Syria still has chemical weapons
Roi Kais
Published: 26.01.16, 23:49
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1. Send A Official Memo To b.H.o. So he
Can study His RED LINE, while he Fads Into Oblivian, HA Ha ha, HE He he, bye bye Lame Duck.
2. re Syria's Use of Chemical Weapons
marty ,   toronto canada   (01.27.16)
The UN feels it has more pressing matters to deal with like Palestinians who have stubbed their toes.
3. israel has nuclear and chemical weapons
4. Obama's red line
C   (01.27.16)
obama, his red line, his iran deal, his withdrawal from iraq, his murder of qaddafi, his cuba deal, his entire empty foreign policy is a huge joke authored by jarrett and the little creative writer. russia and its ally iran are occupying syria while the islamic state is setting up training camps in europe and probably in the us. they use legitimate stolen iraqi, syrian and lybian passports to enter europe and probably the us. these are the orphans and widows with whom obama sarcastically taunted the republicans and other opponents. in sweden, unaccompanied moroccan boys make life a living hell for sweedish girls.
5. No Way How Can This Be?
I though russia Gave Their Word? So no verification from current administration in washington dc, or Slimmy b.H.o. . This is whats happening in tehran, same thing; But With WMD From their "Secrect Nuclear Weapons Program". A deal made by b.H o. Behind Back Doors???? When Trump or whoever gets elected, I Think Things Will Change. Not in tehran's favor!!!!
6. Demonizing of Assad
tyson   (01.28.16)
We are not falling for it any more The militant factions that are just terrorists trained by the west . think nothing of using the gas themselves ..we no longer believe the media's reports It's the west has done its best to destroy Syria. Libya , Iraq , and Afghanistan .by fermenting disunity to rebels against their own country ...disgusting .
7. No one ever gives up all of their stash
Cameron ,   USA   (01.28.16)
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