Settlers tell Netanyahu: Block Palestinian media broadcasts
Elisha Ben Kimon and Elior Levy
Published: 28.01.16, 11:06
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1. level broadcaster who promote terror
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (01.28.16)
Why should the IDF stand around with their thumbs up their .... Level the damn stations, and NOW!
2. Block Palestinian media broadcasts
mat ,   uk   (01.28.16)
send copies of some of the programs to UN EU etc. ask them if they will allow such programs in their countries Palestinians got used to do and say what they like and get away with it they think they a licence to do and say what they like make a new law against incitements shut medias, radio & television stations let them complain and F..K the free speech
FO ,   Belgium   (01.28.16)
Just listen (on Memri) to the virulent anti-semitic incitement of the Imam of the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. It surpasses the Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda. And all this is happening in what is called by the Israeli government and its Prime Minister Netanyahu, "The Eternal Capital of the Jewish People". UNBELIEVABLE.
4. King Bibi the Weak won't do anything
A ,   Belgium   (01.28.16)
except make a few empty threats and tough guy faces on TV.
5. A totally meaningless gesture
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (01.28.16)
It is completely IMPOSSIBLE to stop the flow of information going to the non-Jews in the middle east. Sure, Israel could shut down the Palestinian stations, but that will only make things much, much worse. The problem is NOT the information that non-Jews receive, BUT the extremely bad behavior of Israelis. As Gandhi noted - Actions express priorities. Israeli ACTIONS over the last 60+ years speak much louder than the radio and TV stations.
6. #4 BIbi is weak because he's the
puppet of the non-elected self-appointed for life "Supreme" Court who is superior to him. He has no power to do what he and his voters wants.
7. Amos Oz & Gila Almagor & David Grossman foreign agents?...
miki ,   tampa   (01.28.16)
Aren't those Arabs sometyhing waful?
8. That's what happens with no political solution in sight
They just vent their anger and you can complain and moralize until cows come home.
9. Reality Check
Dove ,   NY, NY   (01.30.16)
In every single Israeli school textbook is lie after lie about the Palestinians, and Palestine. How can there be antisemitism when Ashkenazi Zionists are not even semities, or even blood Jews for that matter. The fraud lies within the entire Zionist construct, and its vile high jacking of Judaism.
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