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Settlers' secret deal to buy two houses in Hebron
Oded Shalom and Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 30.01.16, 23:41
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1. Yaalon is a disgrace and should be evicted from the govt
2. Hurman rights violation, Lefties?!
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (01.31.16)
"The Palestinian seller is in hiding with a death sentence over his head, while his son was taken by the PA to pressure him into turning himself in." So is this what the world allows in Palestine but not in Israel? No calls from Human rights groups, no upset Liberal Lefties scream at the Palestinians, no speech by Mr. Moon at the UN. Basically the world is ignorant, the Human rights groups are biased, and the liberal left is hypocritical. And worst of all, the 'hasbara' dept of the Israel government is still sleeping over this.
3. hypocrites
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (01.31.16)
The PA can get away with this hatred and death penalty for selling property to a Jew, but if we did something like that, the world would roast us. Where are the human rights groups? Where is the world?
4. Why Is This A Secret Deal?
Jews Should Be Able To Buy Land Anywhere especially in Israel.
5. Yaalon enforcing Islamic/PA/Jordanian law, not IL law
WB ,   Be'er Sheva Israel   (01.31.16)
Do some research about how the land in the greater Tel Aviv metropolis was acquired. All of you who live in this region should face the same treatment as those in Hevron. And you would, if the government applied its administrative laws equally. But, don't worry. You're safe... for now. Still, you should be aware that, eventually, the 'Peace Bloc' will do to you what they do to Jews in Judea and Samaria. 'It can't happen here' most of you will say. Read "They Thought They Were Free" and remember the 'salami slice' strategy (that is, thus far, very successful).
6. The State of Israel and the State of Judea.
blu ,   us   (01.31.16)
'Israel Is in a Civil War, Not a War of Brothers' See today's Haaretz, Uri Misgav The history of Jewish sovereignty is being repeated before our eyes. Two states have grown back, the State of Israel and the State of Judea. But this is just postponing the inevitable. Nothing lasts forever. In the end, a decisive resolution is necessary. Prior to that, we must recognize reality. The dream is over. A decent person must decide where he or she stands. The terminology is important: This is a civil war, not a war of brothers. Naftali Bennett cannot be my brother. He is undermining my existence. Every man to his tent, O Israel.
7. So the govt. of Chelm is probably going to annul the deal?!
That would be in perfect sync with the prevailing spineless policy of our "elected" (by High Court) government of fools....
8. pielet
you are back after such a long time your piece of drek !!!!!! Mind your own business in boca raton and leave us alone.
9. Muslims selling to Jews is a capital offence
C   (01.31.16)
the arab palestinians will kill any muslim who sells property to jews. this is true in muslim countries where only muslims can buy property. this is totalitarianism at it highest. muslims also murder their daughters for their "honour." yet they whine about islamophobia. well, why should people not fear them. they buy up huge properties in europe and in the united states and south america. muslims are building huge mosques everywhere in the west, financed by the gulf states. they want to impose sharia law in the west. western civilisation is dying. the west has brought it upon itself.
10. to #4 FYI this was done in secrecy because the palestinians
israeli   (01.31.16)
do not allow them to sell property to the jews. Forshstast ?
11. Hebron is one place the Arabs can never say the Jews stole
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (01.31.16)
The purchase of Hebron is one of the most well documented purchases or real estate in history. Also thousands of Jews were driven from their homes or murdered in cold-blood in the 1929 riots. Most Jews never got their property back which they legally purchased.
12. Can Palestinians purchase homes in Jewish settlements?
13. Saudis bought up a huge piece of land in S. California
C   (01.31.16)
the saudis bought up a huge piece of land in southern california to grow alfalfa for their cattle. they deprive american farmers of water in drought stricken california. the obama regime lets this happen. but heaven forbid that jews should buy a building in hevron.
14. Collusion
Avo ,   Somewhere, USA   (02.01.16)
So, Levinger readily admits to conspiring with others to subvert the Palestinian law that governs Palestinian citizens and prevents them from selling property to the people (Israelis) that are perpetrating and perpetuating a belligerent occupation of the Palestinian people. In fact, he seems proud of it, and is now harboring a fugitive Palestinian criminal in a "safe house" in Israel. It seems that neither Levinger (and his fellow settlers) nor Israel respect the rule of law. They know that they have impunity, that the Palestinians are powerless because of the occupation, and only Israeli law matters. Try that in the US, see if you aren't indicted. Bunch of crooks.
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