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Right-wing NGO accuses Israeli artists of being 'foreign agents'
Ynet reporters, Reuters
Published: 28.01.16, 19:16
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1. They Came from Outer Space...
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (01.29.16) a wonderfully bad 1950s movie showing how aliens took over the minds of ordinary people while bodily they did not change. So, I'm sorry, Im Tirtzu, you will have copyright and performing rights problems with regard to your fantasy story.
2. People of "the Arts" are usually too removed from "reality"
to be expected to think rationally and in a sane fashion. This is how it should be. Pity they undermine my non-artistic existence in the process (The Piss Process:-)
3. wow! I thought Ynet might be on the list
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (01.29.16)
And they did not include Nachum Barnea! I guess Im Tirtzu has a big heart....
4. and who started this 'traitor' business?
Richard E Sherwin ,   herzliyah   (01.29.16)
isnt it about time this kindergarten left and right wing name calling stopped, so we can --if we can stand it still-- get on to either silence (hopefully) or at least some adult discussion? it's rather thin skinned for the left to complain theyre getting the same treatment dished out to them as theyve been dishing out to the right wing since ben gurion's time... EVERYONE wants to 'change the nature of the state of Israel' -- why not? it's a democracy. perhaps a democracy of mutual contempt, but a democracy. So start talking rationally about roles of art and religion and left/right/winglessness. please. and quit whining.
5. Israel is becoming poisonous
Greg ,   Haifa, IL   (01.28.16)
6. The only thing these artists undermine
is right-wing bird-brains.
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