Three soldiers wounded in shooting attack next to Beit El
Elisha Ben Kimon, Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy
Published: 31.01.16, 12:41
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1. Israeli army playing nice guy doesn't work
Sam ,   Canada   (01.31.16)
The army seems to think that by playing nice guy to the Palestinians attacks will stop. That's not how it ever worked. Palestinians stop their attacks when they have had enough of Israeli retaliation.Then they go cry to the UN to save them. So, why put up with more casualties?
2. Israeli government out of touch with the people
Heshy ,   New York City   (01.31.16)
This government is in dreamworld just as Rabin and the others were living the high life while Jews died. They need a goy like Trump to bring order. This government locks up jewish kids but released 67 Arab murderes not so long ago. They lock up israeli soldiers who defend themselves but Arab terrorists are released. You know when they will wake up. When tourism drops to near zero. Money is the only thing that clicks in their pea brains. You don't hear of homes of terrorist being demolished. Forget about deporting the terrorist families. The fat slob defense minister is big and tough when some Jews buy a legal apartment. Then he sends I'm the troops to evict them. Oh there is hope. Soon summer is coming. They can throw millions of dollars in German media to bring in some homosexual tourists to fill tel aviv empty hotels. This is israel of today. The chareidim as well sit quiet as they all love the new god ; Money.
3. And
And Meretz and ant-Zionists union are still not giving up their insanity of sharing the G-d given Jewish state with these terrorists. Nutcases!
4. Just another peaceful muslim confirms..
Beary White ,   Norway   (01.31.16)
..the statement of how to be a terrorist, ; start being a Koran, start visiting an imam, and voila !!! Hopefully the victims will survive and be completely healthy again.
5. What do the MKs who want Israel to give the PA arms say now?
6. Give the PA more weapons and continue hiding your heads
in the ground, idiotic Meretz and anti-Zionist Union!
7. Did abu mazen Give His Blessing
Or others in fatah???
8. another muslim terrorist was shot and killed! thanks G-d.
Jewish Doctor ,   America is beautiful   (01.31.16)
...NEVER AGAIN! and when we say NEVER AGAIN, we MEAN NEVER AGAIN! The hope I have for the Israeli side vs. The "Crazed Muslim stabbers" is that the quick instant JUSTICE DISPENSED AT THE BARREL OF A ISRAELI GUN, equals a dead muslim terror monger, that is it! Immediately Killing the stabbers makes my heart a way bit lighter, knowing that these crummy dead muslim terrorists', men and women, can't any longer hurt, stab, wound threaten or kill any JEW anymore. A dead stabber is a no brainer vs an innocent stabbed Jewish person minding their own business...despite what the French/EU asses claim Israel is over reacting to killers and murderer's of their children and elderly... Let's see how many stabbers Israel can (neutalize) andto keep from ever hurting another Jew ever again... "NEVER AGAIN!" and when we say "NEVER AGAIN", we MEAN "NEVER AGAIN!"
9. PA Shoots at Israel
Last week Abbass warned that from now they will start to shoot at Israelis. He done it and he kept his promise. Where is our PM promises ? He did not kept one word of his promises. The time came the PM to be kicked out or to resign. We need courage PM with guts and balls between his legs, who he can tell the world to get stuffed and none of their own F$$$$$G business. They can only get involved when they change their hatred against Jews and Israel. They should be an honest peace maker and FAIR JUDGES and not to take sides.
10. so much for delegating east jerusalem to arab police force
matti   (01.31.16)
israelis never learn. bibi with his bar ilan speech- the sons of ishsmael want nothing to do with the israelites other than killing them. so bibi builds fences and enacts calm for ca. lapid and herzog want separation which is not possible sincce arabs depend on jews for jobs. sobringing them in will cause terror. it is second nature. and the israeli media goes along with. for 10 years, since sharon took ill, israelis leadership and the idf have limped along with calm for calm, appease the US and garbage strategy. and so we can say israaelis want to be hurt and killed because what normal people would take this. hamaas has to be cut off and finished as lieberman says. the idf has not been used properly and i disagree with yaalon who has been ruined by bibi with his hesitating fears. vote for feiglin since no one else is going to do what he will do.
11. yalon not the right man for the job
mick   (01.31.16)
yaalon goes around like bibi saying calm for calm, fences and determination. this sounds like halutz and olmert-2 incompetents. this is not the way. idf has to be on the move it has been operationg defensively since sharon took ill. yaalon ccan do some missile shots, some commando actions but large land battles, he shrinks from it because he is not qualified to run such battles. an 80 year sharon has more in his finger than yaalon, mofaz, gantz and ashkenazi and halutz. bibi will be booted out once the family expense scandal takes effect and yaalon will be thrown out of office. a new tough defense minister is needed, one who can dismantle hamas and cut gaza in 3 pieces and dealing with lebanon by reconqueirng south lebanon. and lebanon will be destroyed if hezbollah launchs full out against israel which hassan always threatens. blood spend now will be less than later. and bibi hasn't got a clue on what to do. he may be the most overrated ex idf soldier israel has ever had. he is clueless.
12. israelis are sleepwalking towards disaster
jerzy   (01.31.16)
if hezbollah and hamas attack in unison aided by syria, israel could very well lose because he is scared stiff and afraid of bood. recall he was shot twice in his own idf service, helpless and that has left a permanent scar in his psyche- he is afraid of war. israel cannot fight all its enemies with a pm who will run to a ceasefire at the first sign of pressure. israelis have to get him out and fast. bennett and lieberman is also needed. gantz was a passive Gantz was a passive chief of staff who was responsible for a lousy gaza campaign. ashkenzni was better than halutz by far, but was limitied in how much he did. israel needs a tough minded pm like feiglin, bennett or lieberman. the rest of the contenders including bibi are scared rabbits who lack guts period.
13. He goes Koran-crazy with a wife & 4 children to raise?
Cameron ,   USA   (01.31.16)
I swear there is a true idiot quality lurking in the Arab psyche.
14. so the debts are now settled
ky   (01.31.16)
until the next big spender comes along
15. what a loser
hymie   (01.31.16)
bibi is an absolute loser, a weaknead failure when it comes to security. He spends his time asking abbas to condemn terror against israel. who the hell cares about cheap words even if abbas condemns terror which he does not. families of terrorists should absolutely be deported as a national security imperative to get around weinstein who is another version of olmert and livni. we need new elections. and if israelis are stupid enough to vote for lapid or herzog or gal on, then they deserve the rockets and terror which will be 50X whenhamas takes over on the west bank since herzog wants israel to withdraw from portions of it. what a shmuck!
16. how could this possibly happen
C   (01.31.16)
this terrorist who was coming from the direction of ramallah was able to shoot three idf soldiers at a check point. something is very wrong with the standing orders or with training. most probably, it is the standing orders. abas has made it clear that his terrorists will from now on be shooting jews. jews should shoot before the terrorist has a chance to shoot three of them. as for the terrorist, his reason was clearly personal. he was in debt to several people. he left his wife and four children to fend for themselves.
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