PA is To Blame
Zionist Forever ,   Haifa   (01.25.16)
Abbas is totally to blame for each terrorist attack. His incitement and propaganda machine in the PA media has not stopped since day one of this latest violence cycle. Time has come to remove the corrupt terrorist Abbas and his cronies with him. Israel needs to replace him with a moderate leader that works & acts for peace and not a leader that incites for terror every minute, hour and day. For those that still advocates a two-state solution the violence is your clear answer the Palestinian Authority does not want Peace they want to terrorize Israel & the Jewish people. Bibi stop IMMEDIATELY the flow of money transfers to the PA until the violence stops - PERIOD or even better until Abbas is replaced and gone. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!
17. #14 You're not paying attention, Dino
Benji ,   US   (01.25.16)
You obviously do not understand radical Islam which these Palestinian terrorists adhere to. The terror attacks in the UK, Canada, France, US, Israel and rape against women in Sweden and Germany have nothing to do with occupation. You will be a quick learner as Switzerland takes in refugees. It's easy and effortless for you to point the finger at Israel and demand Israel give up land but Israel already gave up Gaza as land for peace and see how successful that was.
18. Sweden: "it's not terror", USA:"don't defend yourselves"
Avi L.   (01.25.16)
Sweden: "it's not terror", USA:"don't defend yourselves". It cannot be clearer.
19. # 12 C
Dino ,   Switzerland   (01.25.16)
That may all be more or less true, but then I would have to ask you a question: Why on earth would anyone with a functioning brain wanna live exactly in such a through and through hostile and retarded environment? I mean, it's not that Jews in the U.S., Canada or Australia would have to fear for their life everyday, would they? Which again brings us back to the topic of religion and ideologies....
20. #19 Israel is home to 9 million people
Benji ,   US   (01.25.16)
Of course you Dino being such and arrogant elitist have no clue what life is like in Israel or who the Israelis are. You have a stereotype ingrained in your small brain which clearly influences your statements.
21. Finally, it has come to Sweden, female stabbed...
Beary Whtie ,   Norway   (01.25.16)
... by a muslim asylum seeker. The 22 year old woman died on the spot. She was alone and surrounded by 7 other asylum seeker and for sure did not get any help during that attack. Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom has not commented to the murder,,,,her mouth is shut, and she do not dare to say anything.. I am waiting for here comments..
22. 19 Dino, old chum
C   (01.25.16)
the jewish people after thousands of years of persecutions have come home to their historic homeleand. the land of israel belongs to the jewish people by rights of history. jerusalem has been a jewish city since it was founded by king david. it is only in the jewish state of israel that jews are free and secure. it is very interesting that you list only three countries where jews can be safe--three countries out of almost two hundred. no, dino, we will not give up any part of our land. your threats in the past that diaspora jews will be made to suffer for israel's actions will have very bad unintended consequences for europe and the islamic world. do not push the envelope.
23. No, Benij, you are mixing apples and oranges....
Dino ,   Switzerland   (01.25.16)
Of course those who have attacked Paris, Tunisia and San Bernardino were radical Islamists, but that is not what we're talking about here. Those teenagers and kids, who have started with randomly knifing Israelis a couple of months ago, are not radical Islamists. Some of them have even made it clear, that they don't want Hamas to take charge for their actions! Those are nothing but the fruits of 50 years of occupation that you are encountering today in the WB, a totally radicalised, disillusioned Palestinian youth. This is a monster, your politicians have at least helped creating over the past 50 years, and it will only get worse with time, if you're not finally starting to get a bit more creative on the political and diplomatical front! And the real bad thing is: The "monsters" on the Palestinian side, are slowly but surely transforming Israelis into "monsters" themselves, You are on the brink of becoming the same cruel, brutal human beings as you claim your einemies are....maybe you can't see it from the inside, but people outside of Israel have definitily taken notice over time.
24. To Dino #23
Alan ,   Canada   (01.26.16)
You are on the slippery slope of equating victims (Israelis & Jews) with perpetrators (radical Islamists of all kinds, haters, enemies of coexistence... ). You also seem oblivious of the number of Muslim victims of other Muslims in our time & in the past 13 centuries such as in the mutual massacres between Shia & Sunni sectarians. Compare the number of Palestinians killed since the creation of Israel in 1948 to the number of Palestinians & other Muslims killed by their "brothers" in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan,....
25. # 19 Benji, I have been to Israel more often.....
Dino ,   Switzerland   (01.26.16)
....than many Diaspora Jews ever will. But I have to admit, I haven't been there for a while now. ..would love to go again, but the conditions on the ground would have to change slightly before. Not holding my breath, but haven't lost all hope either, fortunately I'm not that old yet! :)
26. # 20 Don't ya worry, my name is not Helen Thomas...:)
Dino ,   Switzerland   (01.26.16)
I have no intention whatsoever to transfer you back to Europe, If you're happy in Israel, you can stay there as long as you want! But then for God's sake, stop complaining about your Muslim neighbours and find a way to get along with them. Even if in the end it may cost you a few square miles of land and a Shekel or two....:)
27. #23 Radical Islam does not fit your agenda
Benji ,   US   (01.26.16)
The knife attacks are not random. They were incited by propaganda. The same propaganda that incites young Muslims to join ISIS. As global terror grows, people like you will have no audience. As it is, governments, law enforcement organizations and anti-terror units from around the world are looking to Israel for guidance on how to deal with Islamic terror.
28. 23 Dino is manipulating as usual
C   (01.26.16)
there is no difference between european young jihadists who join the islamic state and the arab palestinian youth who go on knifing rampage against jewish women. they all want to murder the infidels.
29. So very very sad and upset about this poor young woman..
Alan ,   SA   (01.26.16)
30. Okay, you get out of most parts of the land.....
Dino ,   Switzerland   (01.26.16)
....that the WHOLE international community does not regard as yours and if the knife attacks will continue, I will tell you that you were right. If they don't occur anymore (or at least very much decline) you were wrong....
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