IDF partially closes Ramallah in wake of shooting attack
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy and AP
Published: 01.02.16, 14:25
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1. Incitment Jail
2. weak lapid
geroge   (02.01.16)
he wants to build a gaza seaport to tie up gazans with work so they won't attack israel. and then he wants america involved. he says attack tunnels if they are found, not before. now you understand why lapid never did miiltary duty. the man is stupid. he never went to university and he acts like it. again he like herzog wants america, america. america is sick of israeli dependence. \srtand on your own 2 feet you weaklings. if you really want to make concessions, then get the hell out of the middle east and move to new york and warsaw as zohar says. israel is doomed if it gives up any more land of any kind 1 cm een. bibi has to go for sure, vote for feiglin. I a foreigner look at israel and ask how can you vote for lapid when he pays ransom to gaza by building them a seaport through which they will smuggle like crazy tobribe them to peace.lapid is nuts but spitting out olmertisms. we are tired of fighting as though thegutless lapid never fought. and then if war breaks out, it is the settlers and other israelis who have to fight for this weakling cause he will never man a gun for the state. i suggest that lapid,herzog, galonand livni move to the united states and get out of israel. the country is sick of them.
3. bibi is scared still
jay   (02.01.16)
cases are know of soldiers who crack under pressure and are paralyzed by fear to inaction. such is the case of bibi who got shot twice and had to be rescued. it appears that he has never oveercome his fear of being shot. A normal soldier would heal and say.. lets get back into it. bibi has no insticnt, zero of what to do, unlike sharon, of how to stop west bank terror or block hezbollah russian encroachment(he absolutely will do nothing cause he is scared to make a move). Instead he yells for abbbas to condemn terror and demands the world to do something about antisemitism. i look from afar and 100% see a coward talking.He himself knows he's a coward but will not admit it. instead of having the idf go on a mission to take out tunnels by entering gaza several km from the fence and inspect house to house, he will do nothing. in fact, he said if we are attacked, then we will react with greater force. as if hamas is shaking in their boots. this Israeli weakness from bibi to lapid, to livni to herzog is. killing the state. unless israel controls defensible border's on its own, it has no state and will not last. israelis haveto demand bibi step down. the man is a coward.
4. War Crime = collective punishment.
James USA   (02.01.16)
5. communal punishment
Ted ,   Tel Aviv   (02.01.16)
Is collective punishment called for? Since the PA is supporting and condoning terrorism, it would seem that they should endure punishment. However I would recommend actions a bit more severe than closing the roads,
6. Doctrine Collective Punishment
Madrasa's and mosques Need To Tel The Truth! Yahudi is Part Of Land with an ient ties, Including praying at Temple Mount. Our Holiest Site has been Restricted For Too Long! I want to pray on Temple Mount Too! Baruch Hashem
7. collective punishment
C   (02.01.16)
abbas, so called president of the virtual terror state of "palestine," publicly stated that his people would resort to shootings of israelis. the arab palestinians send out teenagers to murder israelis knowing that those teenagers will lose their lives. the arab palestinians engage in collective punishment against israelis and against their own people out of irrational hatred toward jews.
8. @#7 C
Its Discusting abu mazen isnt Tried For Murder, Mashal, Bargutii and the rest??? Fatah should be Dismantled and All Land Won in Five Defensive Wars, and Israeli have been pulling Thorns Out Their Sides called Operation Protective Edge, Cast Lead and so on. FEH Once and All Israel needs to liberated and citizens needs to assimilate to host society or migrate on.
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