Gov't approves mixed prayer area at Western Wall
Ynet reporters
Published: 31.01.16, 16:19
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1. Terrible news
Heshy ,   New York City   (01.31.16)
Keep destroying Judaism in any which way you can. Rebel against the Torah and see how terrorism increases. Pork stores, tattoo shops, gay parades,and chillul Shabbat and now the western walls purity. I guess it would be better to give jerusalem back to the Arabs and they at least will maintain respect for our holy sites.
2. This is the ruling of the non-elected High Court who consent
shops being open on Shabbat and buses to run all over Israel on Shabbat. Does anyone still think it matters whom you vote for if the self-appointed High Court for life has more power than anyone else in "their" democratic country?
3. Crazy
JRS   (01.31.16)
yahweh doesn't want women to pray.
4. State recog of Reform, Conservative
Zeev ,   USA   (01.31.16)
"The haredim are worried of the precedent set by the plan, which will in effect serve as state recognition of Reforms and Conservatives as legitimate Jewish movements. " Actually, the state already recognizes both in the "Law of Return".
5. A temporary move
Dan ,   USA   (02.01.16)
The Reform and Conservative movements of today are American inventions that will decline and fade in Israel, just as they are declining and fading in America at an astonishing rate. The saddest thing about the Robinson's Arch "compromise" is that with each generation, there will be fewer and fewer Reform and Conservatives to pray there. Eventually it will become, like most American Reform and Conservative synagogues, a house of worship that is largely devoid of worshipers.
6. Troublemakers
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (01.31.16)
Let it be clear. These women are motivated by "feminism" and "equality", not by a desire to worship God in a holy and sacred manner. The truly religious woman, as with the truly religious man, worships with modesty and humility and does not make a public display of his or her prayer, even when praying in public. What these mean-spirited women are trying to do is force their non-Jewish attitudes, with no basis in Torah or our Tradition, on the public and annoy the Orthodox. What do they think the Temple was (and will be)? Do they think that the Temple ever permitted women to wear Tefillin or Tallisim or read from the Torah therein? They would have been thrown out in second if they would have tried such shenanigans back then, and probably given lashes for public indecency. I do not, for a minute, believe even one of them is sincerely "religious" in a Jewish sense.
7. Judaism was developed over thousands of years
nibor ,   israel   (02.01.16)
the only "pure" form were the rules given on Mount Sinai. Even traditional Judaism as we know it today was built and honed over a long period of time. Conservative and Reform Judaism were developed to keep up with the times and to stick to the "essence" of Judaism. It's not enough to follow all the mitzvot and pray if you hate your neighbor, or if you steal. Maybe too much ritual distracts from Judaism's true intention, to make a better people.
8. Male and Female created He us
US citizen ,   US   (02.01.16)
in His image.
9. Prayer is for both Men & Women - #6
Tova ,   Canada   (02.01.16)
I agree with Reuven - the motivation behind this is wrong - It is about "Feminist Women" more than the worship. GOD created both Male & Female. GOD told Men to surrender to his wife. And GOD told women to surrender to their husbands. Equality was granted by GOD not Feminists. I am not a religious person by any standards - I do believe in Torah and not necessary believe that a Rabbi would know more than anyone else concerning GOD's message to Israel. I do believe Men & Women should be separated when praying. As for the study of Torah. GOD allowed and instructed women to study Torah. It is vital to existence of Judaism. Who else but the women must teach her children, when there is no father present.
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