Netanyahu delivers harsh warning to Hamas
Itamar Eichner and Matan Tzuri
Published: 01.02.16, 11:03
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1. lapid another version of olmert
matti   (02.01.16)
lapid absorbed israeli poltics and view from winograd intermin report condemned omert. rememeber olmert was the one who said life will be fun when we withdraw from gaza-what a moron-he and livni togethter. in spite of the holocaust, lapid, an ignromus with arrogance if you watch the charley rose interveiw which shows how arrogant he really is, lapid wants israel to have said lets examine the french proposal. on the contrary, theproposal is ranson payment by france to its demographic problem, a serious one which it is drowning in. for israelis to vote for lapid would be another withdrawal, hamas firing rockets at tel aviv. no peace is possible for the next 100years, i cannot believe that israelis would buy into lapid. peace does not work in themiddle east. it is guns and butter andnothing eles. bibi has to be thrown out, \i agree with that because he is scared and incredibly weak. so vote for bennet or feiglin.
2. Speak Softly And
Carry A BIG STICK. Bibi your job is to Protect Israel and Israeli's; At All Costs Baruch Ha Shem
3. Bibi warns but, Hamas knows that the High Court is always on
A.B.   (02.01.16)
their side and wouldn't allow "innocent" terrorists to be killed or their homes destroyed.
4. harsh warning to Hamas
mat ,   uk   (02.01.16)
Secretary General Ban Ki-moon should have been invited (maybe he was) to give his opinion and ask him if he agrees with the advance warning and that UN should warn Hamas if you start the saying is 'you made your bed now lay in it' if they don't understand another words You've caused the problem so now you must accept the consequences
5. Retaking Gaza forever is the real solution!
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.01.16)
The root source of all Israel's problems in Gaza is Israel's mad retreat from Gaza. The real solution is to reverse the madness and retake Gaza forever. Stop the velvet glove treatment of Hamas and deal with it as the WW II Allies dealt with their foes.
6. Controlling the narrative is a premptive attack.
Murray the K ,   Brooklyn, NY   (02.01.16)
7.  I find it hard to believe
ky   (02.01.16)
That with all the technology the world has to offer that there are not several alternatives to detecting underground noise and empty spaces that suddenly appear and tracing the route. The PM's tone is somewhat passive as he is saying " We await your attacks and will kick your butts" . This will only spur the diggers to dig as they like to have their butts kicked . Is it a question of funding the research into the technology that can really deal with it?
8. Tell them that next time we kill them
Avi L.   (02.01.16)
Tell them that next time we kill them. Then be it ISIS or SHMISIS they will be dead and nobody will say anything if we smash ISIS the way Putin is doing in Syria, there won't be any international call for restrain.
9. very week deterrent
O Cherno ,   Chicago, IL   (02.01.16)
Since when Israel gives enemy the luxury of the first move and then threatens to really get serious ... 'cause last time ".. we were only half serious". What is this .. a school yard? Hamas does not have to win a war or event a battle. For them, a victory will be a mass causality they can score among the civilian or the army.
10. Does this apply to all?
Lydia Carmichael ,   Boston, US   (02.02.16)
Seriously, would this statement ""I hope that it won't come to this, but our offensive and defensive capabilities are developing fast and I wouldn't suggest that anyone try us" ... apply to Russia? Seriously? Ol' Ben is saying "anyone" isn't he?
11. talks
john ,   toronto   (02.02.16)
He talks like a duck , must have become a lame duck Pm.He can no longer lead Israel. No one should start firing till they are willing to deal with consequences.
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