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Facebook group tries to keep olim's dream from becoming a nightmare
Yaniv Phohoryles
Published: 30.01.16, 09:09
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MR CYNIC ,   SAFED OBVIOUS   (01.30.16)
Olim ( immigrants) arrive in Israel full of sentiments , but reality quickly bites them on their behinds: Ridiculous never-ending bureaucracy ,filthy streets , high prices ,low wages etc and native israelis consider any immigrant from a developed country to be a fool ,a sucker or insane. WELCOME TO ISRAEL.
2. reality check
Yored X   (01.30.16)
a few are able to learn fluent Hebrew as I did. It doesn't make one whit of difference. without patronage you're still fooqed.
3. Suckers
Dennis ,   USA   (01.30.16)
#1, sadly, you're right. A few good friends kept asking me what the heck am I doing here ( here was Tiberias). I had the ideal of living in a development area, not JLM or TLV. ACtually found it somewhat charming, besides the fact that it forced me to learn Hebrew quickly. Had a support system ( my sabra wife's family ), but.. After ten years or so, the " oxygen ran out " of me, keeping up with the ISRAELI rat race. I guess it was a matter of temperament. I sometimes wonder if returning to the States was the right thing, but.,,, had to make a decision.
4. Really now?
Sam Brev ,   Netanya   (01.31.16)
All of these services already exist. For Olim. This group is nothing special. It is giving false hope. Every migration has people moving back to where they came from. The donations are not even tax free.
5. #4. Yes, they exist and don't work
Ex oleh chadash ,   Malaria Brazil   (01.31.16)
For me, there was a so called OLEI - they do nothing. They don't help you to find a job, nothing! When I looked for some help there, a man said me: "You can not find a suitable job here, because you don't speak English". I asked him: How do you know? Have we met before? He replied: You are Brazilian (he is a Brazilian too) - South American people don't speak English well. This is the kind of people you have do deal all the time there in Israel. They bring their racism, envy, they try to make you feel down all the time - I fall victim of a fraud me too, a woman from my city of origin whom did alyah before me invited me to share apartment with her and stole my money. Israelis can be a problem? Some can, but I met wonderful Israelis that could become your long life friends. Olim from the same country sometimes can make you troubles - they are frustrated people everywhere. This was my personal experience. I still dream of coming back someday. Dreams that never come true - I live in a poor country. For you, Americans, I think it's easier - I have no dollars.
6. Other orgs
Ben Green ,   Tel Aviv   (01.31.16)
There are other organizations which currently do all the things that are mentioned, most notably, White City (based in Tel Aviv). The only difference is that these groups are not about self-promotion, nor do they ask the people they are supposed to help for donations.
7. to number 4
danLondon ,   London   (01.31.16)
i don't think anyone here expects the red carpet rolled out for them. however, my experience 8 years ago was one of frustration, and lack of support and help. I remember being sent here, there and everywhere, just for the fun of being unemployed for months. I didn't want money from the state, just a real chance to make a go of it. I failed, what can I say - most of all I blame myself, but getting zero help was tough
8. In my country, NGO's are set up
Malaria Brazil   (01.31.16)
for money laundering. $ 100.000 is not enough to buy apartment in Israel, but he can buy one way ticket back to America. I don't believe at tzadikim. They don't exist today.
9. schnorres, as usual.
Executive Director ,   of nothing.   (02.01.16)
the leading organization interested in keeping immigrants in this country should be the government. OF COURSE! The world is full of people with seemingly good intentions. They want your money. Israel is plenty of morons like this. This is the true: Zionism today is for naive people. I still love Israel - next time I come, must be smarter. A grain of salt...
10. #7 and #5
Sam Brev   (02.02.16)
#5 - has this org done anything yet? They have high hopes but so far all we see is a facebook group with members who complain all day. Why do you say Israelis are horrible when it was someone from Brazil who wronged you. You are the one that seems racist here. #7 - dan You blame yourself for the failure - so it did not matter on any groups.
11. can't get a proper passport
Jordi ,   New Zealand   (02.03.16)
have to renew a travellers' document each year because 'didn't settle for 3 out of the first five years in Israel'. unintended consequence: fed up & now not interested anymore, bureaucrats: enjoy your imbecilic games, but not with me! bye bye!
12. #Sam Brev
Ex oleh chadash   (02.03.16)
Yes, Sir - Someone from my own country of origin wronged me. This is not rare to happen. That's why I want to keep distance from sudacas and brazucas in Israel. Are Israelis horrible? I did not write this at all. Some are, some are not. Learn English. Try to read again and do it well. For your knowledge, I'm an Israeli, me too. כן, אדוני - מישהו ממדינת המוצא שלי גרמו לי עוול. זה לא נדיר שיקרה. זו הסיבה שאני רוצה לשמור על מרחק מהם האם ישראלים נוראים? אני לא כותב את זה בכלל. חלקם, וחלקם לא. ללמוד אנגלית. נסה לקרוא שוב ולעשות את זה היטב.לידיעתך, אני גם ישראלי
13. Yes, some olim feel happy if...
Emet   (02.04.16)
they see another oleh breaking his neck, this is so true regarding Latin American ones...
14. No qualifications to to do the job
Howard   (02.24.16)
So an unemployed person with no qualifications with this type of work thinks with 100k he can make a major change in post aliya life of all olim from any country. He will service Russians, South Americans, Anglos, Ethiopians etc. Obviously he can't deliver what he is promising. His organization has no actual events according to its website. But 100K will be enough to hire some people like himself as professional staff.
15. Aliyah is a Ponzi Scheme
Gunnar   (10.31.17)
I've warned people for over three years now about falling for the aliyah hype and even debated putting up some of the many horror stories I've heard from western professionals who immigrated (or tried to immigrate but were told they weren't Jewish) knowing that things wouldn't be easy and it would take a lot of work a patience. What these people often fail to realize is that aliyah is there to serve Israel and those who came to Israel long before these olim are arriving- the "upstreams" as I call them. The now-arriving olim are all "downstreams" as the term is used in a Ponzi scheme or multileval marketing.

The truth is, regardless of how talented you are, if you actually manage to get to Israel (no guarantee of that as up to 40 percent of North American Jews are likely to be looked at as non-Jews), you won't have a shot at any decent job unless you have advanced intermediate Hebrew skills and even then, if someone with connections applies and is even much less qualified, you're out of luck. You are going to be in a worse job with higher expenses and much worse service/quality in eighty percent of the cases if you are from North America or Europe. Don't leave your friends and social network to serve the interests of kibbutznikim that make up the upper echelons of Israeli society and milk new olim to death. Stay put and make your own Jewish community better!

Right now, I know of five families who have been trying for more than five years to GET OUT OF Israel after having made this fatal mistake. I've heard people (adults) cry hysterically when their plane arrived at Ben Gurion after visiting North America and desperately trying to get help in moving back. It's horrible to witness this on a flight and it happens often.
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