Regev presents 'cultural loyalty' bill to MKs
Moran Azulay, Roi Yanovsky and Ran Boker
Published: 27.01.16, 11:50
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1. stupor
john ,   toronto   (01.27.16)
Israel was in a state of stupor and now it is caving in.
2. Fantastic idea
Danielle ,   centre   (01.27.16)
3. she 4gets that because of her meddling on Temple Mount
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (01.27.16)
we are stuck in the middle of yet another intifada! this woman is a danger to public safety and security. this woman is anti-democratic and anti-Jewish. But don't take my word for it - go ask the nationalist orthodox folks she betrayed by leaving all talk of the Temple Mount behind once she got a Ministerial Post.
4. we have a ruling triumvirate: Netanyahu, Bennett & Shaked
Israela ,   Israel   (01.27.16)
there is no room Regev in the ruling Troika so she's looking to worm her way in by waving a red flag in front of the faces of the (so-called) uneducated masses who voted her in. Shame! on Minister Ms. Regev.
5. Discrimination: If secular Netura Karta funded by the state
If secular Netura Karrta, destroyers of Israel, aka Yesh Atid, Zionist Union, Meretz are funded by the state, why shouldn't black hater Netura Karat get funded?
6. Regev and politicians even worse will decide who is loyal?
miki ,   tampa   (01.27.16)
Loyal to Bennet? To Jabotinski? To Meir Cahane? To Stalin? Through this and your other wonderfiul legislation uou are exposing the ugly face of the American Republican Party here in an Israeli format no tolerence,no understanding, no mercy, no hope.
7. Seems logical as long as there are safeguards
Shep ,   Memphis   (01.27.16)
It is only logical that institutions that recieve state funding should not work against the state. As long as the criteria are actual acts against the state and not against political opposition with apropriate safeguards - I would think the Israeli Supreme Court would rule in favor of this controversial law. Why on earth should Israeli tax revenue be spent to work against the state?
8. Culture in Israel
Zvi ,   Bat Yam?Toronto   (01.27.16)
Sarit Hadad is the top of the culture for the minister of Shkashuka
9. Who are you kidding, Quislings?! It has nothing to do with
censorship of "Culture" and everything to do with not supporting deadly enemies seeking demise of State of Israel. '60's Rock'nRoll "counter-culture" did quite all right, thank you, because we, the people, supported it with OUR money! (records, concerts etc.) If Judaeo-Quislings are so sure of their cause, let them swim or sink. I for one, won't be looking for them at the bottom of the sea!
10. She has common sense and is brave
Deborah ,   Jerusalem   (01.27.16)
11. so lets see....
tomer ,   jerusalem   (01.27.16)
a simple,regulating law ...allowing minister to provide or to withhold budgets. ...regulating,passing the existing law that were legislated in israels Knesset. ..... What does this exactly mean? if the laws exist ,no need for regulating them?Implementation is then the task at hand. But exactly how madame regev will you go about it. If a ,lets say,critical theatre play, shows a burning of the israeli flag or a satirical show will sing the national anthem with different wording will this be subversive,threatening the existance of the state? or will this be freedom of expression ? Who will decide on this? You ? Or the courts? What are you afraid of? Israel is much stronger than you think. We can live with critical plays. What is in your eyes "subversive"?
12. definition of subversive
tomer ,   jerusalem   (01.27.16)
The problem with defining the term subversion is that there is not a single definition that is universally accepted. Charles Townshend described subversion as a term, "so elastic as to be virtually devoid of meaning, and its use does little more than convey the enlarged sense of the vulnerability of modern systems to all kinds of covert assaults"
13. adorno on subversive
tomer ,   jerusalem   (01.27.16)
Theodor Adorno argued that the culture industry and its shallow entertainment was a system by which society was controlled through a top-down creation of standardized culture that intensified the commodification of artistic expression; in 1938 he said that capitalism has colonized every aspect of life so much that "every pleasure which emancipates itself from the exchange-value takes on subversive features"
14. #1:Funny you should mention "stupor", since that is exactly
what Israelis are coming out of. The same goes for the Europeans. People have suddenly realized (God knows why it took them SO LONG!?) that their governments have sold them down the river. Our own "Oslo-architects" should feel lucky, still being at large, walking as free men....
15. It is time to stand up for being Jewish and Israeli
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (01.27.16)
I am proud to be a Jew and to live in Israel as an Israeli. I do not like those who consider themselves super liberals and hate all things Jewish and Israeli and wish to align themselves with the non Jews. I applaud this bill and hope it becomes law.
16. Regev is a true leader and brave patriot!
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.27.16)
Regev understands the urgent need to stop Israel's lunatic funding of her foes; whether "Palestinians" or far leftist. Regev is a true leader and brave patriot! Israel needs many more like her in the Knesset; to replace destructive leftist and Arab parties.
17. Why then fight BDS?
Ed ,   USA   (01.27.16)
Why should we fight the BDS movement's attempts to boycott Israeli culture, when the govt is doing their work for them? This move is counter to an open, vibrant, and democratic society. Shame!
Eli ,   Israel   (01.27.16)
In the true tradition of Stalin/Mussolini/Hitler and all the other people trying to censor opposition. My grandmother would say: "FEH"!
19. She is the perfect incarnation of the pachid
Avi L.   (01.28.16)
She is the perfect incarnation of the pachid who, behind a desk, protected and her salary guaranteed by taxpayers money, use her position to threaten citizens and impose her arbitrary will. Seen to many of this kind. She is the typical product of a blue haired Dear Leader "politics". Politics that consist in piling up a bunch of minority particular interests, call it a "majority". Derailing this way the country, its society and its security, the approaching next Gaza war is just another example. Everything from economy, to health and security are only means to keep "the man" on top of the heap. No politics, no guide lines, just power management.
20. Adorno? Nu behemet
Avi L.   (01.28.16)
Adorno among red fanged commentaries is really a sight, a pleasant one, even more from a likudnik, from the time of the honored Begin I believe. Pleasure to read.
21. #6 Mickey Mouse ignores that it is about free money
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.28.16)
They can all exercise their free speech without free taxpayer's money.
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